Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coz they played my Fav song on Radio while Drivin I felt way GOOD.....

On my Big drive home yesterday , while I was listenin to Radio "104.2 " As I usually do , the Radio played on one of my fav songs is quite old , it's called , nothing else matters for Metallica...I used to love that One , soon as the music started I just been transfered

to another person ! a total shift in my mood! one of those of 180 degrees !! seriously...
my drive home usually takes me like an hr n half ,,and sometimes it could take more, though theoretically it should not take more than 20 minutes...but coz of the traffic jam ..and the crazy ppl drivin me crazy " this will be one post someday..ppl's drivin ways "...with the summer heat..all of it makes it a perfect combination for a cause to feel bad believe me , i sometimes start my trip while i am feelin cool , and as soon as the traffic gets crazy as soon as i lose my temper and i just become one of the street monsters too ! anywayz, the ONLY thing that really proved that it can get me out of that terrible drivin mood ! is only when the radio plays on my fav music or song !!...though i might hv the song on my mp3 player and it was even on Repeat mode for like whole day.....although it could have been played on for zillions of times !! it could be old enough !! a new hit !I dont really care...I just feel good once its played on Radio !! in less than a sec I put on a big smile on my face , and I start singin to it ,,sometimes i lose control and i just forget that i am in the car stuck in traffic and everybody is checkin me out !!and maybe laughing at me !! the dumb singin in her car !! i sometimes dont give it a s*** ! ..I really feel good then, and feel way good singin it out loud !!.but it is important to kep your windows closed too :)!!!.you know yesterday while listening to that song Nothin else matters , I felt like I am goin high on music ! esp when repeatin the chorus : never cared for what they saaaaaaaaay !! never cared for what they dooooo !! i was like i am singin on stagee,,playin on my guitar " i wished if i can hv one someday" felt way goood, and way stress relieved.....
It is not only about the type of song that could drive you to that mood ! coz I in so many times do for lounge and meditation ,chill out music ! it also helps on keepin you relaxed while drivin !! and also fav ever ,,house drives me nuts :)...It feels way good while cruisin and listenin to Dj Carlos or Roger Sanchez .Tiesto...whatever you go for.. it is really coooooooool...
For me those are the Tips of how to get over the hectic drivin in this town....make sure before you step in your car that you have your music fueled in too with your fav types ,, with a sandwich & Coke,, and bottle of water >life will be great :))..I will talk about this later..about the picnic in your car and how to get used of the time there !! I hv good ideas too.
However, one of the best things still when I listen to Radio and they play my fav songs....Even for the summer spirit , they like always play every summer the song Summer jam ,,and I do love itt,,it just reminds me with Sun n Sea ...That's why whenever they play it I just feel I am lookin fwd to travelling and I hv that summer fever on.
ohh,still echoes :)) Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters!
Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters!
Never cared for what they say, Never cared for games they play!
chill Out while drivin safely ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do You believe in Friendship btw Man and Woman???

The Question might sound naive at first ...but when You come to think of it or apply it on your life you will be surprised of what you ll see !! and before I just start I might remind you with the famous sitcom" Friends "....You recall how close they were in freinds..and how was it like when everybody was hittin on Rachel ?? and when Monica and chandler started to date ?? and how it went to when Joey started to hit on Rachel too...and before n after they all were FREINDS !!! Do you really believe in that ? and what is the definition of freindship for you ? and how far could it go ?? what are the limits ? and is it okay to hit on your best friend ? why not !!! coz you are freinds !! you are like brother n sister !!! then why yes !! coz he is the only one on earth that understands me !..ohhhh...what a You think there is a friendship in 1st place ? Do we call it so coz we failed to go further with it ?? and at anytime there is a possibilty to go further with it ??....what is it really confused !.

lets start it early ages , school ages , I would say it is fine ,and its there..that PURE friendship btw girls and boys..thats why my parents never argued about me playin with boys relatives till i got 7 or 8 ..this is when they started to ban me from doin it anymore !! and started to mention boyz should be freinds to boys and girls are only friends with girls. and specify that frame...and since they never really got the male-female relationship !!!

Some could get into a relationship at that early age ! but I am to talk about the normal thing which comes during the teenage yrz or maybe later..and mayebe NEVER...However, I believe that friendship works for the most of ppl at this early age...coz mainly this is when BOTH are pure and mainly no hidden intentions..
So , up to 14 hmmm maybe more maybe less, can not specify exactly...but up to that age , friendship is there ....but as soon as Girl starts to feel for boys and start to feel herself growin and becomes a woman ..and as soon as Boy starts to feel he is man and starts feelin for where I think we STOP and the equation holds other factors other than that old pure friendship...

This is when we question : do you still think that they both can still be friends ??

I think if they are still in the teenage phase.where both not lookin for commitement and both not mature enough..and it is like an adveture for them , so i think they might keep their friendship as long as the girl is not feelin for her male friend and same vice versa.. a question pops up again ? why she didnt feel for him in 1st place or he did for her ?? for no chemistry ? coz she was already in luv with someone else ! coz he doesnt want to lose her ?? coz they are like brother and sister !! not quite clear at that age..honestly I cant tell myself coz i never been through it at that age..neither I hd a male friend nor been in luv .!

Ages go further and here we come 20's ,30's ..which is my main concern for this topic you still think that freindship thing still works here !! betweem a man and woman ??
Both at their most peaks...both are lookin for love...commitement maybe..she is always lookin for the one , and he might be playin around or too lookin for his you still think the friendship still works ??

for most of cases I saw myself , it didnot work fine...though it was friendship with no hidden intentions , yet it didnot work..and for so few ones it is workin pretty fine .

Freindship... both mainly do not feel for eachother, they can talk and listen...share ideas..agree on stuff and disagree too...and they two respect each..and they know how to deal with that other as if he / she really is her bestfriend ..they deal as if they are one of same sex with no desire for interest...just friends...
The question is how many are up to have it this way?? with no hidden intentions ?? how they keep it that way ? and how did it reach here ??..

Man and Woman mainly will be lookin for each all time , so maybe when i dont find the ONE at first , I will start lookin for alternatives whom will be Friends ?!? and maybe I find my match and I still hold on to my freinds ? and still gain more?? does it matter who comes first ? the One or Male friends ?? it okay that you got your ONE and still buildin friends of opposite sex ??
You think that community sees it okay ?? or they will call you cheatin on your spouse's back ?? and why are you still lookin for that close friend of opp sex after you settled in?? Your One should be that close friend.....he/she should be the closest.

What if that was not the case ? meaning...he /she used to have close freinds of opppos. sex all life , and they are truly friends..and that friend could be even married and his wife/ her husband is a friend to him / her...what if they really can make it ?? it is complicated i know ..but in so few cases they can work it should they let go of that close friend just coz he / she of opposite sex??
but you know when i look closely at it ! and think why man is lookin for woman even if he is already in a relationship and maybe married ! i think it could be human nature! that you are always lookin for more! and lookin for friendship ! and maybe lookin to build up relations still with opp sex! !
still i believe we should prevent having those relations at so many times !!, So is nt that bad till cheatin starts to happen !.coz I believe such relations give room for re mad with your spouse so you run to that close friend who is there for you n always listenin ..understands you...comforts you might at the verge of breakingdown you start fallin for him though you never did before !! and he was always there even before your spouse exisited!!but remember he is so , coz he is not in a relationship with you..and if he is ! he sure would be someone esle !other than that so overwhelming friend ! so beware of how you see ppl !! and how you see your male /female friends..

