Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Plans for new yearz Eve !

I have no plans so far for new year's eve , it is not like I must celebrate it or though ! at all !
It is just a day as any other day , yet I am missing some concert I used to go to in new yrz eve.

This year I am not goin to , for so many reasons actually , on top : Gaza and whats happening there ! how can one be celebrating with fire and kill on borders ! with the helpless Gaza !
let alone , my fiance who wasnot willing to go for it this yr, coz of the crowd and bahdala we faced last yr.
anywayz, the concert is cancelled " from the sponsors themselves " ..empathizin Gaza .

I do not mind sittin at home , watchin TV , most likely it will be followin NEWS channels, which will bring more sad here ..who is not sad for whats happening in Gaza !

This night brings back memories,so long ago , when I used to sit at home and watch Tv , with my whole family around ..we watch a movie masalan " sooo many yeras back was scent of a woman :) how i still recall that ?!! "
or we watch a live concert, or just surfing between european channels to see the celebrations world wide ..I recall too, that we used to make a delivery order that night , most likely Burger and pizza..we eat and eat ...then ne2az2az lebb :D couldnot be said any better ! :)
ouff..those days were really good !

I too recall that in so many times I used to hv exams on 1st of Jan , so the new years eve was a nightmare too ! lots of studies, pain that I am not sharing with family this tradition " unless for the burger part "...I feel like 7aramouny mn ahham 7aga ! watchin Tv that night ! Oh god , those days I dont long !

Also, there were times when I used to go for some house parties, not a raving party ..that was like aparty held at one of my friends houses , for girls mainly , we talk , dance , and sure eat too !..that was good too , was fun indeed..i miss those ones.

years later , i had in my routine that concert which is taking place every year same time , which I am not goin to this yr .

My Finace , you should have planned for that ahead ? I donno ! I know I am not into having this night as aspecial thing ! as i mentioned earlier it is an ordinary night.
yet , I used to hv some plan about it , and this year as long as we are together , I think " THINK " you should hv planned smth for both of US together! maybe it could have been some fancy dinner? some...I donno , it is you who should have done the thinking!!..but you just didnot ! at all! you just showed you are nt into the concert and didnt give any alternatives ! though I stressed on you doin the choice and plan ? yet You didnt :(
am not in the mood anyway ...but I wouldnot mind you having plans for it again ..but you just didnt !! good for you that it comes along my not so good mood..and feeling that we cant be doing anything ..the least we can do for Gaza . words will ever be enough support and show that we all here are praying for you
rabenna ma3ako we yonsorko ya rab ...
with love sealed in tears to Gaza..
Kollena Gaza.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here is a Year to Go , another to Come ?!!

I have to admit it , it is not my fav time of year ! at all ! Someone once told me it is related to my Sign and so , I am not so good in Zodiacs but I heard libras are affected ! I really do not know ! anywayz, am not so convinced , yet I can tell that I am not feeling well specifically this time of year, which happens every year..
It goes for months actually , lets say for the winter time ?However I love winter , love it when it rains , yet there is depression! I do not know the reason beyond it ? is it in the air ? I donno !
I ever thought coz I used to be single before , and winter was always like stressin on idea ! coldness and lonliness part ?! it is affectin my mood generally...but C'mon I am not single anymore ? so what is it ?
Maybe I am still not used to the idea that I am not single anymore !, and coz I have been single for loooong,it is a whole life actually..maybe coz of that , that feeling is well built in , and became like essential to me which I canot get rid of !! I donno !

along with this feeling, A year goes by.. 2008 only having 5 days left...counting down already started , yeah..and another one to come..a Brand New Year.
at this time of year I too love to watch out , sit and analyze, how was the passing year ? and what I am looking for in the coming one?
How was 2008 ? hmmm, was one of worst I guess, if i talk about the living we do and what the world been facing ..I Can say it went way worse !!..takin into consideration all the killing and violence this yr had. "especially locally here in town ".

apart from this, and personally , I would say..that yr was cool for some part and the other was just not..I dont want to go into details about it anyway.
But I too know , the year held so many things so many dreams which some of 'em came true el7amdulellah..some are still pending action.

I Accomplished not so bad goals along the way , yet I am still affected by my mood , which leaves on me the impression that it wasnot a so good year ! was it ??

2009, what I am expectin from you ? I always write down by the new yrz eve what I am lookin to achieve in the new sit by end of yr " as I am doin now " to see what I got and achieved and So.
2009 ..just the number scares me ! I was one of those who thought everything will happen by the yr of 2000 ! and when I wanted to say like " it ll never happen " i used to say insha2allah in 2000 ,and 2000 passed and I had to increase the number hence, 2007 had been madly used!! when it comes to 2009 it will be like hard to say ! hard to guess !

1-I wish Peace,that comes among my first wishes to you, peace for me , my family and whole world.
No more wars please, no more killing , no more violence, no more Please!

2- I wish..." You know it , I dont hv to name it , but I will let you know it , I ever wished I get marry before the age of 30 , and I still do..and regardless to the age thing , I wish me and 3mry get married soon.I wish he becomes the best groom ever !"related to the wedding we always argue about "! best lover ! best husband !best Dad to my kids later! I need him to be best in everything as best as I will try to be too! it is relative I know ! but I wish I find him always listening , understanding , loving , caring , faithful ,.....and sweet to me .

3- I wish I accomplish my goals at work and build my career really well , and get promoted and maybe looking for a raise too :)

4- I wish I have a great House, which I furnish on my way...want it to be beit saye3 :)
I always wished it to be with a garden ,a golden retriever dog ..swimming pool..kefaya keda:)
5- I wish I go for pilgrimage and 3omrah this year. ya rab.
6- I wish as always, I get better, religious wize...the spiritual part is always affecting all parts and on me especially , so I really wish I work on that one , and get way better.
7- I wish I become a good wife , and mom later..I wish I cook .do all stuff brilliantly , meanwhile I still be myself ..I am freaked out that I get transformed or I just fail doin home stuff !..I need to be a superwoman..I wish though.

I like to stop at number 7 , my fav number , though I still hv lots of wishes and..I wish they come true this yr.
Love , happiness and Peace
Happy New Year :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cheating on your wife's back ??!!

I do not know why I am exactly writing this ! All I know that I am thinkin of that girl all day long !
She is a single mom with two adorable kids.

The girl's blog , I passed by ! by chance , through globalvoices , as some post of it was published on it today .and once I got to check it out , I was completely attracted ,attached and captured to Oblivia.

I know for some reason that I felt pitty for her , reminds me of one of things I always say to myself and had to do to my fiance , is that..I canot buy is not an option ! I cant eat it ! i am sorry !
and I was always sorry for all the moms , and women around who passed through it , and I guess I saw many living examples, some agreed on surviving and tryin to forgive for kids sake " which myself I see they never forgave anyway , they just couldnot , so their life and kids was a livin hell "..,well some others couldnot take it , and got divorced , some could go on, some paused and stopped in time.
but I know that the cheatin on one's back is PAIN that no one can tell how it feels ! n you cant ask a woman to forgive that though.
And I just can not think of one reason that would make a husband do so to his family and his beloved wife ! why so ?! Girl, I dont want to make it any harsh on you..I really dont mean to.
It is just one of things I ever thought of ! and one of the things that always kept me away from marriage idea..the fact is all men are " 3einhom zaygha "..canot be satisfied with one woman ! even if she is Ms Universe ! he will still look for some ordinary girl to convince himself that he has needs that he didnt find in that first one who was to be Ms Universe ! but C'mon , who needs Ms universe now ! I need someone can cook for me ! clean the house !! etc...and if he chose her to be of that type at the beginning , he would later on complain of her cookin smell ! her nasty look ! whatever and go lookin for Ms Universe ! This is man for me !! and he goes on and on ! and he never feels satisfied ! content !

Throughout his marriage , I dont mind him to stop ! take a decision ! talk it out ! and decide not to go on ! admit it ! and tells his partner that he doesnt want to go on ! or at least he is not satisfied with one woman only in his life and needs to have another ! in this case, she has all rights then to go on or step back.
thats the minimum he can do ! and he should leave her the decision , and he should be givin her all rights too ! but it shouldnot be NEVER a cheat on one's back ! never !! that is mean ! thats cheap ! thats one thing I cant fnd a proper word for !

