Sunday, March 14, 2010

P.S I Love YoU

I hate it when you deal like this !
I hate it when you turn me down like this...
i hate it when you dont feel it though u sure of it !

i hate it when you ignore it though u know how pure ,strong and deep it is.
i hate it when my love is the cause of my hurt...
i hate when i feel am weak just cause i love you

i hate it when you play the 15 yrs old guy .. and nt taking any responsibility upon ur shoulders
i hate it when you take me for granted
i said it over n over
n for always i will
Do not take me for granted..

you have to give in order to hv to listen inorder to talk

i am afraid i regret it one luv to you
i am afraid you just become some other one i never met or loved
i am afraid that you go on this way and i just quit this game

i can not always be like this and you cant always be like that..

i cant be understanding
not anymore

i am mad
yes i am..

For the way you Do and way you Do not.

For all the luv we had..for all the dreams we shared...for all the fun n laughter we once had
for all the moments i will always live to cherish..i ask you to be there for me as long as I need you...Be the one I YOU...who you really are...coz i hve always loved you for who you are so good...too good to be true you know...but you in so many times just put that good one aside and let the evil part play just dont hv to show him to me...coz i am not in luv with him !!! just scares me and it gets the worst out of of me....

I luv you
You know i do
you know i will always do.
But i cant take the evil irresponsible part...please take this one back and send me my beloved !

I need him..i need him to assure me that everything will be alright
i need him to tell me not to worry
i need him to remind me how much he loves me
i need him to pay all that effort to gain my heart
i need him to sing me as he used to do for long
i need him to txt me just before he goes to bed
i need him to be there for me even before i ask him that
i need him to build our home n i dont mind it with a pet
i need him to share all the love i always had.
i need him to care about me as much as i do even when we are apart
i need him to dream of havin kids from me as i always thought of that
i need him to understand if um down and to please me if i am ever sad.

i need him to be there for me always..
and i promise you the same..

You just need to understand me and then ...i will never complain.

I love you...I will always do
but i can not do unless you too.

P.S : I love you
no need to read btw the lines..who needs to write there anyway !


Americanising Desi said...

i have missed you

and this post makes me miss him too!

batates_777 said...

you are missed and so is he :(

WarmSunshine said...

ah... l'amour :)

happy blogging!