Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maria Pages ...In Cairo , and I can't Go :(

Maria Pages is a Flamenco Dancer , one of the best really.

She been to Cairo last summer , and I ws lucky enough to find a ticket after all was already sold out..and the show was AMAZINGGGGGGG !!..she is adorable , awesome and all in all is perfect..the performance , the music , the dresses and costumes and moreover was the light effects..

The show for me was kind of experience, one that you see and leaves on you a big smile and stays with you for days..it is not comic yet it makes you happy ! it is amazing ! The music lasts with you for long..the echo of the flamenco..ouffff..i just wished after that night That I woud do it again.

And here she comes..tomorrow ! same place at Cairo opera House and I can not do it :(..

Read This : extracted from the event on facebook >>>

María Pagés will have only one Gala Night at the Cairo Opera House and another at the Great Hall of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, whose proceedings will go to the National Fund to Fight Virus Hepatitis. Donations for this project can be directed to the Egyptian Liver Care Society


Well, I just can't..coz tickets are way expensive , and I respect the idea of collectin funds of sure and as long as this is for a good cause am with.

But ! Do you think a place like the opera which is of capacity 1200 seat per their official site !...will it be full with the proposed ticket prices ! or it could have been wiser , leavin the ticket price it was last year and being sure there will be no empty seat !! which is wise !..I go for second.

Unless this like a private party ! which happens alot..that some community reserves the place , and adjust the pricing to their scale...

anyway , it just echoes and reminds me with another thing happening now, which is euro2008..i already talked about it before, but I am talkin about same idea,,it is only One who is having the broadcast rights , so they do it as they wish ! as long as they are positive ppl will get back to them for it ....I just hate that concept..I Do big time.. , and I am sorry am not seeing Maria's show !..It is clear monopolization !! ..I may give excuse for those are collectin funds but i will never for those who monopolizes soccer broadcast.

About her...I recommend visiting her official site....There you will find many videos of her.
It is also available on the you tube , here is one I like ."Flamenco republic"..
Hope You enjoy it , and Hope I make it next time she comes here ..or may be I am lucky enough to go to Spain someday and watch it there myself ..and if she ever visits You country dont miss it!!! it is worth it.....Hope then tickets will be affordable..

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