So, if you man canot think twice before goin after your instincts..if you cant think of your family , your wife , your kids , morals.....whatever that should prevent you from takin sucha step ! you lose then ! coz you cant keep that faithful wife anymore, you cant gain her respect ! not anymore ! you cnat ask your kids to love you ! you cant ask for love from anyone ! not anymore !
and almost in all scenarios ! you feel the fault once your wife gets to know about it ! just then ! and you say sorry and give excuses and try to make it up ! and suddenly , you find out that you cant live without your wife and kids and that other woman was just a "nazwa" as you men love to call it more often ! as if women should by then be understanding and eat it !! bala 2araf !
and the funniest thing , that once you feel your wife is eating it and everything goes back to norm " which never happens as I hv seen in cases around , there is always bitterness that cant be burried in "..elmohem, once for you everything seems to be okay , and your wife forgot about that "little " thing you once did to her, you go back again on HAUNTING !!
What do you call that ?? you never learn ? Do you ?? and again cant find a proper word describing you then !
And what really kills , that he starts on blamin it on her ? and starts on sayin bullshit ! and he makes it sound as if she asked him to go and see another ! and whats more sad , that if one of the family members knew about it ! they will start givin HER the lessons of bein a wise wife and how to protect her house and husband ! and it sure was her fault that he was playin around !!
sick community ! sick you who think in such a way ! even when He is the one to blame you dont forget to blame it on HER instead !! how ugly is it !!
and I wonder if that woman you left your family runnin after will give you that love you dreamed for ! if it will last for extra months than supposed ! know as much as I know the loss you gained and who is the loser indeed !
so you gotta think twice before you go and play around , you gotta think twice of the consequences ahead. and why dont you think of it on a religious way though ? that,it is 7aram !and what goes around comes around !!

And I wonder,if it was SHE , cheatin on him , would he take it ? would he accept it ? would he forgive ? would he go on and pass it without ever mentionin it in any fight later ? will he forgive that his wife was there in an affair with another ?? I doubt ! so why do you ask for forgiveness if you yourself cant give it in return ??
Dont ask for smth you cant give back !
And I believe , Religion prohibited it for both , to have a whatsoever called on other's back ! and the punishment is clear on that ! for both genders it is the same ! so why the hell the community is accepting it for men and just can not if it comes to women ?! this is not an invitation for both sexes to go do whatever !I am just mad at the community and society that let one live the way he wants , deal the way he likes, fool around and by end of day , community is proud of him coz he is a MAN !and MAN can do whatever he likes ?!? msh keda bardo !!

Their mothers are proud of them coz they had girlfriends at the age of 10 " and maybe less".
If you read the book " The poison tree" by Marwa Rakha, you will find what I am talkin about here, it is mentioned there in her book detailed ..the community helped in raisin our men the way they are now ! so I think we can not complain about it ! we hv to eat it then.

But you, mothers,young ones specially,you still have the chance to correct that..
please,do what it takes to save the coming generation from the posion we live in and hv to drink of.
DO your role in raisin good men , MEN in real meaning and manners not just in looks !
and Back to what I started my post with , all support to that little woman , whom I give my respect and prayers that she pass it soon..
and to you MAN , ra3ey rabenna fe meratak we 3eiltak, this quote is really meaningful for truly touches me , if one can stop and think of it before he steps in any stupidity! IF !

3mry, I know , you might be readin this as will at someday ! So ..I am askin you , not ever let me go through it ?! Please.. .You know, I will not be the one I used to be.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Regrets !

Regrets ! Regrets !
I am full of regrets
It hurts it aches
Is it my ever curse ?
It makes me feel haze
I am stuck in a big maze !
It causes a hell of pain !
It drives me insane !
It comes and goes leavin me in vain !
If I go back in time I sure would not go for that again !
Life will never be the same !
Regrets ! more Regrets
Nothing left to endure
No one I can trust
Nor to blame ! am all rust
Regrets and Regrets
life is passing by ..
Can I still make it ? or
Even be able to fake it ?
I am falling
I am calling
and again no one is looking
Regrets and Regrets
Have nothing left.

Whatever !

Whatever !
I really dont care ! whatever !
I dont give it a damn ! whatever !
Whenever! Wherever ! Whatever !
Do you really care ! You dare !
Whatever !
You are not even there !
Not willing to share !
Whatever !
Cant figure it out , coz You are almost OUT
Whatever !
Say it out loud ! Whatever !
Come ! Near to the ground ! Whatever !
Fly high ! say Goodbye ! whatever !
Walk around and mingle , how nice it sounds ! Whatever !
I preassume !! Ha ! Focus and Zoom !
Whatever !
I will walk away , am not willing to stay !
Whatever !
I will shut my ****** up ,was it ever enough !
Whatever !

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Illusionist..a really nice one

I just watched that one ! and it is interesting indeed..Edward Norton is doing another role brilliantly , I never doubted his talent ! and I dont know how I missed that one in Theatres ! But I am glad I finally had the chance to see it..
Illusionist is kind of movies will make you think,I recall when we used to watch David Copperfield performing his magical shows, it gave me same sense, yet it was different , interesting and makes you think of it..and you get way surprised by the ending . I really liked it indeed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Why are you makin it harder on me ?
Dont you see the hurt you caused ?
Dont you see how mad I have become ?
Dont you see the anger inside me ?
Dont you see the sad me ?
Does it matter the worse you and me gonna be ?
I am scared I lose you ! as much as I am scared that I keep one I never knew !
I am scared that would be the way you deal with me all way long !
I am scared I lose myself tryin to gain you !
I feel bad , way bad..hurt though
I am not okay and I had the feeling I will never be !

Will you ever give it a damn and care enough ?
Will you listen ? or this is just not enough !
I am hurt ! I bleed ! and no one can make it ease on me!
I cry and no one can see those tears nor try to please!
How do you lose faith in me ? how do you let fears and doubts interfere !
I ever thought our love is big and strong enough , till that moment, it took me apart
I am hurt and it hurts
It still hurts
I love you.
I am scared I lose you.


P.S : I wrote it couple of days back.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Yes..They will be performing here in Cairo for their first time , in Cairo Opera House , starting from Nov 20 to 23 this year ...Visit their official page.

STOMP are really impressive, I really do not hv to talk about them , check out their videos on you tube yourself , to figure out how brilliant they are.

They do a BRILLIANT music without using any muscial instruments ! they are awesome !

I wish I were able to make it,to the concert , but tickets are really way expensive , they range from 400 LE to 1000 LE the cheapest is like 60 USD ! which I think is way expensive here !!

Even If I can afford it , this is rediculous that you pay that big amount of money to go see smth cultural / musical / whatever is...The government should be doing efforts to bring them over in order to let the popularity see them ! instead of a certain level and certain ppl that always have the chance to see attend such events ! remember last Maria Pages' ! I wrote about that before ! same thing and same tickets prices !!!...

as for STOMP , it is some private organisation who is dealing with this event, so the gov is not really responsible on that ! but maybe regulations or whatever is needed here to make the tickets available for a all levels not ONLY a certain level !

why I will not be able to see STOMP in Cairo ! coz of the tickets prices indeed !

Moreover, they will be performing in Cairo Opera House is a Formal attire then and a Tie !

if you checked out their Videos , you will know for sure what I am talking about ! their shows and their clothes and material used dont suit the Opera house ! you should be in a jeans and T-shirt as one stated in the event page on Facebook not in a Tie !!

But I read there too, that the STOMP who decided to perform in the opera House, they choose it and the organisers had no option ! Also , the STOMP is the reason behind those expensive tickets !

I donno! all I know that, it is really sad that they do it that way ! and they will be here in a couple of days and I wont be able to make it ! I am sad.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What is so wrong about women smoking in Public !!

3eib ! The so traditional arabic word we all got used to ! raised upon ! one of the words we heard moreover than any word else ! it means like " not appropriate " , yet it doesnot give you the space or right to do it.
we use it like prohibition , you CAN NOT do it.

I do not usually surf the net for the topic I am about to write on, Maybe coz I do not usually feel like doing so ! to avoid any biasing or influencing....But this time I did.
I wanted to know , if it is a question asked anywhere esle but here ! is it we only Arabs who still address that question ? and do care about the answer ? and why do we really do ? to categorize the smoking women ? so why do not we do to smoking men ?!!

I started my search looking up smoking girls , and I got in return too many videos for girls smoking "not arabs", and the comments on those videos as if it is smth strange that they do smoke in public ! I got surpised really.

I narrowed my search to " Do girls smoke in public ?" , and I was shocked by a yahoo page, where a non-egy woman was asking same questions,briefly she been to Egypt and was smoking shisha in public , and she wondered if egy women smoke too ? ..she was curious.
what really shocked me the answers she got back...some said that they do , majority do , some said they do not..others said they do behind closed doors ! ..see the page yourself.

But this is assured for me that, the question is there.flying in the is not only having the " made in egypt" tag on it.

For the records, Chanel , was the first woman to be smoking in public and she was badly attacked for that..and it was not quite easy for her to face her community too. she even had one of her famous perfumes addressed for that .."women who dare smoking in public "..see that page too.

So , at least I know now that it had been a cause for some , regardless if you believe in it or not.