I really do not know ! it is so relative..can not be generalised...yet I wish If I can get some Rule to it..and I just know It wont.

But You know, if you have a friend of opp sex and he is just a friend ,and you sure of it , and you got into a relationship with another ,,so three of you should be standin on same grnd and rules..either you start havin 3 of you as friends and always see that friend around your partner and no 3 of you are really cool with it....otherwise this relation will not go on..the friendship or you with the partner...coz you will not be able to hold on to it with both not feeln comfortable around eachother ,there will be someone lost here.

Yet, I still appreciate the friendship concept, and always think it is great having frenz around you , and a bunch of friends not only 1 or two..i love having it mixed...coz this is life,consists of males and females...but to hv a close male friend ! i learned it is hard to do is not lack of male friends or they are not worthy ! non...just coz my partner is not comfortable with it..and he has the right to..and he comes first , not for the title only ,but also for the role he plays in my life....and if he were ever okay with it , I wouldnot take the friendship thing that far ! meaning i would hv kept it up to limits ! and providing that 3rd one is involved in my life in a clear frame for me and my partner...coz i hv seen so many taking it far away beyond that...
And When I come to think of it , and switch places with my partner..I think i ll be jealous enough to let my partner go out and talk on the phone for hrs with his best girlfriend ! though i am sure they are friends,,but it is just human nature too..jealousy...but i would be okay if she is around us as long as i am there...maybe she turns out to be a good friend of mine ! i never know..but i know i wouldnot feel comfortable seeing him spendin hours with her alone !! again n again, i see this is the backdoor for cheating..
and away from one part is involved in a relationship...if both friends are single..i think there will be always a question infront of them ! why dont we try it ? give it a go ?as long as we know how to get along to that extent ! he is the closest person to you and knows all about you and you do too ! and you perfectly match !!!! everybody is askin us why we r not in a serious relationship ! they think we match !!..that question will be after them always as long as they are single..and themselves might consider it."remember Freinds "".and turn the friendship into a relationship and it comes to dating >>which happened in so many cases,, some failed and other worked fine , again no rule>>>..even if they break up , some are able to get back to friendship and others just is broken already..
ouffff, it is a dilemma ! dont you think..and always a relation between man and woman will be a riddle...and always there will be questions around it...I am not positive of any ! it could work and it could not !! No Clue.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Forza Azzuri ---- Sorry for you :(

I am sorry for the azzuri :((

Forza Italia ....
They lost against the Esp. team to give the lead to Spain to go for semi final in Euro 2008..
for me it was not a great match yet I wanted Italia to win.
Hard Luck.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The worst movie I have seen in ages !! Rayes Omar Harb

It could not get any worse ! coz it is just the worst movie Ever!! everything..the story , script , acting , the scenes ...all litterally...This is a movie you regret seein it ..and you just regret it more n more when you think that you added to their figure of viewers !!...those were the most wasted 3 hrs I recently experienced !

If we are to talk about the movie Rayes Omar Harb ,which is in Theatres now, it is an arabic movie.I really can not say anything but how awful it is !..though i was never against the director khaled youssef as so many are...yet that one was horrible ! i just wished i never went for it !!...

I was not expectin to see a great movie least a good one ,..but not that bad to that extent !!

We can not forgive him the weak dialogue between actors , the low quality of scenes esp the fight ones..the plot !! i think he just forgot about it while he was busy in makin love scenes ! which were too many to follow ! was like this movie was made for that ! to show you how ugly our actors and actresses are in bed ! it is awful ! and he just filled the movie with hillarious number of love scenes ! which is not affectin by any means the story >coz there is no story in the first place...the way they talk in that movie just make you laugh , cant forget how that actress Ghada abdel razek was talkin to her daughter when she got back tellin her i am still a girl...yucky...that was one of the worst scenes....

Khaled was like tryin to imitate the movie Devil's advocate from the very beg. of the movie , but he just produced an ugly arabic version of it !! even when he tried to have the devils home as Al Patchino's in devils advocate ! he just made it alike ! he only forgot to put that tableau !!....

and as always for our arabic moviez, directors dont usually care about small part " this is how they see it-small", if the actor is wearin smth n next scene where he was supposed to be wearin same clothes but you find a t-shirt / something missin or added or replaced with to his costume / makeup....same thing happens here throughout the whole movie ! esp with Hany salama's name Tag ! you sometimes find it with Khaled and he turns around to find written khalid !! as if you are watchin the magician khaled sorry khalid !!..

The acting is way baddd..from all parties...even Khaled Saleh,though i used to find him a hero ..but he just failed for choosin this role and playin it...

the actresses Somayya and Ghada are beyond imagination for their badness ! the way they look ! their make up ! dresses ! and acting ...was awful !..

I regret seein it..and i regret and regret ........still regretttttttt.

Do NOt GO!!!! this is a movie worth not watchin !! AVOID Ittt !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blame it on the Mood Swings !!

I am BLUE ....
I have trouble with my mood swings ! though I eat healthy food , I work out and do sports , I hang out , I work and am good at what i am doing ..I do lots of other hobbies like readin for instance....yet I still suffer from mood swings ! I think it has smth to do with bein a libran..I think so...blame it on the signs of the zodiac then !

Also, part of it is the surrounding enviroenment we live in , the pollution for instance ..everything..the traffic that drives you crazy, for a distance of less than 20 km that it should take approx 2 hrs to get there ! it is hillarious !...even for the work i think i am good at ! yet at somepoint i think i am not well appreciated or even recogonized ! which causes me in so many times depression and dissatisfaction with what i am doin !

You know..I always blame it on the seasons change ! and that it is in its max in spring and fall ! but in fact this is not the truth ! coz i pass through it every other day ! maybe not to that extent ! i do wanna exgagerate ! yet I go through it alottt...and what really annoys me ,that it is like am feeling good and happy now, just few hrs later i cant gurantee that mood am in !!! with no clera explanation in so many times or with existing reason that I ignore in most of times !!
!..that wat always happens ! even when i go for vacation ! as soon as i am back am off mood !!

Ahhh, blame it on the moon then.

yea.. There is some article I been through it which I think is really cool , you might read it if interested..explains the mood swings and ways to help you get over it..check it out...might find it useful...
Though I know part of it relates for bein a woman , yet I wish for no Mood Swings.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maria Pages ...In Cairo , and I can't Go :(

Maria Pages is a Flamenco Dancer , one of the best really.

She been to Cairo last summer , and I ws lucky enough to find a ticket after all was already sold out..and the show was AMAZINGGGGGGG !!..she is adorable , awesome and all in all is perfect..the performance , the music , the dresses and costumes and moreover was the light effects..

The show for me was kind of experience, one that you see and leaves on you a big smile and stays with you for is not comic yet it makes you happy ! it is amazing ! The music lasts with you for long..the echo of the flamenco..ouffff..i just wished after that night That I woud do it again.

And here she comes..tomorrow ! same place at Cairo opera House and I can not do it :(..

