Sunday, June 1, 2008

To You...3mry.

I feel like i owe U this ...though i wa skinda afraid to do it at first but i cant dny how great it feels now ..n bgd yea thanks to you :)
yeah thanks to you...U the one who encouraged me in the 1st place to create a bolg..though i never thought i ll hv one..but here i go :)
thanks to you...i am gratefull u know..
i just posted 2 items and i wantd this to be the thanks to you..
and here i am sayin it out loud.
I Love YOU
L O V E in love with you :) thank you for everything
thank you for being you
hope wat happens btw us stays btw us :) no need to publish everything here :D:D kiddin you ::D:D...But still i am gonna publish everything..beware ba2a ;)
Love You


3mr said...

u owe me nothin...i really love to read your lines ...i love you proud of u ..just keep seems that u got only one reader..ME(tab3an no one else can read this b****sh**)hehehehehe..kiddin babe so in luv wiz u…muaaaaaaaah ))

batates_777 said...

i willl babe..i willl :D hope you just stick to your word ,..and keep on encouragin me as always...I love you know that i love you even more :))...thank you for bein you
love you