I recall, when it was back then prohibited by the community to see girls sitting in cafes and smoking , and those girls who wanted to smoke, they were always heading the restrooms for that..they couldnt be doing it in public, they wouldnot dare tell their parents about it !..that was like 8 yrs back ....but at that time too and maybe with few years earlier, girls started to smoke shisha in public, yet they were criticized by everyone sittin around..and the smoking girl then was like an easy girl in so many eyes.
So, girls / women started the innovation by smoking shisha, and they wouldnot dare smoking cigs in public, their outlet was the restrooms / someone's place where there is noone around...Years went by , and girls started to show up in cafes smoking cigarettes ! was quite odd at first ! but in a while it spread out in non-local universities..schools...girls started to gain trust again , and show community that, it has nothing to do with being an easy one !.
Now, it is a so common thing, that you see most of the girls around the place you are sitting in are smoking ! not ODD anymore ! not telling anything supposedly anymore !
They smoke as you men do ! whats so wrong in that ! it is not an indication of anything !
Before, a guy would have been quite worried to propose to a girl who is smoking " in public " ..he would be okaywith it if she does behind closed doors but not in public...nowadays, its" cool " to get married to a smoker, they will share the packs.
Now , most of the smoking girls, smoke wherever they are..not only in cafes...wherever ..their work place , even if it takes them to stand in the street ,infront of the building they work in , with a bunch of men to have their Cig., they would do it at any ones place too, they would do it in the movie theatres ..clubs..restaurants..schools and yes at HOME.
most of my smoking girl firends smoke at home , coz they are not children anymore , they are all goin on 30's..and afterall its their own decision..and again it is not telling anything if a girl is smoking ! by time, girls could gain that too, in addition to their image , their right to smoke at home and not behind closed doors.
for doesnot imply for all , still a percentage can not do it in public ! and still do at the rest rooms !
But..the image has changed, whether you agree on it or Not ! it has been changing rapidly..
The question really , why its not yet changed for some men ? why they still do think its " 3eib " ?! not appropriate !! with the so change they see in society and the swift in the community's traditions.
It is acceptable among quite people, among quite generation,among a certain standard.
so why is it still not among some others ?
I am not doing an invitation here for girls to smoke and men to accept it ?
I am just raising the question ? why with the so open-minded community we live in ?" or at least pretend to be in so many cases ".....why still some refuses it with same level they did in the very beginning ??

I can not ditch the part , where how harmful and even money waste cigarettes are...
I quoted this for can check this for whole article.

Teens who smoked at least one pack of cigarettes a day were 15 times as likely to develop panic disorders during early adulthood when compared with nonsmokers, according to their research.

So , I am not defending the smoking itself ! coz I know, You know how dangerous it is ! but why are you attackin smoking women and you do nt to smoking men !

Women smoke now, out of pressure as men do..out of something they find a relief on ..whatever the reason they do for , it is not a thing they have to defend !! and not a thing you take against them ! not anymore ! maybe before , in old days , when it was so rare to do..but now with that growing number in smoking women ! I think you have no ground to stand on to claim you cause !

Visit this to know how Camel targets women..even in media , moviez and ADs now, are always displaying hunks and babes it is like , if you want to be a hunk ? and you to be a babe? you got to be smoking Hun..
Even , around the places you hang around , you will find the pretty , stylish , classy count...women / girls are smoking....and you will find the so many ladies cigarettes in diff colors and it is not for the Garbage !!

Yet , I am not defending all...SMOKING KILLs..It does
if it doesnot kill at once, it causes harm that you suffer for whole living , and in so manytimes one can not afford the injuries it leaves behind..
So , again and again..I am against smoking , and against passive smoking which we all do..
I am with that campaign of preventing least in public spaces..we need clean areas,fresh air..

Here , some facts sheet is quite old, and sure numbers grew faster that any can imagine..yet it shows that there had been always a percentage for smoking women..and it was only in 2001..I bet if they do it now, they will get scared by the fact that maybe women are larger in numbers than men?

For who lives in Egypt, s/he will be familliar with the new labels they stick to the cig can check them here.It is like anti smoking campaign, and I doubt if it reached its target, as all were mocking at the guy's picture there ! and even some claimed that he is in a good health and he got paid a BIG number to do that AD ! Rumors..but anyway , I have not seen any effect of those labels..not even the least .!

Back to the smoking women , and the fact that they are everywhere .. why some are real open minded about it ? some still in the narrow phase ?
if it is harmful ! it is for both ! man and woman..
if it is killing ! it is for both ! man and woman ..
if it is 3eib ! it should be for both ! man and woman ...
if it calms down a man , it does too to a woman...

You know , I might be okay with those who claim they are against it all way long...but I hate those who Pretend that they are cool about it ! and they even share the cigarettes with them ..however they are just not like it !...and they call girls with names coz they do smoke !

Well..It is your right to take it your way ..and it is others' right too to do it their own way.
and we are not to judge any's actions...and whether a girl smokes or not , it doesnot make her anyone good or bad till you speak with her and really get to know her...look beyond and no more old clishe-s....
Whoever .....Stop Smoking for better health.
I heard about some AD ,which I think the idea of it, is really says :
"Quit smoking...Enjoy the Kiss"

He is just not that into You !!

Girl , Have you ever faced yourself with the fact " he is not that into you " ?! Were you ever brave enough to step back coz he is not that into you ?? Can you really tell when he is not that into you !!
I know...too much not into you to strike you, hope it do Friend.
I once heard about that book in Oprah 's show , she was talking about the book , and how good it is , and kept advising every woman in the show to have it..Though at that time I thought how trivial the idea is , and thought to myself how it is always clear enough for a girl to see when he is not that into her ! and no needs for books for that! who reads'em anyway !!

Days went by , and I was at a library buying some books , I had a firend of mine with me there, and all of asudden , she asked the shop guy about that book ! I was like , No way !! why would one need sucha book !! we all know what it is all about ! and no needs for such books ! she kinda got convinced and did not buy the book.

Months later :) I was at the same library , and found the book like calling for my name ! I m sure kidding , but it was infront of me again , with a bestselling tag hanging on out of curiosity , I grabbed the book to JUST see, what the fuss is all about !
I found it more like a manual, damn things you know and you keep on ignoring...stories you hear everyday. excuses you got used to, un-answered phone calls...lots of things you know , I know..everyone knows..yet we go on ignoring.
what surprised me that day That I baught the book , I was in a need for reading, and just to read a not so deep book , just a light one you for me that was like the catch.
I baught the book , and though I was against buyin it at first , I found out that it is really it collects all ideas and excuses in few pages to read...

What really amazed me more about the book, that Man is Man..wherever he is ! whatever his color! religion ! Identity ! whether he is Civilized, Cultured or not ! well educated ! lives in the US..Egypt or even in Coalalampour!
whatever his tangue ! whatsoever really !!!
same excuses everywhere !! same techniques !! same tactics to run away !! same attitude !
God, it isnot our egy guys then ! it is smth international :)

The reason I am writing about it today really , that I got biased by one of my friend's stories, and I really wanted to lend her the book ! and I was like repeatin the word each two minutes! he is not that into you ! he is just not ! can't you see it ! he is not !!
Though it's clear enough , and always seen by everyone but the girl into it ! who refuses to see it !

The book stated all means and ways, which tell that the guy is not interested in the girl...he gave all the ABCs..and as I mentioned earlier, usually it is known and seen " and there is no need for the book "..but the book states them as facts , and puts them infront of you..maybe they can awaken some girlz from their deep sleep!

Excuses, excuses...; was at mom's place and couldnot pick up ! , had lots of work! got stuck in traffic !..can't make it sorry!...I will call you back , and he never do!..he doesnot do the slightest effort ! he doesnt do the big things either ! so why are you hanging on him !! that what really shocks me ! are we girlz desperate to that extent that we let ourselves stick to some losers who are not even interested !!

and as the book said, men can go to the Moon, do the hardest and strangest things ever..yet they can never pull themselves out of a relationship in away we expect ! or even respect !..few ones who have the courage to face it and say they are not interested..." though I know how hurtful it is for a girl, when she hears it herself"..the other trend, is givin excuses..and you smarty should get it , he is not into you !
yet, the more he plays around , the more you give him excuses...the more you persuade yourself that he will be back for you coz sure he is interested in you !!
I really wonder , why a girl would hold on someone who doesnot hv interest in her ?! some think that they are able to make him interested later ! actually that kind,kinda make me sick !
I am sorry ! but it is all about that girl feels desired ! he is playing hard to get YOU ! that he do all efforts to please YOU ! You Girly, not the other way around !!

Dear Friend, I know you not of that type,you canot be one,BUT , he is not that into you !
it is harsh ! I know..but you shouldnot be decieving yourself anymore ! stop giving him excuses ! stop answering Your calls !! you call him zillionz of times while he do only once in return !!
he is surrounded by your missed calls and sms's ! and you are checking your phone each two seconds hoping he will call ! and he never do !
you think he will show up ! and he is never there !
you try to be there for him , whenever you can , in all occassions...and he is sick of that ! coz you are too available ! you not even giving him a chance to be missed !
you do all what you can to let him see you , and he does all he can to erase you from his phonebook !
he never gave you any promises ! not that he smiled at you once ! went out with you twice ! had a chit chat with you for a couple of times...that doesnt mean that he is into you !!!!!

Friend, Give yourself a break , get yourself busy with something else ! not SomeOne else !!!Ha!