Read This : extracted from the event on facebook >>>

María Pagés will have only one Gala Night at the Cairo Opera House and another at the Great Hall of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, whose proceedings will go to the National Fund to Fight Virus Hepatitis. Donations for this project can be directed to the Egyptian Liver Care Society


Well, I just can't..coz tickets are way expensive , and I respect the idea of collectin funds of sure and as long as this is for a good cause am with.

But ! Do you think a place like the opera which is of capacity 1200 seat per their official site !...will it be full with the proposed ticket prices ! or it could have been wiser , leavin the ticket price it was last year and being sure there will be no empty seat !! which is wise !..I go for second.

Unless this like a private party ! which happens alot..that some community reserves the place , and adjust the pricing to their scale...

anyway , it just echoes and reminds me with another thing happening now, which is euro2008..i already talked about it before, but I am talkin about same idea,,it is only One who is having the broadcast rights , so they do it as they wish ! as long as they are positive ppl will get back to them for it ....I just hate that concept..I Do big time.. , and I am sorry am not seeing Maria's show !..It is clear monopolization !! ..I may give excuse for those are collectin funds but i will never for those who monopolizes soccer broadcast.

About her...I recommend visiting her official site....There you will find many videos of her.
It is also available on the you tube , here is one I like ."Flamenco republic"..
Hope You enjoy it , and Hope I make it next time she comes here ..or may be I am lucky enough to go to Spain someday and watch it there myself ..and if she ever visits You country dont miss it!!! it is worth it.....Hope then tickets will be affordable..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Do Women Reveal their true age ? Or they Just Never Do !

Am I okay with gettin older? in Age ?! Is it okay that I am 28 ?! Do I feel like I missed out smth I should have done ? Do I feel like not sayin my age out ?! Will I ever get to that Point !!

Well, as for the most of women I personally know , they DO NOT reveal their true age ! ..they just hide it , and on the opposite they try to look younger and give a number that way far to their true age. It is like they do not only subscribe 2 to 3 yrz ! nah , some go far beyond that! they do give 10 yrz minus ! Do you believe that ! As if the requester , who ever asked the question , Doesnt have eyes !! And sometimes they just go on this lie till they really end up believin it and they might get into fights with some others if started accusin them that they are lyin about their age" You know women talks "..

And when You think of it , Actually , Women think it is Impoliteness of a guy to ask sucha question ! , and if he was ever given an answer it is always age minus , and he should reply back still : Oh goddd,,no way ,, You look way younger !!

This is what the woman is typically looking to hear..That she looks young , pretty and she is never growin OLD.

It reminds me with our actresses here , when they show on TV , and whenever they talk they do as if they are 20 smth ,max early thirties,,,,though we all know that they are min. early forties if not older !..I have seen that woman when I was 6 yrz and she was like how come after 20 yrs she still 30 !! I bet they are all bad in Maths !!

But, why does age scares women to that extent ? Are we just scared of the idea of some number bigger than 20 ! we only been taught to stop at 25 and we are not able to count any further !!...whats wrong of you 30 40 50 ..whatsoever !! You really lived that age ! don't you ?? You been here alive for this number ? so what makes you hide it ?? Do men suffer about it too ? Or its only women STUFF??

Why even with makeup You still look in your age , what makes you think that by covering all the shades on your face , and around your eyes then you have the right to be younger than your age..

you may look young in real and you may not, you may look younger after you wear on your make up , but still your age is still same ..have a quick look over your ID and it will tell you .

What annoys me that I come someday to some point that I hate revealin my age ! and I either skip the question or I pretend that I never heard it..or give another age..and after all , we will be sayin this is not a question to be asked !! this is not Etiqette ! You are not Civilized:))

What if you give your real age , and the requester just comments , oh ! you look older ?!!
>>>>>>this is Rude...I admit..

either he says a compliment or just say Nothing..

But why is it always smth important to know someone's age ? why women themselves while sittin around each other , in a gossip gatherin , they enjoy givin other women their real age ! and start mockin at it ! though themselves are not revealing their true age ! way contradicting ! so it is not always a man asking a so many times its a women game .

For me , I think till this moment and as long as I believe the same I will be always sayin how old I am ..I have nothin against it to hide it,nor to decrease it..this is what I lived , and That what I did and This is where I got to so far. and here what I achieved !
I believe that the problem is not about the Number as much as the status which indicates where you are ! and what you have achieved so far !

Meaning, I think "She" would be happy sayin : Oh , i got married again when I was 60 ! and I even Got a baby born ! here,,it would be smth she flatters with.

She will be happy saying , I got grandchildren and I am still 40....she will be happy then that she got to that stage and shes 40 ! she will be proud of those 40 yrs then .

This is the point, or At least how i see it , what really counts that what you have done in those years ? hence , I think you will be okay with your age..

It is always like you are living the right phase in exact perfect timing...meaning : its okay for me to be 20 and still go to skool , coz everbody is doin it ! but it is not okay if i am 30 and still do !! coz i just went off line ! out of phase ! and missed some stage where my friends and ppl of my age group are already in !! They are having their work now and gettin paid !

I know how this specifically feels, coz I had a yr dropped out at school , and it way annoyed me ,big time actually...and seein my freinds gettin their first jobs and settlin in while I still go to school ! was like the ugliest feeling ever !! I think then You might hate that extra year you lived at school and yu might hate your age coz when you say it to others ,they are expectin you to be a grad by now .!

It also aches if you are single for looong and you just aging up ! it hurts, and you might hate the number..I experienced that too, but that never stopped me from revealin my age !

Not livin the stage at the right time might make you feel you do not want to hold that number ! you may feel it doesnt belong to you ! you only hold "X" which you really felt that you lived.

But I can assure you that there will always be smth that annoys you about the number, even when you go through diff stages of life, coz we are always askin for more, as I think that by now I should hv had a 3 yrs old Kid .and have my family and sure married coz this is the rule.,and am not any of it annoys me ! that am still out of phase ! I need to sync !...
However, I am sure there will be always smth you demand which is not there and will make you feel uncomfortable with the number.

Still, I can not hide the fact , that there are some ppl who annoy you about : Q : how old are you ? ....A : x
Q : Oh god ?? no way....

a- you look older >>>>>>>>this is way Rude
b- oh no, you look younger >>>this is rare..could be true..but in so many cases, it is a compliment
c- You must be kiddin me ! You "X" and still go to same place ? and do same stuff ? and Your peer " and start mentioning names of ppl you know who are younger ,,and give you hard time by tellin you to where they got ".

"C " happens here all the time , it is like culture....They always hear the number and start relating to others and how loser you are !!! they just give you hard times.
And even for "C ' , I experienced it alott....

Another thing...that came out of culture too, that they usually call any female with "ya madame" which is " madame, Mme " but this is not for respectful , they give the title here for any girl gets married , she sleeps with modmoiselle title ,second day she wakes up to find herself holdin this title,"madame",,and it is more or less like Mrs. I would not like to mess with these titles until I become in phase.

So i dont luv bein called " Madame" while am not ! am still a girl !..and I hv no clue why they do call me so !! so the only explanation that goes for me is coz YOUR AGE.

that as if by the age of 30 ,you got to be married ! who said so !

