Sunday, June 1, 2008

I just created ONE !!

I can not believe it ! i just did it ! i hv always wanted to create one ! i hv always dreaed of having a blog ! though i never actually knew what i would write there ! i luv writin ..i do write ...but when it comes to blogs ! what to do there ?? i usually write personal stuff like diaries ! how about a blog !! i have no clue ! thats why i mainly named it Clueless...coz yea i hv no clue...but i am kinda happy that i finnally hv one :) its smth for me :) yea..i feel like i hv always hd a dream or a fear and here i passed it or made ahd a dream come true ! yet that fear of wat i am gonna write is there !!! what am gonna talk about ! i dont care now...
it doesnt mater now...i mgiht be talkin bout me ! you ! a movie ! watever ...doesnt matter
wat matters now that i hv a blog :)
its officially june 1st , 2008 ...i still feel its the 31st of may u knkow...but officially its june 1st 12 49 am local time
till then

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