Once, a close friend of mine told me smth I always recall, if the guy is interested you dont hv to do anything , at all...coz he will be doing all stuff..and all shit too to get you...even if you are givin him hard time...he will still do.
and if he is just not interested , he will step back, and just disappear!..not giving any explanation , and we girlz spend our whole lives lookin for explanations ! and talkin about it !
Guys dont care about explanations as we do !! they just disappear !
and your guy just did so ! so hold on , walk hv a life ahead.
and admit it that you can go on , he is not into you as you not into so many guys ! this is life !!
you into someone who is not into you ! and some one into you whom doesnt even attract you !
accept it.admit it...stop lookin for explanations..stop givin excuses..stop it please
Read the might help
I ever wonder if guyz go into that dilemma as we girlz do !! do they care if we are interested into them as much as we do ! do they sit with their best firends for hours at someone's place talking about it? and soemtimes on the phone with them for hours too !! just to think loudly with a friend if a girl is into him !! Do they !!
or its only Girlz stuff:)
I wish that they do too ! I wish :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

iBangle The new iPod .

Amazing ! ...wait to hear and see yet , it becomes more like a jewelry, yet not as expensive as ! thats what Apple says .
you will not have to place it on your arm , you will do it on your wrist , and the Earphones will be wireless!.Wow, the common head/ear-phones were always a trouble while joggin!! ..really impressive that they thought baout that too !!
you will control your music and all on this grey area "trackpad " on that looking good bracelet . I really canot ask for more !!
it looks so way good ! so much air as they call it " it is full of AIR " ..hope it will not be expensive though.
I wish I have it oneday :)
for more pics visit this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rim Banna ..A voice coming from Palestine

I am glad that I got introduced to that great voice ..Am grateful to that friend who gave me the chance to listen to that great lyrics composed and arranged in so beautiful tunes.

Rim Banna , I only got to know about her weeks back , when I knew about her performing for first time here in Cairo.I marked my calendar and wanted to make sure I reserve my seet there!

Though I was really not sure if I ever heard anything for her before ! but when I got to search about her , I really got can visit her page too on the facebbok to see.

Days went by , and I missed the concert , and couldnt make it , but I was lucky enough to have some of her MP3z on my PC " given by that friend too " , And I am listening to her now , she is really inspiring ..the lyrics are telling alot, in fact that friend who attended the concert told me that each song has a story beneath ..and a story I should listen to , to know how the song is really telling the truth , I am arranging to know those stories soon , and I will try to share them with you too.

Some will find the songs are biased by wars , Palestine, however I saw them telling more than that....You need to listen to the lyrics with closed eyes and open heart..

there is that quote of hers: " I would give half my life to whoever makes a child smiles to replace his cries..." it echoes all the time with me...I wish if world's leaders listen to her too and try to replace those tears running there in Palestine and everywhere else burnin' in wars fire.

I wanted to share some info about Rim Banna , I got them from her page.


Current Location:

Rim Banna’s songs are inspired by the Palestinian people’s conscience and sentiments, from their culture, their history and their folklore. She brings it forth from the desert rhythm in the south, from the long lived song of the sea that spread all over the Palestinian sea shore, from the inspiration of the charming nature and its colors from the meadows and plains, from the returning echo that roams between mountains and valleys, from the sounds of The Ancient Canaanite Hymns, which accompanied streams of sweet waters in its swing among rocks and over small white stones, from the chirping of the sparrows and the garden nightingales, who never emigrate, such as the blessed olive tree, the resisting cactus on the borders of the orchards, and the holy grape tree that spread all over the hills of the Palestinian land. Rim Banna also presents the modern Palestinian Arabic song, which has been received with enthusiasm from the Arab world and the International community. Her songs are categorized as a post modern and highly appreciated Arabic song that promises a bright future for the Arabic song in The Arab World and at the international level. This relates to the song, its tunes and music, and performance.Rim creating an exciting concert, with a message of hope, dignity and freedom for the Palestinian people.

Rim has 10 albums:

1. “Jafra” 19852. “Your tears, Mother” 19863. “The Dream” 19934. “New Moon” (an album for children) 19955. “Mukaghat” (an album for children) 19966. “Al Quds Everlasting” 20027. “Krybberom” Rim Banna & SKRUK (Norwegian choir) a Christmas album. 20038. “The mirrors of my soul” 2005, produced by the Norwegian producer Erik Hillestad, and distributed internationally, it is a brilliant production, on the halfway between jazz and soft-pop with Arab music. The album dedicated to all the Palestinian and the Arab political detainees in the Israeli prisons9. “This was not my story” 2006, Rim Banna & Henrik Koitz (a Danish composer), the album dedicated to the Palestinian and Lebanese people.10. “Seasons of Violet”-Love songs from Palestine 2007, by the Norwegian producer Erik Hillestad.

Rim Banna representing Palestine in the International Festivals in Europe and Arab countries:Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Jordan, Russia, Morocco, Norway, Switzerland, Egypt, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Germany, Tunis, India, Finland, Greece and Brussels.


I wish I did not miss that concert , I wish she comes back for another and I dont miss it that time...

with all love to Palestine and its People .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Friend..I am sorry ...

Dear Friend

I am sorry if I disappointed you , I am sorry If I was not there for you when you needed me.
I am sorry , I know I had my reasons why I was not there , but I know no enough reasons justifying though ! I know I tried to ! But you didnt listen though !
I know I am busy and got much busier ! I know I should hv hd time for you.
I tried to make it up to you , yet it is like you are refusing it..You are just rejecting me whenever I try ! I am afaid I Lose hope and hence lose you !
I am keen to keep you keen to hv you in my life , and I am sorry I was not there.
I know what you are passing through..I know how hard it feels , how bad it goes , how far I was !
I am sorry again..Hope my appology finds a place to you..Hope I can make it up to you.
I am sorry again.

They just broke up ??!!..she is back single

I do not really know the couple , I do not even know them personally , I know the girl , sort of know her, she is a libra , she is well determined , she knows what she is seeking for , she thinks of marriage and relationships as mush as i do ..she is looking for love ...without settling for less.

she canot accept betrayals..and I canot either !...she is looking for Mr Right as much as myself ! ..she believed in Soulmates and serendipity and I did too ! in fact I still do !

She thought all her demands can be really fulfilled and I think the same.

She loves to give and hopes to take in return , and she hates being taken for granted...I am too !

she is well educated , I wouldnot say an average girl..above average , with special features , I would call her attractive , intelligent , has a good career , well established , stylish , independent , has brains ...and she is really sensetive.

It all started , when I first noticed her in my newsfeed on Facebook , when her status at first changed to be in a relationship..and all ppl started to congratulate her on that as if it was a hit in that time I really wondered about that option , which is holding your marital / relationship status in facebook ! Do you think we should be revealing it ?or hiding it ? letting everybody knows about it ? especially if it is still a start of a relationship..its not marraige yet ! ..should I be telling my status on facebook ? should I reveal it or hide it really ?! should everybody be aware of it and comment on it moreover !! should my personal life be smth published in everyone's homepage in his NewsFeed !!

I wondered back then , and I really did not reach out anything..nor got if which case would be best..however I followed the congrats coming from everybody and all wishing good luck.

And Tonight , I just got the breakup news in my newsfeed again..

She broke up with whoever is , and she returned back to single !! and once again , all who sent their wishes are sending their support msgs this time !..and again and again

I am wondering ! shall it be smth revealed like this ! shall it be in everyones newsfeed!

should it be a thing everyone can comment on !

however I felt like msging the girl..I really sent her a msg , expressing my feelings towards that status and for sure giving her some support..not coz I wanted to do like all did ! at all..

coz the girl was like some inspiring flame for me, and I really wanted to be there for her ! though we dont know each in person ! yet I wanted to be there for her.

and I will not deny it..I am afraid..yes afraid of breakups ,not coz I think of it , at all !...

but i never been through it , and I really wish I never ever ever, and zillionz of ever again , wish I would never go through it..Ever ya rab...yet when I come to think of it I see i can not survive it myself ! how bad, is like a scary thing for me...not coz I hate to go back to single , i sure do hate to go back there, who wants to live alone although he already found his soulmate !

but the idea of breaking up ! of letting go of one you always loved .....of letting go of some part of you !! letting go of a very special part of you !! could anyone handle this !

I know i might be exgagerating the thing coz i was never there , and i wish i never go there.

yet i know that ppl survive , some at least do , and i know some couldnot ! and still live in the OLD !they canot let the past go !! they do not ! they refused to go on ! they are standing still ! awaiting for what ?! I hv no clue !

I have once seen the breakup movie , by Jennifer Aniston, that was a good movie for me and a sad one thouogh.. coz they didnt get back together as they always do in arabic movies..they lived theirlives instead and walked and moved on...

I hope that ppl who breakup that really can go on and move forward ...

But I can not stop thinking why ppl break up ! though I know a millions of reasons ! i am still in denial ! i know that they could both hv found out that they are not matching for each ! both are looking for a different one ! i know that he could hv been cheating on her back ..Men always do !

i know that he could hv turned out to be someone other than the one she really luved !

he maybe was acting all this long and he is not himself !

maybe he is giving her disrespect ! maybe he is afraid of her independence ! her career ?!! her ideas !

maybe Man is always looking for the woman he can have uppper hand on ,,and if he feels equity he gets afraid..and steps back

Maybe He did nt like her looks

Maybe she did not like his clothes

Maybe they both were deceiving each ! not intentionally ! but they were both tryin to show best of each !