There are some who canot differentiate btw modmoiselle and madame here ,,as the ushers or whoever gives you help on the road,,they just use madame word...but what is the excuse for educated ppl ! why do they sometimes call it to girls !!! ! though there is nothing sayin she is married yet !

I do not know why am annoyed about this specifc issue ! but I hv always been with it ! I wish if they sometimes stop call you anything..they do not hv to give you any title !!

Moreover, which makes it worse..when you accidentally chat with some teenager , a guy or girl of age 10+ " I am here givin excuses to 10 - " ,, so for those guys , and for so many times they look way old and taller too...anyways when you talk to them , they just say the word "Auntie " ,For me I just hate it , i luv ppl to call me with first name , we at my work place call each till top manag. with first names..its smth common ..
The guy or Gal speaking is only 10 yrz younger ! so you think i gained the title aunite !! it just kills me and makes me feel sick !! i am not auntieee..I by no means could be one !!! My only feeling then is just slappin him/her on the face.<>
I remember , tHat I have been always cautious about givin those auntie / uncle titles , that I ask my mom that if i should be callin him Uncle or her Auntie !as if me was aware of the feeling it leaves on the person who been called Uncle / Aunitie !!..especially it comes from ones you hv no clue why they are usin it ! I remember that once , a girl who is like 14 and maybe older .it happened in a situation like this : we were standing before a coffebar @ some coffee place, and I do not know the girl... , and I gave her help and handed her the coffeecup..and she with that naive look said : merci ya tante !! >>> oh godd,,,tante !! and she is drinkin coffee ! can you imagine ! she is not a kid !! all I felt like was throwin the coffee in her face , but I sure did not.
That was like the answer " a " for me , that "You LOOK OLDD" coming from her side.

And if the opposite just happens, which i cant deny that it still happens alot , that i get stopped by ppl to ask me how exams went up ? how is skool ? and so ...and they just get shocked when I tell them I am done with school for more than 5 yrs now...I cant deny it feels good..Just the opp. to that last one.

Mainly, those were the reasons I see that could make one hates his age and not looking to reveal it, but the thing is by Not revealin it ? do you really think it has been hided ? not the number ? Dont you think its there on your face ? with all the lines that yrs left and still leave on you ??

Who cares afterall ! Am not so sure if men pass through this too or its only women's issues.

However , I am mad at those who mistakenly use the titles "Ms ,Mrs " mad at those nosey ppl who interfere in your life and just give you hard time about your age...Am mad at those teenagers who pretend to be POLITE and NAIVELY call me Auntie... Am mad at the media which made ppl think that you are 50 and still act the 20 's Roles ! I am mad coz I feel am sometimes out of phase !!! But , I am really okay with growin UP ! which I even I mentioned before in some older post ! Growin up is a bless in fact ..even if you speed up and you are as wise as 50 while you still 20 ! and still look 20 ;) ...

Yet I will always be revealing my age...and I will be proud of it..Always.

Free Meal -- Free Day , Off Diet what shall I do ?

Have you ever been on diet ? Have you ever heard of the so called the Free Meal ? do you hold it within your diet plan ?

We sometimes start the diet plan and we are plannin already of how that meal would be ..:DD and where it should be , with all itmes of yummmiii food !

And I am always like cravin for smth sweet , so my free meal always has a dessert , but this time am not able to :( coz I have to stick to the rule" No Sweets" cheese cake :( no twix : No chocolates :( Oh goddd !! this is saaaaaaaaaaaad :(

But if we get back to the free meal concept ! do you know it already ? do you have it filled with all kinds of food you fond of ??

I memorise that I once went for burger for that meal , and I already ordered the Burger meal which holds the name combo here > where u hv the sandwich , chips and coke ..but as I was cravin for that burger all week, i ordered in addition to the meal another solo burger sandwich..N i was like done and totally full with half of 1st sandwich, it always happens when you are on diet and turn to eat regular food ,junk especially , it is like its way heavy on your stomach and it is not that easily swallowed not easily digested...still your eyes , your brains , the smell which makes you feel you want to eat a dozen of sandwiches all of these just order you to go On..and On..and you just do that , you eat and eat ,,though you not really hungry , you nt really enjoying it anymore, coz you are already done , and stomach is cant even breathe !

so you take the rest of meal or sandwich with you to home..that you continue after you get some rest , and the thing is You never get that rest , coz you caused your self more pain with fillin in your body to that extent and with that sudden change in Food type you get in , so it was like your body not used to that burger anymore ! which you lived your life on , you spent your whole week dreamin of it !! Not now,,cant get any you just say , Okay..lets wait for tomorrow, and I will just get done with the rest of this meal / sandwich and I follow with my diet again ..and the thing is, You jut lost it when you said so ! and you never back on diet..not very soon at least..

and actually this is the start of gaining weight again.

So, Even the free meal plan needs planning...

I sometimes, write down all items of foods , snacks that crossed my mind while I am on diet , which is like this is my fav day dreaming :)..I write them all ,that when the free meal arrives I just eat 'em all ! and what is sad which should be completely the opp. that when the free meal arrives..I dont hv the appetite to eat all of those stuff ! or i am even busy with other things ! or just as usual my stomach is filled with 2 spoons of rice ! and you just feel sorry for yourself that you cant get done with your plate..while in fact this is smth should make you feel happy about yourself, that your stomach is gettin narrower..and you dont hv to give it the same amount of food you used to !! Thats why I always Saw diets are for bodies and Brains too..

You gotta teach yourself to be on diet , not to torture yourself, non...on the contrary this is a better life style,, and this is how eatin should be..and your eatin style comes from your brain first before it reaches your if we are lookin for better health and better lifestyle we gotta adapt ourselves to the better food and be on diet.

back again to my comin Free Meal..mmmmmm, what do you think !! Huh :D,,would it Burger ? as i am one fond of burgers !!...or ? or What ??

Providing that it lasts for only one meal , preferable to be the lunch " not dinner"....Not to take rest of your meal TO GO...just let it GO in order to GO ON.

Yoga for life ..Yoga for Inner Calm and Peace Of Mind

Searchin for Inner calm and Peace of mind ? Then you need to schedule for the next comin Yoga class..and you will never miss it again. This is one thing I am keen to do and keep up to even if I have a busy schedule or I am even late at work...

Yoga is the relief you will be lookin for , Yoga will be the outlet for your negative energy , Yoga will help you stay in shape as it has so many stretching postures..Yoga will help your blood circulation..Yoga will help you to ficus your mind and get back yourself to face the very noisy crowded traffic..and the hectic life routine we are slaves to.

Yoga will help you to relax and and will help you in so many ways to get rid of your anger, yes by breathin as many would have already thought of it and other times by special postures...there is some posture as you lay down on the ground ,straight your body on the ground, and then with keepin your hands on the floor you rise up your body and stretch out in opposite direction to the gravity. rise up as far as you can , and just few seconds to minutes you will feel it aches and can not stand it any more, this is when you start to count and maintaining' your long as you may see some lights ! this is what my teacher told me...maybe coz you might feel dizzy ! I dont really know..coz I never reached out that point...anyways, teh thing is this posture is like a relief to anger and all bad things in your mind and all the negative energy you may try it once with help on some may try it to relief your anger before you get mad..and you may try it as soon as you got there to also get rid of is quite true..

