Tuesday, January 13, 2009

مش عارف أعمل حاجة !! a song dedicated to Gaza

Listen attentively to the Lyrics..

whether you like the guy or not !!

mosh 3aref a3mel 7aga ...nefsy a3mel 7aga

shayef akhouya beyt3zeb we ana batfarrg 3alaih !!


a song by : Tamer Hosny

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The C.C.O.B.B,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I was born under unusual circumstances.” And so begins “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,”
Brad Pitt as Benjamin tells the story..
it is a breath taking movie, you can not go anywhere till you get to the end of it ! though it is a little bit long !(2 hrs 43 minutes ) yet I didnot feel it , I was curious and attached all movie , captured by the acting and story.
This is my best movie in so loooooong....One of best movies Ever.
It just hit me in so many lines , like you will never know whats coming for you , life is measured by moments , be yourself, live it yourway..dont let others take control of it...
it lets you think of your life , analyze what you been through and what you dream for ..and tells you there is nothing impossible.
It shows you the fears of aging old as much as if you do young , it goes beynod your expectations..
it has love, war, motherhood,young,old,.....all you can think of.
Benjamin is growin younger , although we all hate growin old , Benjamin will make you think of it again..

I can not find words desribing how much I loved the movie , this is a sooooooooo damn GOOD movie ...I will see it over and over ..I do not want to stop talkin about it really !
Though the timing I saw it in was not a so good one , I was in deep blue, yet the movie helped me get out of it .
Brad Pitt as always Rocks !! he ROCKS !! Big Time !!!!..how brilliant is he ?? he makes you cry , smile , laugh....he just gets to you easliy ..you will enjoy seein him acting, gettin OLD,YOUNG,whatever really !!! he ROCKS ! he is awesome.
I am not surprised to know it's been nominated for 5 golden globes.
For full synopsis go to : IMDB
Do not miss that one !! Do not !! you will regret it , I tell you
Hope then you enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Save GAZA !!! Save GAZA !! Save GAZA !!!!Gaza Under Fire!!

I do not know what to say ! can not think of anything but"wallahy kefaya..wallahy el3azeem 7aram "!

this has to be stopped ! the non stop killing for 9 days now.for the attacks from everywhere.

the helpless kids and women murdered , the mosques destroyed...

Save GAZA ...save whats left ! save GAZA..

I do not know to whom this headed , I do not know anything ! all I know is I wish I can help.

I am standing still , all we can do is praying for them...pray pray pray pray please do not forget them in your prayers...if we have nothing to offer , we have to do the least which is praying for them.

I also never thought of the "starbucks" thing, but since the attacks started I boycott starbucks, I searched the internet and I could see the Jewish origin, so least we can do is to boycott all Israeli Products inc starbucks.

Gaza...I wish if I can do anything to make you suffer less.

I wish if I can be of help .

I have seen your skies lightened with rockets and fire ,which I think for Israel it is just fireworks

they dont give it a damn ? do they ? They kill old peaople unarmied, they kill women and children !! they kill randomly ! they are causing damage to everyplace they step on !!

they are coming from everywhere , from sea, sky and by land..they have been doing all kinds of kill !

They claim that hamas rockets are causing damage ! they land in like a no-one living place , causing no harm ,,just a hole in ground , while the Israeli rockets land in houses,mosques causing a kill of whole family of like 10 members and more !

Who is the terrorist ? Muslims ?? or Israelis ? how many murdered and injured for each party ?

on Palastine , it is like 500 murdered which I like to call martyred and more than 2000 injured badly ! while on the Israeli side, it is like 10-25 ?!! so who is the murder here ?!?!

Is there anybody out there listening ?? do you see the numbers ?? do you see the pictures ??

do you see the Fire??


Allahoma 2Onsor Al-phelsteneen , allhomma 7arrer phalastine and Gaza, allahoma 2onsorna 3la el yahoud .

Allahoma fokk karbahom wa sadded ramyahom wa 2agheth-hom.