Maybe he was too cool ! maybe he was too jealous !

maybe she was too !

lots of Maybe's here !! which you can survive with ! which yu see as I can not settle for less ! which you can live with !! which you would break up for !!

what qualities you think we can live with , what we can work on ? what is the evidence that this relationship will work out ?

I saw lots of couples are just letting it grow coz they are just too afraid to breakup!

which is better to go on sucha relationship or to breakup ?

I can not deny it , it all started with that girl changing her status on Facebook , and ended up with millions of quetsions in head puzzling me !

Burn it after it a real movie ?? I wonder!!

That is a really bad one ! I wonder still if that was a movie in the first place !
A movie for the two I most like ..and love watching, Brad Pitt and George Clooney...and the two really disappointed me..I canot even recall what was the ending of the movie ? coz it unexpectedly ended !! without giving you any details or even briefs !
I can give you the plot extracted from :
"Burn After Reading, a comedy thriller from Joel Coen and Ethan Coen (No Country for Old Men, Fargo, The Big Lebowski), is world-premiering as the opening-night film of the 2008 Venice International Film Festival.At the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Arlington, Va., analyst Osborne Cox (John Malkovich) arrives for a top-secret meeting. Unfortunately for Cox, the secret is soon out: he is being ousted. Cox does not take the news particularly well and returns to his Georgetown home to work on his memoirs and his drinking, not necessarily in that order. His wife Katie (Tilda Swinton) is dismayed, though not particularly surprised; she is already well into an illicit affair with Harry Pfarrer (George Clooney), a married federal marshal, and sets about making plans to leave Cox for Harry.Elsewhere in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, and seemingly worlds apart, Hardbodies Fitness Centers employee Linda Litzke (Frances McDormand) can barely concentrate on her work. She is consumed with her life plan for extensive cosmetic surgery, and confides her mission to can-do colleague Chad Feldheimer (Brad Pitt). Linda is all but oblivious to the fact that the gym's manager Ted Treffon (Richard Jenkins) pines for her even as she arranges dates via the Internet with other men.When a computer disc containing material for the CIA analyst's memoirs accidentally falls into the hands of Linda and Chad, the duo are intent on exploiting their find. As Ted frets, "No good can come of this," events spiral out of everyone's and anyone's control, in a cascading series of darkly hilarious encounters."
From the movie's official website:
Fast Facts
Production Year : 2008
Duration Time : 95 min
Language : English
Genres:Comedy , Crime , Thriller .
George Clooney , Brad Pitt , Frances McDormand .
Director :Joel Coen ,
Director :Ethan Coen .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Many Thanks to Noha Roshdy..First girl standing against sexual harassment

I just heard about that girl 2 days back ,when I got the link to some newspaper spreading the news via Facebook..At first I was like in denial and thought it could be some news the publisher is using to increase his selling , specially the link was to a some kind of new Newspaper...But As soon as I started reading the news I found out that it is for real , and the interview and It is all real !!

I can not deny it ! I was shocked at first..not coz of the harassment the girl faced ! at all ! as this is turning out to be so common here now..its like the thing everyone is talking about now since the last feast actions and what happened in one of the biggest streets here in town.

Back to Noha, I was kinda shocked coz maybe she is brave enough to stand against it , to stop the guy , to pull him out of his car and grab him to the police station !..briefly thats what happend, a truck driver tried to touch to the girl's body and he even caused her to fall down, and the girl didnt escape and run as anyone would do in her shoes, instead she ran after him , stopped him and pulled him off his car and went to the police station and wrote a statement against him !!

I was like so many saying" eih el-bahdala dee"! as we all raised upon..that girl canot be putting herself in such situations , as she will be losing by the end and " el bent eih gheir som3etha "! rumors and all will be around her ,and ppl will think by the end that its always the girls fault !! First thing they try to do, blame it always on the girl ! either coz of her clothes or maybe whatever about her! and they never blame it on the guy !!! girls should always keep silent and never talk about such jerks and what they do in the streets all day !! Coz its their mistake by the end !!...Even Noha, when she faced that jerk , ppl there at that situation were shocked and tried to convince her to change her mind as she will be causing herself more trouble by getting herself into this !! But the girl stood on her decision..and didnt lean to any...

After i passed through the shocking mode, as everyone, i was like feeling pitty for her , and for the trouble she will go through ,especially she yet will go to the courts..and all the media will be talking about her..but just minutes later , you start getting how brave that girl is ! she is only 26 and she is brave enough to take such an action ! I am really proud of her...I really am...I am even feeling like I want to give her a call and support her ! Thats why I thought of writing this now..To tell her: Noha...Thanks a million , we all are proud of you ..You did teh right thing and I wish we all women / girls can stand for our rights as you did, I really wish..Hope you were the turning point to so many..hope you were the inspiring flame to all women.

And today the girl stood in court , to witness her case reaching out to all worlds..and Yes, she won the case , the guy was accused and punished with 3 yrz in jail " I would give him stop anyone who ever think it is that easy to touch some girl's /woman's body "....and also he has to pay 5000 egy pounds..I would say the punishement is not enough...but it is a success that we finally find one standing for this case and having a good judgement on it , that could prevent many from approaching any girl / woman down there in streets.

Noha, we all women and girls Owe you alottt..we all do; for your guts ..I am really proud of you, I think this is how we all women feel for you..we appreciate what you did; not only for yourself but for every woman and girl outhere...Noha , we are grateful for you..And again and again Thank you.

God bless You.

P.S : if you interested to read that interview, go to that link.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To you 3mry :)

I know I blog started to go some way other than I started with ...But I need to say it out ..yea,and I promise you I will stop talkin bout me personal stuff here,, at least for a decent while :)
So, I will chase it now and say it to my Soulmate...Happy birthday to you :)
wish you love , happiness and peace of mind :)
may all your dreams come true ...n sure those dreams include me ;)
Love you 3mry..from the bottom of my heart :)
And is the song :)
happy birthday to you...chachaa chhaaa
happy birthday to you....cha cha chhhaaa
happy birthday to you , happy birthdya to you...chachaa chaaa
sana 7elwa ya gameel...sana 7elwa ya gameeel...sana 7elwa ya KOKO ;) sana 7elwa ya gameeel
chacha chaaa:) pffffffffffffffffff...
yalla wish a wish :D
Happy birthday to you ya beeby
love you

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Had the best birthday Ever....Thanks to 3mry...P.S : I L O V E U

I am lacking words ,phrases or even letters which can describe how do i feel now...but All i know that I am deeply madly in love with you..

You are my everything

and yes you are too good to be true

and I wish I spend my lifetime loving you :)

I had my birthday today ...I had a so special day Everything..a day I will always remember , and memories I will always cherish

I am speechless Really ! I can't even tell how I do feel now, all I know that I pray we get married soon .

Thank you for bringing up the issue tonight..that was really moving :)..I told you I love you !! I really do :)

words donot come easily ! and they r not even close to what I feel..but guess and hope that msg is delivered :) I feel that it is :)

Love you again n again n more over again

rabenna yekhaleeek leyya ya rab " god saves you for me ONLY :) "..

thank you babe..thank you for everything you do ...thank youu

love you 3mry :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am Back ....with some OLD post.

Quite start typing in here..I quit like months back , and the reason was You , and I ever wondered how come you never talked about it again ! you never even mentioned it ! you never thought of askin really ?!..maybe coz you were the reason I quit , you again the reason I am back,canot tell really if I am back..I am writing this , and not so sure if the backspace will find its place here or even the delete button.and at most i would save it and thats it..i really donno..but here used to feel like home too for me, some outlet ..though i already went to my paper and i exploded there once , yet i dont mind coming here too and write it over..dont know why i am over here now ! maybe deep inside I want to reach you and I hope that you still check on this !! maybe i know you someday will be readin this so my feelings n thoughts will be heard out someday ! even if not by you , it will by someother one ! i donno ! but i know that i am here coz i need someone to listen...yes, as I said , I already wrote it down in some external paper, am not repetain myself here either ! amnot copyin wat i wrote there ! at all..i just mean the explosion hs already occured somewhere the need of writing hs already been satisfied, so bein here means still I am lacking listens to me , and yes I wish it was You.

Yes, I asked for a break , first time to do so I guess, even if we sometimes make fun of the idea, and hv jokes related, but this time I wanted a break, btw I really wanted to hear you sayin No, why so ? darling I luv you ..whats wrong ! calm down, we just need to talk...actually this is wat i wanted to hear from you , thats what my receivers were tuned to , but The sender actually only sent "bera7tek " you wish ...the worst choice ever...Ever..and I do mean it..Ever.