Well, Yoga has so many type and kinds..The one I practice is HAtha Yoga..which goes like breathing most of the time while doing many would think it is just a work out class ! yet it is not..and that's whats good about it....In work out classes I believe as I used to attend them and I still...we are mainly concerned with the muscles work out / rising' your heart beat...however your calss type..But with Yoga you focus your mind on breathing while doin those breathin comes first and then the work out...

One type of Yoga I heard about is called " Ashataga" but it is not so popular here...I read about it on the Internet and i guess it is more advanced..

One of the posture I dream I can do is Head stand ! the thing is i am always afraid ! i Donno why ! i like have this fear inside that i may kill myself with it :)!! break my neck ! my Back!! Outch !!! thats why i always panic when he says...head stand !..But shoulders stand are okay..

The good thing also about Yoga, that once you feel like doin it , you just need nothing to do it !! yea.. can do it at a sea side would be great.
and if you are like U can not live without it anymore...You just can't go to bed before doing some poses...

One thing which is really important..that you should not think that Yoga itself will get you that inner peace ! is an asset , a big one..but not the only thing....coz sometimes as soon as i am done with the class and I run to catch some fellows or go home I lose that energy throughout my way...either in traffic or letting someone gettin on your it also needs an effort to maintain that positive energy you gain due the class...also recommended to be not on Alcohols , Drugs , You do not Smoke..and preferable to be a vegetarian..I am not my self a Veg . So no worries.

I am attaching here some link which could be useful for you to check out about Yoga..Hope you find it Useful.

I Wish Happiness and Peace of mind , to myself and my people...This is how we always finish The Yoga class.
Be Happy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Euro 2008 ---- Rocks

I am sorry that I am missing most of the Euro2008 matches :(( You know coz of what ?? Coz of those stupid ppl who buy the broadcasting rights to themselves ,,and either we buy or don't see..this is really ridiculous you know..

So many are following it from coffeshops , homes where they got to pay or have the code to decode the channel and see it for free..last resort is to watch it many sites are streaming the matches online,, but you have to suffer till it gets buffered ...and buffeting n buffering and more buffering ..and you miss the Goals and the fun of watching the match..

It really annoys me ! this is like some outlet for somany ! so why dont they just give it for free ! why do they hv to get benefit of everything !! I am afraid we get to the day when they sell us the air we breathe !!!..

Forza Azzuri..though they r nt doin any good so far still they are my number 1 :)

Holland is applying her Rules..Portugal is a competition...Euro 2008 Rocks

The Legendary Mounir....Ta3m el Beyout---

Another Hit for Mounir..Ta3m elbeyout, the new album for mounir which had been released few weeks is amazing..for each song , its lyrics , the new remixes and compisitions ..the quality of music and afterall and before THE SOUND of mounir...oufff....he just got some talent sub7an allah..his voice is not just so clear , deap , so meaningful , so egyptian good to be true ...he is one of a kind in that field..
Mounir , has been a phenomena and will always gotta attend some of his concerts here at the cairo opera house and you will find out what am talkin about !! all those nubians comin from the most southern part of egypt to all over egypt..a crowd of more than 100 thousands as per last new years'eve concert ....a concert you not so sure if you can catch your breath in , but Mounir's sound will be surroundin you all the crowd all repeatin his songs after him and actin and doin poses like is hillariouos.
Ta3m el beyout is a one good album , you really cant chose between songs..they are all amazing...
i linked here his official page,and you will find it within my pages too.. it is worth a visit if you into him or have no clue whom am talkin about and need to see it ll find there downloads , interviews, videos...and so many other interesting stuff.
Moreover, he is holding the summer concert next ,july on the 11 th @ cairo opera housa..
he will also be performin live on tv in el beit beitak show : next wednesday 18/6.
Enjoy it.

New Hang Out places ? any Idea?

One of the questions we shoot all the time ..any new hang out places !! upcomin events! moviez out in theatres ! good place to chill out ??

Well..that post will be specifically for that..
I will mainly post any new place I hit , my evaluation of it...
I will too if I hear of a new concert upcomin , ...etc
so keep on checkin this out..
and it would be useful if we share the knowledge ! :) If you have any idea..pls, let me know .

P.S : I added some new pages to my blogs contains a buncha of blogs i visited and i think they are awesome , also official pages for some places where you can find an event / cultural event / hang out place / is about fun

I will keep on updating that part too, so keep an eye on it..

Addicted to my Blog .

Sounds weird ha !..well, i never thought that my blog will be that important thing in my life and in my routine, that I wake up and turn on my computer and first thing I do and even before checkin out my mail is goin to my blog ! though it is not that active and nearly none is readin it but 2 whom I already know....yet it is so important to me..have no idea why ! maybe coz it turned out to be my outlet ,where I can talk and express myself ! maybe...but though i never had that bunch of readers to it ! neither I think there will ever be :) as I hv no clue how they publish it ! ...elmohem that I love my blog..i check it out like 6 times aday if not more..i run to it even before my facebook ! believe that ! the facebook which is the so popular thing and that book which you spend hours on it checkin out events / ppl's news / and most likely you will be sneakin on others pix :) ..with all my respect to the " facebook " which i might be talkin about in a seperate post...yet , my blog comes first :)..yeah it comes in the mornings as 1st thing to do and comes as the latest before I go to bed ! and I even spent so many hours on it tryin to develop the page...i find it kinda interesting thing..and whats really more interesting is that within the notes of blogs you can visit a so amazing blogs..I really hd fun today surfin the much info and fun too..

I never thought i would become ablogger,,i dont think I am one yet !
But I luv my Blog ...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do You Hear your inner voices?? Do You let them OUT !!

Inner Voices.!!...Are you familiar with that ?? have you ever experienced a talk /conversation with 'em ? Do you usually " if ever " let them talk...or it is you only who supposed to do the TALK.......Do you let them OUT if ever ??..

Would You talk to them if you are around your working place ?? sitting in Ur desk and hence you start talking nobody but actually you are talking to yourself so ppl call it..they might think you went insane to do so you give it a S*** ? Do you really care ?..

Most of brilliant ideas came to me while I was in one of those conversations by the way..I know you might think and who the heck gave you right to judge that they were brilliant ! well i think they were so..n this is what counts for me in so many cases and i could see the impact on me so i could tell they were brilliant.

