Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Why are you makin it harder on me ?
Dont you see the hurt you caused ?
Dont you see how mad I have become ?
Dont you see the anger inside me ?
Dont you see the sad me ?
Does it matter the worse you and me gonna be ?
I am scared I lose you ! as much as I am scared that I keep one I never knew !
I am scared that would be the way you deal with me all way long !
I am scared I lose myself tryin to gain you !
I feel bad , way bad..hurt though
I am not okay and I had the feeling I will never be !

Will you ever give it a damn and care enough ?
Will you listen ? or this is just not enough !
I am hurt ! I bleed ! and no one can make it ease on me!
I cry and no one can see those tears nor try to please!
How do you lose faith in me ? how do you let fears and doubts interfere !
I ever thought our love is big and strong enough , till that moment, it took me apart
I am hurt and it hurts
It still hurts
I love you.
I am scared I lose you.


P.S : I wrote it couple of days back.

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