I told you before, so many times..over and over..that you won and still do to my heart by being kind to being nice to me..especially when we fight, I am not asking for much ! especially i asked you to avoid using the word " bera7tek "..i did just few days back , i do everytime ask you not to be that cool and leave me with days not mentioning a word about it,,yes you call and we talk for minutes,askin bout the weather for me ! and yu hang up ! whats the use of that fonecall ! i see no use ! coz you know how it goes with me...the bad temper i am in , you hv no clue how crazy and mad yu drive me , yu hv no clue hw far i go with the bad ideas,how black i see then ,how ugly everything looks to me !! how bad i really feel ! physically , mentally and all..i really feel like like losin breath and high blood pressure..feel know i might be hysterical in this ! but what i can do if this is me and this how it reacts !! i tried to work on it ..i tried to cool myself down, i give you the space,,but still you never show up and talk in it..even today you didnt talk in it !

you appear but dont talk !! you talk in nonesense for me !..though you should talk and talk ! i even mentioned that before..also like 5 days back, in our last fight..i asked you to talk, unless you really enjoy seein me in this state !! and if you do enjoy it ..then you not the one I luved.

how come you leave me like this and you know how hard it is for me ! you know how bad i feel ? you know how bad i feel ! you know it all, still you tak all your time , which appears for me has no ending ! it takes you 3 times without sayin anything, and it ends up me openin up the subject again ! sorry am always brining the"nakad" sorry i do...i am sorry that you find me so, am sorry that you dont know me through , am sorry that you do make it harsh on me..I feel like you will see me fainting / dyin at once..anything that would happen in one of those i fights that i feel they get into me will affect me in away..i feel so , and tried to deliver the msg , and i thought you got it,,but seems you still not looking to react upon, you want to take your time..which i hv no clue when it ends ! i wait for you each time for you to come over and talk about it ! and guess what ! you never do ! you never Do !! it is me who everytime goes in opening the subject and talk about it...yea i remember you gave me the chance once, and then you stopped !!....

I didnt ask for much when I asked you how to deal with me when I am down or in a fight , you said you cant be always understaning but the thing is I never see you so ! not anymore !! as if you intend to show me that face ! as if you enjoy seein me in that state again..

I know you donot,,but still you dont do anything !! i am goin insane..i am not sleepin ,,i feel real pain...

thats why i asked for the break, i needed you to say teh things i said above , but as you were and still are, you said bera7tek..which was more shocking for might hv said ommal eih hamsek feeky !! yes temsek feeya ! why not !! did not i do it before !! whenevr you r angry with me i do so,, i even try to bypass the bad things you soemtimes say / do !! I try to be understanding as much as i can ! but you never show me that face !

i never take 3 days to start a talk ...but you take more ! i dont know even how far it could take you coz its me everytime initain the talk..

i told you before i might stop at sometime and stop being there when you feel like it ! i may do an uxpected stuff...coz i do feel i do stuff just for you , i go off my way for you, i do things i am not convinced with just coz of you ,to please you..and you just cant do it for me !! am i askin for much !! specially i told you zillionz of times how i do need it....

you not listening !! are you !!

am sorry though for the break ,am thinkin since to call you , but i know i can not....ana ta3bana..i am...we te3ebt awy of the way you deal with me each fight..

i donno how long or how far it will take me ..i really donno , at a minute i think i ll call you now and in another i feel i ll give it soemtime,a week and maybe two, though i doubt i can stand it withut hv no clue how much i do luv you , and as much as i do as hurt i feel now, that this is how you deal with me and this is how you take it..i told you too, dont take me for granted..i asked you more than once not to take me for granted..i luved you and still do, and luved how nice and kind you always were to me and for me, you used to pay wat it pays to bring happiness to me, you wouldnt stand seein my couldnt let me feel sad ! and now you cause it to me every once inawhile , you do it alott and dont care bout know how it does hurt when i see you bein super cool and me sad and depressed ! It hurts...though the key is already proposed..just a few nice words and maybe less could make me feel just the opposite....

ana te3ebt..bgd te3bt

i ll go now, might call you..might go on the break..might do nothing..i wish you call

i wish you fix it..i wish i find the one i used to luv..and i still luv

i wish i find you.


Author's note:

That Story happened like 2 weeks back, and Yes , I called him just after , couldnot wait long , couldnot go for the break....I did the thing and called him , we then talked it out and guess we solved it down :) The reason am posting it today and choosing it to be me return post , is : this is one post I really wanted you to see maybe..I wanted you to know how it feels with me..I am posting it for the records, that maybe when we in bad terms you check it out and Know then how bad i feel then...hope itsnot causing bad memories, as we already passed it..alright :)
Love you babe

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I watched a movie for U--Hancock ---

Na3am !!! ...this is the expression you most likely will feel after the movie ends :) is influenced by El-lemby the guy who affected badly boyz vocabulary ,hence affectin mine :)) thank god I only use the Na3am ! nothin else :)

anywayz..back to the movie..well, its hard to say ,,i didnt like it I know...neither I did ! msh 3arfa ! I know I am done with super heros movies and that kind of I didnt expect to see will smith doin stuff more than superman do..I didnt like...the drama line was about to do it to me but finally it didnot convince me by anymeans...

Will Smith is a good actor I believe, esp after the moviez Hitch and Pursuit of happiness...yet that ONe,I am sorry I didnt like ...I only liked few things about it ! which I cant even recall now !! godd..i just saw the movie...errrrrrrr

even for charlize theron,I didnt like her...I luv her in short hair anyway :):)!!..

well, a movie that wasnt that harmful ..not a waste of time if you still into super heroes is not that bad ! is it ??

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bucket List...worth seeing..

I know I know , I am so talkative tonight..Promise You last thing and then I ll dig in bed..well ,it is about the Bucket List..that movie I missed in theatres but had a chance to see it recently...
It is a so good movie...I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson...both are brilliant...they way are..and that movie is not a so complicated movie that you might think when you see both names..on the contrary it is a light movie with deeper meaning and a msg that it will leave in you...You will be entertained with both will laugh ,cry and think.
The idea of bucket list which the movie's name came from is:based on some philosopher's saying that you need to write down all your wish-to-do list before you die.
so the bucket list is typically that wish list...
in the movie, they both set a list of wishes..which myself found many in common ..I wish I do sky diving someday..I wish I go to the jungles in Africa...Kineya maybe...woww..
I wish I hv a Tatto "Just cant..forbidden"....wish I laugh till I cry >>Thank God I sometimes Do.
and I sure would like to add : I wish I visit Bahamas...I wish I go for Pilgrimage too..I wish I have my own place with a Dog and swimming Pool...I wish I can go car racing ....I wish I can help ppl though they didnt ask me to....I wish I climb a mountain too " not saint -Caterine...coz this is not climbin".....I wish I can buy red Dodge Ram "truck"
and a mini cooper too...I wish I hv my own business too...I wish I hv a bookstore / flower shop / a bakery ....I wish I hv my own Beach...I wish I hv a yacht... i wish i hv a farm with horses..mmmmmmmm
I wish :)

SteakOut...a place worth a visit

Though it is so much Spectra alike...yet I found it a good place for food...
You will be amazed minute you step in ,coz you will think its a joke and its another Spectra " one of the well known restaurants over Cairo..for its menu and the affordable prices" same thing too for steak out..and dont be misleaded with the streak..coz the menu has it all ,steak ,chicken ,seafood..whatsoever..I told you its a so spectra...
In everything it is..the menu again n again , the decoration and interior ..what can I say "ALL"...but the toilets are not the same,,I can say that the toilet is cool..It has everything inc seats'covers " plastic covers used for the seat instead of usin tissues...yucky I know :) ...but it is cool that they hv it there..the toilet is well designed and equiped too ;)
I iked the place ...and whats more I loved THE FOOD...was so good..mmm yummmiii..
and yeah , I just recalled one more thing it has in common with Spectra..the waiting list :) but its not that long as that other you d better give it a visit before you hv to wait for an hr min before you can get in.
Way to go Steak Out :)

It Only Happens when You least expect it ! vs. the Secret

True...good things only happen when You least expect them to least this is how I see it ..."sometimes ".....coz for sure there are times when you really want smth and it does to happen..but generally I see this rule works and works fine for quite ppl I do know.

When I think of it closely , I really wonder coz for instance it is the opposite to the idea of The secret "..the well known book " which talks about how if you want smth badly and truly..and you believe in it will transfer this energy to the universe..and whole Universe will do it for you and hv it done..and it all depends on your hv to believe it in it enough...the book even gave you a practical example ; you are lookin for a parkin space for your car, so all you hv to do is.. you visualize it and imagine how it will be and You will just find it.right there as you imagined it to be..I tried it more than once, and I cant deny that it worked for few times..and I just called it Luck though ...." The idea of the book is kinda opposite to my theory which is happenin most of time...

I try always to rely everything on facts and for the " secret" Idea,I always believe we have to think of it other way around, that we pray and ask GOD to have it come true..and it comes true from GOD ..and the universe is just a reason for havin it come true..but it would never if GOD didnt let it we ask Allah..and we pray to hv it true...and we gotta be havin Yaqueen which is true faith in Allah that he will be only doin the good for us... Only we get it if it comes along with what we were lookin for in 1st place,,,and we never get it if it just never happens ! or even been delayed....we gotta be believers in both..either it happens and comes true or not..we gotta be believin that its Gods will ..not anything else..

but what I like about the secret that it gives you that hope, and that power of how a believer can be ,also bein optimistic too...coz the Universe doesnot get the NOT..if you say i will not do will see "will do it excludin the NOT.

away from the secret and back to that proverb /saying whatsoever....I still see it valid ,,I cant recall how many times I was lookin for things to happen or to buy/ to get "way badly " and I never got them...and later on...which soemtimes goes for Years and decades it just Happens !