I am not talking actually bout that thinking when you sit by self and give your brains all spaces to think over smth without disturbance from anybody..that silent talk..not really..I mean the out loud talk..that you do to yourself, and sometimes it lasts for minutes I would not say for hours ! takes minutes till you figure out you are afraid that you lost your mind :) or get awakened by someone calling you crazy! wake up ! don't hv to be day dreaming to do so..non

We can go far by this, that you imagine that inner voice is some dragon lyin inside you..and he is just looking 4 stuff other than what everybody goes are honest and he just hates your honesty when it comes to ppl making tricks or playing with re naive enough to let them do, and he//they just hate that about you...a movie just hit me now..its one of my favorites if not the most fav.,its fight club..and yeah its about that too...tyler durden ...1st Rule about fight club is ? You do not talk about fight club !..Oh,, I luv this you recall that one??

kind of same idea i am talking about...i know you could be not familiar with it ! nor in love with the idea ! and you might call it sanity ! i donno..but i feel it and see it true.

that you sometimes feel like doing smth but just everything around you implied on you just to do the opposite, or your community and family put you in some frame that you can't change! so you have you inner voices substitute for is complicated i know..and i cant deny it would be risky /dangerous sometimes if you let it go beyond control..or in away that let ME think you went is cool to hv your inner voices awake just like consciousness but never let them take the upper could destroy you, and i hv seen examples in real life suffering from it just coz they let them having control of everything.
Beware of your inner voices then, be Friends with them, meaning you don't hv to suppress yourself to be just like an iceberg which is showing only a good snowy top while deep in , under the surface a hell of trouble far distance..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Body Watcher --- way to Lose weight---- part I -

So , Tired of the so many diet plans you hear every day ! and none is getting any positive result on you ! here I got you a new one.." actually i hv a buncha of those "..i spent like ma half age on diet..i am one of the yo-yo type,,,i lose weight and gain it back and i lose it again ....and so on..

anywayz i got you a new sounds promising though..actually i dint hv time to transalte it so it is mainly in arabic now " actually i suffered to write it in arabic too :..but if you really interested you can msg me and i do the translation..i left it in arabic coz mainly i am not so sure if any will be followin it but myself :)...but i thought of encouragin myself by postin it out here..and instead of followin up on some external paper..i ll guess i ll do this here , on the internet ...i ll start it over today, 11/6 and it should last for whole 7 days..and see how many kgs i lose then !..

Note: you hv to follow the diet plan as written..have to eat whatever is mentioned there as long as you are choosing this option...especially the vegetables part as snacks..its a must

* no replacement between items or hv to follow it as is...and no equivelent to anything..just as is..

* need to walk at least " min " 45 minutes a is a must

* drink water as much as you can... min 3 liters aday

* only 2 cups of tea - 1 coffee with a sip of skimmed milk allowed - 1 coke diet / a day

* The diet plan is applied for whole week have the ability to chose btw the options mentioned below.

below the diet plan...follow it ;) ....and lets see the result coming wednesday :)

٣ معلقة جبن أبيض ثلاجة

أو١ بيض مسلوء + ١ طماطم + ١/٢ خس + ١/٤ بلدي

٢-٣ ساعة
١ خيار صغير + ١/٢ جرجيير

أو نص خس + ١ فالفل رومي + ١ زبدي لايت

غداء١/٤ فرخة--صدر فرخة لازم --معرفش ليه !
أو ١ قطع لحمه
أو ١/٤ سمك وأر
أو ١ تونة
أو ١ بيضة مسلؤة + خضار مسلوء

٢-٣ ساعة ١ خيار صغير + ١/٢ جرجير / أو نص خس + ١ فالفل رومي صغير


١ فاكهة " تفاح أو برتقال " + ١ زبدي لايت
أو ١ فنجان سلاد + ١/٢ تونة صغيرأو ١/٢ صدر فرخة + أي شربة خضار

Bon Appetit :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Should you know all about me???

I was hit by this question today..coming from the well known author : Paulo Coelho .on his page via facebook.
He usually posts some questions and spread them out to all his readers..and this one was for today's..and as I am a big fan of Paulo and as I always love reading his books or posts...that question stopped me ?! not only coz he is asking and we should respond to it ! nah...but as always his writings do to us,,inspire us..and hit you at some point....

Should you know all about me ??...

before responding to his question I had a look over his page again..and I stopped so many times at : some people have been horrified with my past !! ...and I let myself thinking of it way deeply....and my thoughts didn't go far from the responses he got on his page..some are okay with revealing it ,but with someone you trust,,others see it a personal stuff..and mysteries should remain mysteries and secrets to where they belong...etc.

But still Question remains..should you ?? should I know all too ??
Good question, ha ?? thanks to Mr Coelho ...
Think of it deep enough and maybe you respond to Coelho and might tell us what you said..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sun...Sand and Sea are badly required....

Day dreamin ,huh ?! yeaaaa....while I am havin loads of work and so many over due tasks and deadlines ,I can not do anything but dream of those 3 , Sun- Sand and Sea.....oh yeaaaa..especially its gettin way hot up here in the city...I need to travel..and i need it badly :(

you know in meditation classes, they ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourself sittin in a wide green field / or before a blue sea should be any wide place where you can sit,, and see clearly no limitations in spaces...endless field / sea/ sky,,eveything is borderless" in your imagination "..and ...enjoy the scene..and as soon as you do that with breathin in and out .for like a couple of minutes could be extended to 5 .as soon as you start to feel good...try it and you will see ! thats why whenever you are by a sea you need to do this ,but not with closed eyes !!! you do it with wide open eyes to enjoy it ......

Observe it well..and you will see the reflection of it on your soul.

anywayz i am still in a bad need for those 3 :(( wish if i can pack now and get myself out of here ,,leavin everything behind.and just Go.

Imagine myself sleepin on a hammock for instance :)) oh yeaaaa..with a bird singin somewhere not close enough to disturb you while having that nap nor that far that yu dont hear it...yeaa,,the nice breeeze,the sound of the cool wind are just tempering and coolin down the cool heat of the sun..that mixture of a sunny day with cool wind....

you can have abook to read..which would be great in that do the read while enjoyin the scene,you some times pause and stop readin to get your eyes away from the book to find how beautiful the sea and sky are ! look at those birds singin above...flyin in chains just amazinggg........,you may listen to some music too..prefer it to be kind of meditation / lounge music.......Then , you go for a swim and get back to lay down in the sun....

you have nothin to worry have everything, your book , your music , your snack as well...just perfect..oh yea just a perfect weekend..poor me , i need to travel nowwwwww :(

I uploaded here above a picture of Bora Bora island..a place i wish to visit someday.

I wish .
I hope I have helped a bit in rising up your mood and mine as well :) and now , lets get back to work :( .......

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Am I Growin UP ???????

Am I ??? sure we all do..thats nt the question really..However , we all grow in age but do we in mind ? mentality ? way we consider things ? way we judge ?...etc...

Do we grow up in the sense which strikes me when i am sayin it out now , are we turning out to be the mom-dad model you always " hated / disliked / never wanted to be" at sometime !!! do we!!

when i apply it to myself i find myself amazed ,shocked n maybe in denial ! yea i am..
u know why ! coz i hv always thought that we hv a huge gap btw our generation n theirs ! though they were nt that narrow minded ! nor those of followin some religious / political / they were mostlikely like every egyptian family..which was ruled by traditions and customs....though themselves were against same rules they are tryin to apply on us now! when they were back at our age !! Hey...those used to wear sharlestone pants and mini skirts and do the hell 50's 60's fashion styles !! this is life i know..but wat shocks me really that i never thought of changin my mind bout specifc things n here i find myself totally followin the opposite !!

