Sunday, November 16, 2008

He is just not that into You !!

Girl , Have you ever faced yourself with the fact " he is not that into you " ?! Were you ever brave enough to step back coz he is not that into you ?? Can you really tell when he is not that into you !!
I know...too much not into you to strike you, hope it do Friend.
I once heard about that book in Oprah 's show , she was talking about the book , and how good it is , and kept advising every woman in the show to have it..Though at that time I thought how trivial the idea is , and thought to myself how it is always clear enough for a girl to see when he is not that into her ! and no needs for books for that! who reads'em anyway !!

Days went by , and I was at a library buying some books , I had a firend of mine with me there, and all of asudden , she asked the shop guy about that book ! I was like , No way !! why would one need sucha book !! we all know what it is all about ! and no needs for such books ! she kinda got convinced and did not buy the book.

Months later :) I was at the same library , and found the book like calling for my name ! I m sure kidding , but it was infront of me again , with a bestselling tag hanging on out of curiosity , I grabbed the book to JUST see, what the fuss is all about !
I found it more like a manual, damn things you know and you keep on ignoring...stories you hear everyday. excuses you got used to, un-answered phone calls...lots of things you know , I know..everyone knows..yet we go on ignoring.
what surprised me that day That I baught the book , I was in a need for reading, and just to read a not so deep book , just a light one you for me that was like the catch.
I baught the book , and though I was against buyin it at first , I found out that it is really it collects all ideas and excuses in few pages to read...

What really amazed me more about the book, that Man is Man..wherever he is ! whatever his color! religion ! Identity ! whether he is Civilized, Cultured or not ! well educated ! lives in the US..Egypt or even in Coalalampour!
whatever his tangue ! whatsoever really !!!
same excuses everywhere !! same techniques !! same tactics to run away !! same attitude !
God, it isnot our egy guys then ! it is smth international :)

The reason I am writing about it today really , that I got biased by one of my friend's stories, and I really wanted to lend her the book ! and I was like repeatin the word each two minutes! he is not that into you ! he is just not ! can't you see it ! he is not !!
Though it's clear enough , and always seen by everyone but the girl into it ! who refuses to see it !

The book stated all means and ways, which tell that the guy is not interested in the girl...he gave all the ABCs..and as I mentioned earlier, usually it is known and seen " and there is no need for the book "..but the book states them as facts , and puts them infront of you..maybe they can awaken some girlz from their deep sleep!

Excuses, excuses...; was at mom's place and couldnot pick up ! , had lots of work! got stuck in traffic !..can't make it sorry!...I will call you back , and he never do!..he doesnot do the slightest effort ! he doesnt do the big things either ! so why are you hanging on him !! that what really shocks me ! are we girlz desperate to that extent that we let ourselves stick to some losers who are not even interested !!

and as the book said, men can go to the Moon, do the hardest and strangest things ever..yet they can never pull themselves out of a relationship in away we expect ! or even respect !..few ones who have the courage to face it and say they are not interested..." though I know how hurtful it is for a girl, when she hears it herself"..the other trend, is givin excuses..and you smarty should get it , he is not into you !
yet, the more he plays around , the more you give him excuses...the more you persuade yourself that he will be back for you coz sure he is interested in you !!
I really wonder , why a girl would hold on someone who doesnot hv interest in her ?! some think that they are able to make him interested later ! actually that kind,kinda make me sick !
I am sorry ! but it is all about that girl feels desired ! he is playing hard to get YOU ! that he do all efforts to please YOU ! You Girly, not the other way around !!

Dear Friend, I know you not of that type,you canot be one,BUT , he is not that into you !
it is harsh ! I know..but you shouldnot be decieving yourself anymore ! stop giving him excuses ! stop answering Your calls !! you call him zillionz of times while he do only once in return !!
he is surrounded by your missed calls and sms's ! and you are checking your phone each two seconds hoping he will call ! and he never do !
you think he will show up ! and he is never there !
you try to be there for him , whenever you can , in all occassions...and he is sick of that ! coz you are too available ! you not even giving him a chance to be missed !
you do all what you can to let him see you , and he does all he can to erase you from his phonebook !
he never gave you any promises ! not that he smiled at you once ! went out with you twice ! had a chit chat with you for a couple of times...that doesnt mean that he is into you !!!!!

Friend, Give yourself a break , get yourself busy with something else ! not SomeOne else !!!Ha!

Once, a close friend of mine told me smth I always recall, if the guy is interested you dont hv to do anything , at all...coz he will be doing all stuff..and all shit too to get you...even if you are givin him hard time...he will still do.
and if he is just not interested , he will step back, and just disappear!..not giving any explanation , and we girlz spend our whole lives lookin for explanations ! and talkin about it !
Guys dont care about explanations as we do !! they just disappear !
and your guy just did so ! so hold on , walk hv a life ahead.
and admit it that you can go on , he is not into you as you not into so many guys ! this is life !!
you into someone who is not into you ! and some one into you whom doesnt even attract you !
accept it.admit it...stop lookin for explanations..stop givin excuses..stop it please
Read the might help
I ever wonder if guyz go into that dilemma as we girlz do !! do they care if we are interested into them as much as we do ! do they sit with their best firends for hours at someone's place talking about it? and soemtimes on the phone with them for hours too !! just to think loudly with a friend if a girl is into him !! Do they !!
or its only Girlz stuff:)
I wish that they do too ! I wish :)

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