I still believe it is all Good and kheir for me...whatever...whenever...wherever..

How about you ?

how do you find that ?

P.S : The Book as everything has been transfered to a movie , it is not yet in theatres..but here is a link for the movie.

After Dark Show...

Hey Cairo residents, and whoever listens to radio through the Satellite or even Online is a new show " new for me at least " I recently is called , After dark , it is on Nile Fm , 104.2 , and here is a link for it online here and you can listen live...the show is awsome, you cant be missin it...its on air through Sunday to Tuesday at 10 pm to midnight CLT which is 19:00 GMT for 2 hrs...

There is a grp on Facebook for Erin who represents the show...I got you the grp name : " After Dark with Erin " is a paste of the show's desc. : "All your favorite slow jams, love requests, love requests and much more. Plus, every Monday night starting at 10pm Erin is joined in studio live by Marwa Rakha author and relationship guru! We will be answering your relationship questions and offering advice on relationships and marriage. E-mail us at "....

Seriously ,tune to it once and I bet you will stay tuned...
Enjoy .

Tamer Hosny again..with his new movie,Captain Hima

I am kinda embaressed to say what i am gonna do...hmmmmm...e7emmm...well , i been to tamer hosny's new movie :$..."maksoufa "...and i am gonna shock you now when I tell you that I liked it ! and I actually hd fun !!!...weird ha ! I could hv denied it..i could hv never mentioned it to any ! especially I been to it alone " coz sure i found no body to come along " body is interested in such moviez I know..and yeah I am nt supposed too !...but I sometimes find such moviez are really amusing sorry but I liked is nt a movie like you are goin and expectin to see a great movie with plot and whatsoever...nah ,it is just like a video clip more or less...where you see a nice actress for me "Zeina : ..shes cute and she was cute in that one indeed..and Tamer ...ummm am not to talk about him..i hv linked to this post the other i did days back..anyways..I enjoyed it..I amnot afraid to say it..and I will not deny it...ana msh maksoufaa..heh bs..

relieved now :)....

and Please dont start it ,,am not here to crticize..i will not start it..i just enjoyed it !! and I felt I owe him that..I wouldnot say I didnt like his album in public and see his movie in secret! dont hv to go see needs a special mood and....never mind..forget it:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is it Okay for a girl to ask a Boy out ??Is it Okay if she is the one to propose ??

It happens...whether me or you with/against it.....But when you really think of it and try to apply it on yourself ! how do you find it ??
For a do you find that? askin a boy Out ?? is it okay ?..we all got used to the idea of man playin hard to get YOU,actually i luv it to be that way; him playin the effort ...but whats applied on me not necessarily to be applied on others,so how other girls see it ?!
I hv seen so many girlz askin boys out ..and i hv seen some relations worked out..some been transferred to a friendship , some to dating ..i dont recall any went to further commitement..
You think it ever has any reason to do with the way it started out with ? meaning..that after they both get to know each,,do any still recall who asked whom first ?? does it matter still at that point !!.. what counts then!it should be the real he and the real she ! dont you think ! not who asked whom first !!...
I am here to talk about those who are not playin/foolin around..
I hv seen some that felt that they hv clicked with some , and that some for some reason "maybe shy ...afraid to be rejected...whatever..." so for some reason he is not willing to take the first step,and apparently the girl has the guts to ! so she goes and asks him out..I dont know really how she ll take this if she will ever be answered with NO !! Ouchhh...that hurts ! Big time I guess !!...but if its worth a risk ! dont you think ..they could live their life askin what if !! so better to take the risk !!
Same question is headed for boyz/men ,,how do you find that ....a girl/woman askin you sure you will feel good :) and the selfesteeem we keda:):):) sure you will consider the offer anyway..why not !! if shes a chic ,huh ?!:)...but is it leadin anywhere ? or its just for fun ? will you consider it later ? maybe 10 yrs on who asked whom first ? does it count to you ??
Also, same question goes for proposals....we got used to idea that the guy whos the one to propose..what if she proposes ?!!..we can mention a religious remarkable person who has been taken as an example in that...but not to neglect the way she proposed..she didnt go directly! was through someone common ,who played it right to make it work out..
However,applied on us now.... when it comes to direct proposals..that she asks him directly ?? would you marry me ?? how do you find that ? for both men and women...for a man is it shocking ?? ..and for a it okay for you to go for that ??
for me I know I would never do it..I am not against the Idea either ..and when i come to think of it , i see that sometimes ppl miss the chance coz both were lookin for the other to initiate!! which is stupid !! yes stupid ! that you miss smth that could hv meant to be..just coz you are afraid of some traditions or some answer startin with NO...yet,itsnot me,I cant do it myself..Can You ??!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tamer Hosny ...Just another Fail.."his new album , 2arrab kaman"

I hesitated before writing this..
Maybe coz I am not the type of girl that would write about " Chamer Hosny " :))
Maybe Coz I found it non worth it ! by all means !
Maybe coz i get amazed each time i see an interview with him on Tv or see how ppl /teenage talk about him !!
maybe coz his songs are always on radio !
maybe coz he sang in my brother's wedding !
maybe coz i still like few songs for him ! and sometimes I catch myself singin to him :))
maybe coz I see his moviez ! I am sorry I do !maybe coz i was never against him even throughout the army thing he been through..I see that everyone hs been judgemental though none has the right to ! and everyone Everyone hs his weakness and his mistakes which I am sure he will be ashamed if they were published to public ! So, the guy had mistaken like so many do !! and if its like your Bro or one of your close relatives you would hv said its okay then to skip the military service ! anyway as I said none is UP to judge coz we all do mistakes.Anyways, away from personal life which I am against anyone gets himself involved in>>this is my general rule... and lookin specifically into his new album I just see it another Fail.I wish if he never released it..The lyrics are way " ay kalam "..yea as always , as otherz,whatever you may say..but this one was way bad..yeaa way in meaning and terms..i just disliked it big time ,music and compositions are like any..nothin boring that you may skip the song before you even get a minute far.I am sorry for You Tamer if this is the King of generation..what a Loss ! for our generation :)) A big loss of whole generation actually if this is the music they like !!I am just afraid I get again someone tellin me...that album is Fantastic :) if you are followin the posts here you ll sure get what i am talkin about ;) wicked me :))..but that album is a hell loss.
P.S : Plz donot get me wrong...if you think this is one of the subjects I wanted to talk about while I was Off WAYyy!!


I know it has been a while since I dropped a line , though it could be normal and okay for some .But for me as I used to write on a daily basis was quite not me.

It is not that I didnot hv something to talk about ! non , its just I wasnt feelin well ..
though I used to write before esp. when I am down , it is like a relief for me, yet this time I didnt feel like writin nor doin anything..
I sometimes go for alternatives but this time I so did not.

I hv so much of ideas floodin in my brains now..wish if i just can let em all out at once..
I will try to soon.
I am listenin now to a song for Jewel it is called Stronger woman in me...its of her new album ..
I feel like sharing its lyrics with you ..I just like and if you into Jewel you gotta check out that album its way nice , I luved too perfectly Clear...Her voice is Osome actually..I always loved that Cranberries girl , Alanis , Jewel ,...
Anywayz , here You go,,stronger woman in me...and if you are lookin for whole album lyrics here is the link ...worth a check.

stronger woman in me
I guess you could say I'm one of those girls that's always been with one of those guys
you know the type
like right now he sleeps while I write
But it's better than crying
warn out from trying
from loving a man who always makes it clear
I am not welcome here Just till he's horny or hungry or needs something clean
you know what I mean But not tonight
Cause come the morning light, oh
I'm gonna love myself More than anyone else
Believe in me Even if someone can't see
The stronger woman in me
I'm gonna be my own best friend
Stick with me till the end
Won't lose myself again
never, no Cause theres a stronger woman a stronger woman in me
light bulbs buzz I get up and head to my drawer wish there was more
I could say
another fairy tale fades to grey
I've lived on hope Just like a child
walking that mile faking that smile
all the while wishing my heart had wings
well tonight I am gonna be
The kind of woman I want my daughter to be
I'm gonna love myself More than anyone else
Believe in me Even if someone can't see
There's a stronger woman in me
Won't lose myself again
never, no.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coz they played my Fav song on Radio while Drivin I felt way GOOD.....

