Saturday, June 21, 2008

The worst movie I have seen in ages !! Rayes Omar Harb

It could not get any worse ! coz it is just the worst movie Ever!! everything..the story , script , acting , the scenes ...all litterally...This is a movie you regret seein it ..and you just regret it more n more when you think that you added to their figure of viewers !!...those were the most wasted 3 hrs I recently experienced !

If we are to talk about the movie Rayes Omar Harb ,which is in Theatres now, it is an arabic movie.I really can not say anything but how awful it is !..though i was never against the director khaled youssef as so many are...yet that one was horrible ! i just wished i never went for it !!...

I was not expectin to see a great movie least a good one ,..but not that bad to that extent !!

We can not forgive him the weak dialogue between actors , the low quality of scenes esp the fight ones..the plot !! i think he just forgot about it while he was busy in makin love scenes ! which were too many to follow ! was like this movie was made for that ! to show you how ugly our actors and actresses are in bed ! it is awful ! and he just filled the movie with hillarious number of love scenes ! which is not affectin by any means the story >coz there is no story in the first place...the way they talk in that movie just make you laugh , cant forget how that actress Ghada abdel razek was talkin to her daughter when she got back tellin her i am still a girl...yucky...that was one of the worst scenes....

Khaled was like tryin to imitate the movie Devil's advocate from the very beg. of the movie , but he just produced an ugly arabic version of it !! even when he tried to have the devils home as Al Patchino's in devils advocate ! he just made it alike ! he only forgot to put that tableau !!....

and as always for our arabic moviez, directors dont usually care about small part " this is how they see it-small", if the actor is wearin smth n next scene where he was supposed to be wearin same clothes but you find a t-shirt / something missin or added or replaced with to his costume / makeup....same thing happens here throughout the whole movie ! esp with Hany salama's name Tag ! you sometimes find it with Khaled and he turns around to find written khalid !! as if you are watchin the magician khaled sorry khalid !!..

The acting is way baddd..from all parties...even Khaled Saleh,though i used to find him a hero ..but he just failed for choosin this role and playin it...

the actresses Somayya and Ghada are beyond imagination for their badness ! the way they look ! their make up ! dresses ! and acting ...was awful !..

I regret seein it..and i regret and regret ........still regretttttttt.

Do NOt GO!!!! this is a movie worth not watchin !! AVOID Ittt !


Anonymous said...

the movie is good , not only good, it is fantastic,,,,, it has a message , a good useful one,
I actually liked it , it wasn't as bad as you are saying, IT WASN'T
am with you in the pint of : there were too many love scenes, you are correct, some of the love scenes were useless and no need for them, they didn't add anything to the movie.
the ending of the movie is the best part , it was a surprise, but the whole meaning of the movie was in the ending......
i recommend to watch it, and i advice you to watch it again and this time look beyond the acting and the scenes you will find the goal and the catch of the movie.
good luck

this is just an opinion, please don't take it personally

batates_777 said...

Hello "Anonymous " !!

I am a bit surprised that I finally found one liked that horrible movie !! nd let me chase it and ask you ? what you really liked about it ?? you said the ending and msg .....dont u think that a msg can always be told,but no need for 3 hours with no msg to say few lines by end of the if those few words will make then the audience believe the movie hs a masg !! said in final scene ! in less than 2 msgs !! i am wonderin generally what type of moviez you go for if you find this one FANTASTIC !! and morething! your age ! I could hv said anything though your profile but you just prefered to post it anonymously !! so i bet you under age and sneaked to get in to see it coz we know this movie for 18+ !!
And sure i will not take it personally ! coz i dont even know who you are !! but take my advice and look for good moviez with better messages delievered though the whole movie !..all luck