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل في اليهود اللهم عليك بهم فانهم لايعجزونك اللهم فرق جمعهم وشتت شملهم اللهم احصهم عددا
واقتلهم بددا ولا تغادر منهم احدااللهم زلزلهم ودمرهم وانزل عليهم عجائب قدرتك اللهم امين

اللهم إنا نشكو إليك دماءً للمسلمين سفكت, وأعراضاً هتكت, وحرمات انتهكت, ومساجد دمرت, ومنازل خربت, ومدارس عطلت, ومزارع أحرقت, وأطفالاً يتمت, ونساءً تأيّمت, وأمهات ثكلت, ليس لنا رب غيرك, ولا ملاذ سواك. اللهم فاغضب لعبادك المؤمنين, واثأر لجنودك الموحدين, وانتقم لنا من الطغاة المستكبرين, اللهم أحل بهم سخطك, وأنزل عليهم غضبك, ونقمتك, واسلبهم حلمك وإمهالك, وأرنا فيهم بطشك وقوتك.

الحمد لله رب العالمين حمداً كثيرا طيِّبا مباركا فيه ملء السموات وملء الأرض وملء ما بينهما وملء ما شئت من شيء بعد ، و صلّ اللهم على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.اللهم بسطوة جبروت قهرك ، وبسرعة إغاثة نصرك ، وبغيرتك لإنتهاك حرماتك ، وبحمايتك لمن إحتمى بآياتك ، نسألك يا الله ، يا سميع ، يا مجيب ، يا منتقم ، يا شديد البطش ، يا جبار ، يا قهار ، يا من لا يعجزه قهرَ الجبابرة ، ولا يعظُم عليه هلاكَ المتمردة من الملوك و الأكاسرة ، أن تجعل كيد من كاد أهل غزة في نحره ، ومكْر من مكر بهم عائدا عليه ، وحفرة من حفر لهم واقعا فيها ، ومن نصب لهم شبكة الخداع إجعله يا ربنا مساقا إليها ومصادا فيها وأسيرا لديها.اللهم سلط على أعدائهم النقم ، اللهم بدد شملهم ، اللهم فرِّق جمعهم ، اللهم أقلل عددهم ، اللهم إجعل الدائرة عليهم ، اللهم أوصل العذاب إليهم ، اللهم أخرجهم عن دائرة الحِلم ، وأسلبهم مدد الإمهال ، وغُلَّ أيديهم ، واشدد على قلوبهم ولا تبلغهم الآمال ، اللهم مزِّقهم كلَّ ممزَّق مزَّقته لأعدائك انتصارا لأنبيائك ورسلك.اللهم انتصر لنا و لأهل غزة إنتصارك لأحبابك على أعدائكاللهم انتصر لنا و لأهل غزة إنتصارك لأحبابك على أعدائكاللهم انتصر لنا و لأهل غزة إنتصارك لأحبابك على أعدائكاللهم لا تمكّن الأعداء فينا ولا تسلطهم علينا بذنوبنااللهم لا تمكّن الأعداء فينا ولا تسلطهم علينا بذنوبنااللهم لا تمكّن الأعداء فينا ولا تسلطهم علينا بذنوبناإلهي يا من أجاب نوحا في قومه ، ويامن نصر إبراهيم على أعدائه ، ويا من رد يوسف على يعقوب ، ويا من كشف ضرَّ أيوب ، يا من أجاب دعوةَ زكريا ، يامن قبل تسبيحَ يونس لا إله إلاّ أنت سبحانك إنّي كنت من الظالمين ، نسألك بأسرار هذه الدعوات المستجابات أن تتقبل ما به دعوناك ، وأن تعطينا ما سألناك.اللهم أنجز لأهل غزة وعدَك الذي وعدتَه لعبادك المؤمنين ، إنقطعت آمالُهم وعزَّتك إلاّ منك ، وخاب رجاؤهم إلاّفيك ، وكفى بالله وليا ، وكفى بالله نصيرا ، وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل ، ولا حول ولا قوة إلاّ بالله العلي العظيم.اللهم إستجب لنا ، آمين ، وصلِّ اللهم على سيدنا محمّد سيد المرسلين


Update : Palestinian Holocaust museum site has been launched. worth a visit.

Keep it ?

So ? You decided to keep it ?! Cool
Dont ask me in the furture to share it.