On my Big drive home yesterday , while I was listenin to Radio "104.2 " As I usually do , the Radio played on one of my fav songs is quite old , it's called , nothing else matters for Metallica...I used to love that One , soon as the music started I just been transfered

to another person ! a total shift in my mood! one of those of 180 degrees !! seriously...
my drive home usually takes me like an hr n half ,,and sometimes it could take more, though theoretically it should not take more than 20 minutes...but coz of the traffic jam ..and the crazy ppl drivin me crazy " this will be one post someday..ppl's drivin ways "...with the summer heat..all of it makes it a perfect combination for a cause to feel bad believe me , i sometimes start my trip while i am feelin cool , and as soon as the traffic gets crazy as soon as i lose my temper and i just become one of the street monsters too ! anywayz, the ONLY thing that really proved that it can get me out of that terrible drivin mood ! is only when the radio plays on my fav music or song !!...though i might hv the song on my mp3 player and it was even on Repeat mode for like whole day.....although it could have been played on for zillions of times !! it could be old enough !! a new hit !I dont really care...I just feel good once its played on Radio !! in less than a sec I put on a big smile on my face , and I start singin to it ,,sometimes i lose control and i just forget that i am in the car stuck in traffic and everybody is checkin me out !!and maybe laughing at me !! the dumb singin in her car !! i sometimes dont give it a s*** ! ..I really feel good then, and feel way good singin it out loud !!.but it is important to kep your windows closed too :)!!!.you know yesterday while listening to that song Nothin else matters , I felt like I am goin high on music ! esp when repeatin the chorus : never cared for what they saaaaaaaaay !! never cared for what they dooooo !! i was like i am singin on stagee,,playin on my guitar " i wished if i can hv one someday" felt way goood, and way stress relieved.....
It is not only about the type of song that could drive you to that mood ! coz I in so many times do for lounge and meditation ,chill out music ! it also helps on keepin you relaxed while drivin !! and also fav ever ,,house drives me nuts :)...It feels way good while cruisin and listenin to Dj Carlos or Roger Sanchez .Tiesto...whatever you go for.. it is really coooooooool...
For me those are the Tips of how to get over the hectic drivin in this town....make sure before you step in your car that you have your music fueled in too with your fav types ,, with a sandwich & Coke,, and bottle of water >life will be great :))..I will talk about this later..about the picnic in your car and how to get used of the time there !! I hv good ideas too.
However, one of the best things still when I listen to Radio and they play my fav songs....Even for the summer spirit , they like always play every summer the song Summer jam ,,and I do love itt,,it just reminds me with Sun n Sea ...That's why whenever they play it I just feel I am lookin fwd to travelling and I hv that summer fever on.
ohh,still echoes :)) Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters!
Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters!
Never cared for what they say, Never cared for games they play!
chill Out while drivin safely ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do You believe in Friendship btw Man and Woman???

The Question might sound naive at first ...but when You come to think of it or apply it on your life you will be surprised of what you ll see !! and before I just start I might remind you with the famous sitcom" Friends "....You recall how close they were in freinds..and how was it like when everybody was hittin on Rachel ?? and when Monica and chandler started to date ?? and how it went to when Joey started to hit on Rachel too...and before n after they all were FREINDS !!! Do you really believe in that ? and what is the definition of freindship for you ? and how far could it go ?? what are the limits ? and is it okay to hit on your best friend ? why not !!! coz you are freinds !! you are like brother n sister !!! then why yes !! coz he is the only one on earth that understands me !..ohhhh...what a You think there is a friendship in 1st place ? Do we call it so coz we failed to go further with it ?? and at anytime there is a possibilty to go further with it ??....what is it really confused !.

lets start it early ages , school ages , I would say it is fine ,and its there..that PURE friendship btw girls and boys..thats why my parents never argued about me playin with boys relatives till i got 7 or 8 ..this is when they started to ban me from doin it anymore !! and started to mention boyz should be freinds to boys and girls are only friends with girls. and specify that frame...and since they never really got the male-female relationship !!!

Some could get into a relationship at that early age ! but I am to talk about the normal thing which comes during the teenage yrz or maybe later..and mayebe NEVER...However, I believe that friendship works for the most of ppl at this early age...coz mainly this is when BOTH are pure and mainly no hidden intentions..
So , up to 14 hmmm maybe more maybe less, can not specify exactly...but up to that age , friendship is there ....but as soon as Girl starts to feel for boys and start to feel herself growin and becomes a woman ..and as soon as Boy starts to feel he is man and starts feelin for where I think we STOP and the equation holds other factors other than that old pure friendship...

This is when we question : do you still think that they both can still be friends ??

I think if they are still in the teenage phase.where both not lookin for commitement and both not mature enough..and it is like an adveture for them , so i think they might keep their friendship as long as the girl is not feelin for her male friend and same vice versa.. a question pops up again ? why she didnt feel for him in 1st place or he did for her ?? for no chemistry ? coz she was already in luv with someone else ! coz he doesnt want to lose her ?? coz they are like brother and sister !! not quite clear at that age..honestly I cant tell myself coz i never been through it at that age..neither I hd a male friend nor been in luv .!

Ages go further and here we come 20's ,30's ..which is my main concern for this topic you still think that freindship thing still works here !! betweem a man and woman ??
Both at their most peaks...both are lookin for love...commitement maybe..she is always lookin for the one , and he might be playin around or too lookin for his you still think the friendship still works ??

for most of cases I saw myself , it didnot work fine...though it was friendship with no hidden intentions , yet it didnot work..and for so few ones it is workin pretty fine .

Freindship... both mainly do not feel for eachother, they can talk and listen...share ideas..agree on stuff and disagree too...and they two respect each..and they know how to deal with that other as if he / she really is her bestfriend ..they deal as if they are one of same sex with no desire for interest...just friends...
The question is how many are up to have it this way?? with no hidden intentions ?? how they keep it that way ? and how did it reach here ??..

Man and Woman mainly will be lookin for each all time , so maybe when i dont find the ONE at first , I will start lookin for alternatives whom will be Friends ?!? and maybe I find my match and I still hold on to my freinds ? and still gain more?? does it matter who comes first ? the One or Male friends ?? it okay that you got your ONE and still buildin friends of opposite sex ??
You think that community sees it okay ?? or they will call you cheatin on your spouse's back ?? and why are you still lookin for that close friend of opp sex after you settled in?? Your One should be that close friend.....he/she should be the closest.

What if that was not the case ? meaning...he /she used to have close freinds of opppos. sex all life , and they are truly friends..and that friend could be even married and his wife/ her husband is a friend to him / her...what if they really can make it ?? it is complicated i know ..but in so few cases they can work it should they let go of that close friend just coz he / she of opposite sex??
but you know when i look closely at it ! and think why man is lookin for woman even if he is already in a relationship and maybe married ! i think it could be human nature! that you are always lookin for more! and lookin for friendship ! and maybe lookin to build up relations still with opp sex! !
still i believe we should prevent having those relations at so many times !!, So is nt that bad till cheatin starts to happen !.coz I believe such relations give room for re mad with your spouse so you run to that close friend who is there for you n always listenin ..understands you...comforts you might at the verge of breakingdown you start fallin for him though you never did before !! and he was always there even before your spouse exisited!!but remember he is so , coz he is not in a relationship with you..and if he is ! he sure would be someone esle !other than that so overwhelming friend ! so beware of how you see ppl !! and how you see your male /female friends..

I really do not know ! it is so relative..can not be generalised...yet I wish If I can get some Rule to it..and I just know It wont.

But You know, if you have a friend of opp sex and he is just a friend ,and you sure of it , and you got into a relationship with another ,,so three of you should be standin on same grnd and rules..either you start havin 3 of you as friends and always see that friend around your partner and no 3 of you are really cool with it....otherwise this relation will not go on..the friendship or you with the partner...coz you will not be able to hold on to it with both not feeln comfortable around eachother ,there will be someone lost here.

Yet, I still appreciate the friendship concept, and always think it is great having frenz around you , and a bunch of friends not only 1 or two..i love having it mixed...coz this is life,consists of males and females...but to hv a close male friend ! i learned it is hard to do is not lack of male friends or they are not worthy ! non...just coz my partner is not comfortable with it..and he has the right to..and he comes first , not for the title only ,but also for the role he plays in my life....and if he were ever okay with it , I wouldnot take the friendship thing that far ! meaning i would hv kept it up to limits ! and providing that 3rd one is involved in my life in a clear frame for me and my partner...coz i hv seen so many taking it far away beyond that...
And When I come to think of it , and switch places with my partner..I think i ll be jealous enough to let my partner go out and talk on the phone for hrs with his best girlfriend ! though i am sure they are friends,,but it is just human nature too..jealousy...but i would be okay if she is around us as long as i am there...maybe she turns out to be a good friend of mine ! i never know..but i know i wouldnot feel comfortable seeing him spendin hours with her alone !! again n again, i see this is the backdoor for cheating..
and away from one part is involved in a relationship...if both friends are single..i think there will be always a question infront of them ! why dont we try it ? give it a go ?as long as we know how to get along to that extent ! he is the closest person to you and knows all about you and you do too ! and you perfectly match !!!! everybody is askin us why we r not in a serious relationship ! they think we match !!..that question will be after them always as long as they are single..and themselves might consider it."remember Freinds "".and turn the friendship into a relationship and it comes to dating >>which happened in so many cases,, some failed and other worked fine , again no rule>>>..even if they break up , some are able to get back to friendship and others just is broken already..
ouffff, it is a dilemma ! dont you think..and always a relation between man and woman will be a riddle...and always there will be questions around it...I am not positive of any ! it could work and it could not !! No Clue.