let me explain it..i always thought i am open minded,,i never judge anyone by his looks or watever,,,wat counts for me is the way he /she deals with me..n thats it..other than that ..its non of my business..i still follow this..but let me continue,,,moreover,, i never criticised anyone ! " as much as i can bardo :) bs mostly i dont ...i always follow khaleek fe 7alak we fe nafsak we maksh da3wa "..anywayz....i also never say those are exceedin the limits ...i never go against the clean fun mainly..which could be out of music / clean parties /........
i was mainly lookin 4 places where the crowd head to..i was enjoyin more a place full of teenagers than of old ppl..
anyways..lately i found out..that imnot into teenagers places as i usd 2 say !! bel3aks i avoid bein around their places now ! they cause me headache ! they do with their loud voices and their looks..the way they show off ..its just nt my place anymore...seems like i was afraid to say it out that ppl think im old ! imnt old am still 28 !..but i hv t0 face it am not the teenager anymore !! yet i am not that old ! i still enjoy the crowded places but it cant be my always hang out !!..i need a place where i can sit ,, hv a talk to afriend n i can make listening too !! i need to enjoy the coffee maybe with a book to read !! which is hardly you can find here in cairo with all the places full of teens doin nthin but swearin at each ! u see i started to judge :)..i dont mean it really ..but thats what i meant when i started my talk , that we grow up..n change in mind without we even noticing this change !! n u sometimes when you come to face it ,,you may get afraid of bein an odd ! or maybe you r bein OLD ! i dont care if you teens will call me sure im old for you ..and i amnot sad anymore when i sit next to old ppl ! at least i can listen to some good decent talk ...which is usually 3n 7al el balad ! wars ! politics !..which i find myself very amusing...

it doesnt mean i dont enjoy the music / moviez / social talk..i sure do ,,but it is not my 1st thing anymore..or maybe its like a talk u do once a week n then u hv other things in life you can do !

i cant be spendin a whole 3-4 hrs aday in order to get dressed up and go sit / stand infront of coffee bean ! this is ridiculous ! am done with this stage...yeah am done ! i sure am..

you know , i recalled now myself 15 yrz back when was the most thing you can do is dressin up and go to club !! why would ppl dress up n go to club " this is how i see it now "!!!!!! i wear on my sports wear n thats it..otherwise it could be any simple thing ! cause im goin to club !! its nt a night spot !!! when you think of it now you may laugh,,but time back then that was our hang out so we hd no options :)

Same thing when you go for any summer place //northern coast for instance//marina as all head to //..and you now might be lookin 4 some deserted hardly find one,,but its like you WISH you find someplace not that noisy ,full of teens !..u need a place where you can sit ,swim n relax...which is smth u hardly can get there unless you go for any other place on the coast than marina..
You see,, you grow up in terms you dont stop at in so manytimes but when you think of it you ll know that u do ! or may be u know already and you cool with it ..but what if you not cool with it ! meaning u always knew you hate quiet places..coz ur parents for instanc were always lookin for quiet u know u hate quietness..and you grow up and you find yourself enjoyin more the quiet places yet your brains are givin u the signal ! nah..u cant be like them ! you cant turn out to be your parents ! a copycat of them ! the 2 you most had arguments n fights with in whole life! u just cant turn out to be just like them !!

can you hear voices like that ?!? maybe itsnt quite clear in the quietness example...but if u look around ,, maybe you find it then clear...maybe its nt there in yur life ! maybe...

and afterall, i didnt mean that you be in struggle with your inner voices and your real life as much as i needed to clarify the growin up issue ....

its all about growin up...we sometimes are afraid to take it,,coz we yea as like old actors//actresses do by the end of day we dont want 2 grow in age ! we wish if we stay in 20's max early 30's..but goin thrugh 40's....its scary i least for now,,,but akeed time we get there we ll know we just scared about nothin..its all numbers :)..and i hv always the best thing is to enjoy its stage with wat it takes...enjoy your skool yrz.your graduation..your new job..your new love..your new commitement..your marriage...your havin a new baby born...your kids r growin ...your kids are graduatin...your kid comes over n tells you Pa ana hatgawez :)) so you kick his ass and hug him and you not so sure if u happy that he is or u afraid that u r gettin more old n u might be havin grand children,,,,,, is full of stages actually..and the worst thing when you get stuck in one phase and cant cant spend your whole life goin to skool for instance ! but you need to enjoy each phase and dont miss it or let it passby ! coz you will later regret it !!!.you get what i mean i guess !

n this is growin up grow through diff stages n know how to enjoy each and hv fun out of it ! this is growinn up...u know we used to hv a mail fwded like those of mail chains we get all the time, it was about growin up..and it hd many ideas about enjoyin the silent quiet places..and so many things which can tell that you r growin....

I grow up..i am afraid i turn out to be someone i never wanted to be..cant hide it,,i hd to admit it,,, i always thought that i hv a so open mind, n today i found out i criticized some ppl ,for something i used to think is fun !! am nt happy about it !! not happy about criticizin them maybe ! about me not in luv with wat they do maybe ! that im growin up !maybe! that i dont enjoy what they do maybe ! coz i want 2 do it again >>>?? i doubt it !! i amnt there anymore !!,coz they see me as an outsider now !! i doubt it ! coz i dont really care !!, i dont enjoy everything ppl do..and i dont care ....not anymore !!....wat counts wat i believe in might be different in an hr ! it might get changed tomorrow !! it might turn out to be like parents take it ! whatsoever..I DO NOT CARE..this is me....and this is how i think of it now..

and i dont like what they do..and amnt afraid that i will be so called old-fashoioned! amnt afraid i wll be demodee ! ! ! screw 'em if they cant take a joke :))
anyways..i think i needed to state it and say it out loud.
I am growin up , cant deny it sometimes it scares me off !! yea it does..but as we agreed on previously..Enjoy it..learn how to luv your life and enjoy it..n live it dont hv to be a copycat of one !! you dont hv to khalesss...actually plz try to stop it ! livin anothers life ! coz you ll wake up someday findin out you not him and you hd been fooled !! actually its you who fooled yourself not anybody else !!...just try to be yourself..the most common sayin we do say reminds me whenever there r 2 in a new relationship,,the most common thing ppl say to each of them..just be yourself...

anywayz..its gettin dark,,n need to sleep order to grow up"as per docotrs saying :)) kollo fe sa3at el noum beta3et beleil...le ra7a aktar pampers":))

Grow up..but it sa7 .

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a House Wife vs. a Business Woman

Have you ever thought of it ?? whatever your gender is ! male or female !! ..the question actually goes for both....and applied in all cases...

lets start with males and give all options and see how Men can find this..
bein in a relationship with a business woman ?? i amnt really lookin 4 "meraty modeer 3am " just statin all possibilities takin into consideration that the woman could be in a higher post than her man...and i think that the eastern guyz mainly dont get along with bein in a lower profile job than their wives!...anyway thats nt the case im talkin about..
i am talkin about mainly " women"...your mom, sis, friend,wife..whatever role she plays in ur do you see her from a man's point of view ?? some agree on puttin her in the frame of bein a mom..and only there for cooking, house stuff..n whatsoever related to family..i.e.a housewife
others see her, a doctor, a teacher, .....not a dancer plz :) kiddin,elmohem she could be doina good decent job n still havin her home life...but then i think in my point of view she ll never be as givin as the housewife..sure thing...but it ll be like 50 50..50 for her job n 50 for her house..and in so many times there will be times when she s in trouble coz either she needs to be around her family n kids or doin jobs to get promoted..

