Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blame it on the Mood Swings !!

I am BLUE ....
I have trouble with my mood swings ! though I eat healthy food , I work out and do sports , I hang out , I work and am good at what i am doing ..I do lots of other hobbies like readin for instance....yet I still suffer from mood swings ! I think it has smth to do with bein a libran..I think so...blame it on the signs of the zodiac then !

Also, part of it is the surrounding enviroenment we live in , the pollution for instance ..everything..the traffic that drives you crazy, for a distance of less than 20 km that it should take approx 2 hrs to get there ! it is hillarious !...even for the work i think i am good at ! yet at somepoint i think i am not well appreciated or even recogonized ! which causes me in so many times depression and dissatisfaction with what i am doin !

You know..I always blame it on the seasons change ! and that it is in its max in spring and fall ! but in fact this is not the truth ! coz i pass through it every other day ! maybe not to that extent ! i do wanna exgagerate ! yet I go through it alottt...and what really annoys me ,that it is like am feeling good and happy now, just few hrs later i cant gurantee that mood am in !!! with no clera explanation in so many times or with existing reason that I ignore in most of times !!
!..that wat always happens ! even when i go for vacation ! as soon as i am back am off mood !!

Ahhh, blame it on the moon then.

yea.. There is some article I been through it which I think is really cool , you might read it if interested..explains the mood swings and ways to help you get over it..check it out...might find it useful...
Though I know part of it relates for bein a woman , yet I wish for no Mood Swings.


Anonymous said...

hey !! ..i loved your thoughts abt mood swings , but i wanna add something ...i have been attending a course few months ago of
(( sides of personality ))..

i hv learned that we all hv 4 sides
- known to me known to people ..
- known to me unknown to people ..
- unknown to me known to people
- unknown to me unknown to people

& i m sure that the hidden dark side which the 4th is the one that caused ur mood swing ..u should discover it & try to control whats controlling u...

to be always ONE person with ONE mood ..

cheers ;)

batates_777 said...

Hey...That is really interesting !!! tell me about it ! that course ? where have you taken it ? do you find it completely useful ??...and for those 4 parts...would you give us more details about it ?!...I find it so true ..Hope if you can send me more about it..any TIPs you learned though !..
I am really glad for the info you pasted here..and hope you keep it rollin ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi again ,
well , what i learned in this course was mainly to know how to deal with people , how to go deeply IN them..
the 4 sides i m talkin about :
(known -known) which is you , whats obvious in you that all people knows about & you personally admit ...
being friendly ,nervous,hardworker ..YOU

(known - unknown) which is MAINLY ur weak points that u r trying to hide from people ..

(unknown - known) what you dont see in urself but people see it clearly ...didnt u meet someone telling you ..why you seem so aggressive & nervous when we talk about this subject ...things that pop up in you or may b on ur face but you cant see

the most important side is the dark one (unknown-unknown) which is something you will keep on searching ...searching ..but it will always stay inside you

i may send u some pages abt this , which may help

cheers :-)

batates_777 said...

Hi again :)
I am really glad for the info you r sharing is really helpful ad useful..
and yes lookin fwd to readin more about it..
thanks again :)