I once told you how it is all about sharing ? listening ? understanding ? ......
Do you recall ?

*I could have saved that thought too,to myself ! but I just thought of sharin it , one last time.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Whatever you give a woman !

I got this by sms , it is Hillarioussss !:))
I thought of sharing it with you ;)

Whatever you give a woman , She will greater.
If you give her sperm , She will give you a baby.
If you give her a house , She will give you a home.
if you give her groceries ,She will give you a meal.
if you give her a smile , She will give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.
So , if you give her any crap ,be ready to receive a ton of shit :))

Cheers to all the ladies out there , and lets have a very new year :)

Chocoholic...Shopaholic and I can be a workaholic!

Yes..I am a chocoholic , I love chocolate to death ..I find happiness in a twix bar :) , I see the hot brownies with extra sauce chocolate and scoop of vanilla ice-cream is just Osome!! yummmi, I neeed one now!

I see Caramel as one thing PERFECT on top of anything ! I dont mind Caramel in out anything!

I just love Caramel , so when it comes to the mix , Caramel , Chocolate and Icre-cream ! ouffff !

Thats why the Mcdonalds Sundae chocolate and caramel mixed is still one of my favorites.

I love Chocolate with Hazelnuts , I adore white chocolate too, the toblerone is one of my best .

The Choclate comes along anything you may think of , with Ice-cream as already mentioned, with nuts , with caramel, with Coffee though.

Try your cofffee with a chocolate bar , and see how tasty both will be !

I love chocolate fudge too, and luv that with a cup of tea,mazag geddan :)

I love maltesers ..I love twix , I love KitKat , I love snickers , some galaxy.. I dont luv Bounty !!

I love lindt , I love Favarger and some other swiss ones.

I love anything that can come chocolated :)

Let alone , those tarts , chocolate , caramel , white chocolate , Toffee......etc, there is some shop called Pumpkin , it is my place now :) ..it is a place where you can find any dessert you may wish for !!..endless number of tarts it has, and all are awesome.Indeed !

I luv the twix cake , I adore it actually ..I love the toffee one too ...even the cheese cake when it comes with chocolate topping, I 'd rather have it with caramel :)

The brownies cake that comes with your coffee,know it that little piece ! , just plain brownies !, is my chase too :) , i dont mind having all the brownies in the world in addition to those ones served to my friends too :)

I am sure in love with Nutella , my endless love :) who doesnot love Nutella ??

and sure thing I do luv it ,z nutella crepe .whatever really :)

ana go3t , I need my dose of chocolate...

Chocolate chocolate chocolate ....with all love and passion...Chocolate really helps in bad moods ! I cant think of anything else when I am down ! it is your savior when you PMS ! whenever I am on diet I crave chocolate ...

I told you I am a chocoholic :)

To be Continued ....to know the shopaholic me too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ..2009

Happy New Year to you all .
I just canot believe that 2008 is finally officially GONE ! akheeeeran !
and I cant help it but hope for a better year , full of joy , peace and happiness.
Goodbye 2008 with the good and bad it had ..
2009 , i waited for you ..for a happy new year :)..please be good and happy ba2a !!:)

Couldnot find anything better than ABBA's voice to say Happy new year...
have you seen the tower's lighting today ? " el-kahareb yes :)) " ..it was displayin a " Happy New year ",,it was sooo lovely..and I just then felt it in the air , that a new year has finally come :)

Happy New year ..to you , and your family..I wish myself and you too that all our dreams come true ,that we become United ! as benetton colors,kiddin :)...I wish for Free Palestine,Arabs united and Gaza's freedom ...wish all the wars and killing in the world just stop ! wish if we can hv our pride and dignity back ! I wish.

Listen to the song , I just love it..
I extracted those parts :

"Sometimes I see How the brave new world arrives,And I see how it thrives,In the ashes of our lives,Oh yes, man is a fool!And he thinks he'll be okay!Dragging on, feet of clay!Never knowing he's astray!Keeps on going anyway..."

"May we all have a vision now and thenOf a world where every neighbour is a friend"
"May we all have our hopes, our will to tryIf we don't we might as well lay down and die"

Happy New year !