As a man whom do you prefer to be with ? and do you get the consequences of your choice ??..for choosin the housewife type you sure know what it takes..and hv to deal with it,coz ur wife ll be bored stayin at home all day n night..doin home stuff n takin care of the kids..even if she has activities n go out,,yet she ll still be bored enuff..especially if you hv to come home late ..and some times 8ish is late enuff for her,coz you finish the earliest at 5..traffic takes you min 2 you bardo wont be home before 8 ! n she is up ya me3allem from the very morning..doing breakfast..cookin,,cleain,washin,,all what it takes..and hv nothin else to do but waitin foryou..n u come home tired n not in the mood to talk !..u might be understandin once ! twice ! but will you for the entire life !!..
however if shes havin a hv to eat what ever she puts for you :) she doesnt hv time for cookin good hot meals on a daily basis ! she sometimes not home before 7ish and maybe she stays for late too !! she might be travellin too !! you might not be seein her due the weekend ! she might miss some of the family events as much as you do !! the kids will be livin in 1st early ages at grandpa / grandma..though both cant be handlin babies anymore ! they just cant sit em !!..or you might risk it and hand you 1yr baby to a nursery ! which is totally 7aram !!..and im only talkin here about SHE doin only a decent job..she s nt a business woman yet !! what if she is kaman !! what if she wants to be one !! how can a man handle this ? hw about her family n kids ??
back to SHE in a decent job...some times the job doesnt pay off still she keeps on doin it , maybe coz she needs the money..she needs the job for her spirit..lookin to get promoted so she lives on the job here could be rewarding and could be not...yet she holds on to it.

I dont want to take you far with this..but as i started my talk with ,, that was for the man about she sees it ?? hv u thought of it ? n did u take it into consideratin too ; what shee neeeds !

As a woman i can tell, it differs from one to another...some really like it at home..others do for only goin to club / hang outs/ shopping//a buncha in a real need for it !! they can not just resign..they cant afford it...also, some or maybe few workin for the career thing.

n each is havin its pros n cons..maybe theoritically u can say you can balance...i can hv my job n yet my home life...and as we said there is always a 50 loss in this least for 1st 5-6 yrs of the baby age...maybe later on its okay..but its awful if u miss your baby growin up !

hmmm,,its a tough choice....really is.Clueless Huh !!
but which one would you go for ??

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

sleepless in .... ??? not in Seatle nor In Cairo ;)

hmmmm,,, i need to sleep..badly..i hd a pretty looooong day and a hell of driving.....but the good thing is i been to Yoga Class..which makes me feel good about first i thought it doesnt bring that inner calm or peace of mind coz mainly the hatha yoga depends on excercises...but later on i found out how good it makes me feel ! it doesnt change anything externally...on the contrary it works on the internal side..its about breathing..focusing your mind on breathing while doing some some abs . back muscles...etc
Its really good for circulation of blood ..i just extracted that fromm the movie in the land of women where the young gurl of like 10 yrs was doin yoga n was tellin her mom about how good it is for health...anywayz the yoga thing was quite nice...what wasnt nice later then when i hd to stop 4 that long listening to that mate talkin about her work ! wasnt only boring but also not goin anywhere! u know when u dont talk and all u do is the hmmm! oh! yaa!!! in a loop of oh hmmm yaaa! n whenevr u try to add smth u just feel like sayin oh yaaa hmmm...that how was it wasnt quite fun wastin like an hr talkin / listenin / hmm ohh yeaa there while i could hv wasted it in seein my fiancee ..or havin a god meal at once coz i was already starvin n a terrible headache in addition...
anyway..afterall that looong i am,, in bed..lookin 4 some sleep..i wish i can get it as soon as i can coz im havin work tomorrrow n i wish i can make it early least to avud the traffic jam.I guess i ll be goin now..i might try to focus on the soemtimes works...
n just breathe in ..Breathe out
i wish happiness,inner calm n peacee of mind for myself,family and my people.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

To You...3mry.

I feel like i owe U this ...though i wa skinda afraid to do it at first but i cant dny how great it feels now ..n bgd yea thanks to you :)
yeah thanks to you...U the one who encouraged me in the 1st place to create a bolg..though i never thought i ll hv one..but here i go :)
thanks to you...i am gratefull u know..
i just posted 2 items and i wantd this to be the thanks to you..
and here i am sayin it out loud.
I Love YOU
L O V E in love with you :) thank you for everything
thank you for being you
hope wat happens btw us stays btw us :) no need to publish everything here :D:D kiddin you ::D:D...But still i am gonna publish everything..beware ba2a ;)
Love You

In the Land of women

Here I find smth i may start my blog with ..a movie i just saw...n i believe its really good, its called in the land of women , starring by Meg Ryan <<>>>,,,the movie is amazing ,,awesome ..that kind of movie that touches you and make you think of many things..maybe its that impressive ! maybe its not..but i think at some point most of the girls will find it as i did ! mayb thats why its so called ! in the land of women ! wheer you find many different age groups of women...u ll find the teenager n see how she thinks and the common struggle and u find the young mother....whos tryin to survive her marriage though her husband is cheatin on her back ..shes also sick and havin breast cancer an facing it ll find also the old grandmother and how deserted she is ! how awfull it is when u become old n u hv noone of ur family or even closest ones visit you ! and it even gets worse if hes /shes havin a zahaimer..i cant deny its a sad movie ,, but its way good..i really liked it..kind of reminded me with some arabic movie called " a7la el2aw2at "...that arabic movie was way simple , its simplicity found its way to ppl...and its always good when you find a movie can talk about women n how they doesnt hv to be that big movie..its just a msg..thoughts...feelings...whatever finds its way to you...
U know whenever i watch a goo ,movie i always stick in the mood of it for quite time..i cant get rid of it easily but this time my fiancee ) :)
"mr noname ;)
cant deny he tried his best to get me out of there...yea cant deny i luv bein in the movie mood for sometime but him got me out of it with burger sandwitch and cheesy crisp chips :) he did well huh...though we were both on a diet..and it was supposed to be our 1st day on it..n till hat moment it was goin far okaywith me, i am kinda used to diets but seems he he took advantage of my mood and we went for burger..i cant deny it was delicious n i owe him alot for introducin me to cheesy crispy chips ..taht thing is just makes you feel mmmmmmm..cant find an exact word to describe just makes you feel high.. :) poor me if i am high on chips :D...
back to the girlie movie..that one was really goo, i encourage you to see it..u may not agree with me on it..but i believe its still agood movie....Go See It

I just created ONE !!

I can not believe it ! i just did it ! i hv always wanted to create one ! i hv always dreaed of having a blog ! though i never actually knew what i would write there ! i luv writin ..i do write ...but when it comes to blogs ! what to do there ?? i usually write personal stuff like diaries ! how about a blog !! i have no clue ! thats why i mainly named it Clueless...coz yea i hv no clue...but i am kinda happy that i finnally hv one :) its smth for me :) yea..i feel like i hv always hd a dream or a fear and here i passed it or made ahd a dream come true ! yet that fear of wat i am gonna write is there !!! what am gonna talk about ! i dont care now...
it doesnt mater now...i mgiht be talkin bout me ! you ! a movie ! watever ...doesnt matter
wat matters now that i hv a blog :)
its officially june 1st , 2008 ...i still feel its the 31st of may u knkow...but officially its june 1st 12 49 am local time
till then