Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Meal -- Free Day , Off Diet what shall I do ?

Have you ever been on diet ? Have you ever heard of the so called the Free Meal ? do you hold it within your diet plan ?

We sometimes start the diet plan and we are plannin already of how that meal would be ..:DD and where it should be , with all itmes of yummmiii food !

And I am always like cravin for smth sweet , so my free meal always has a dessert , but this time am not able to :( coz I have to stick to the rule" No Sweets" cheese cake :( no twix : No chocolates :( Oh goddd !! this is saaaaaaaaaaaad :(

But if we get back to the free meal concept ! do you know it already ? do you have it filled with all kinds of food you fond of ??

I memorise that I once went for burger for that meal , and I already ordered the Burger meal which holds the name combo here > where u hv the sandwich , chips and coke ..but as I was cravin for that burger all week, i ordered in addition to the meal another solo burger sandwich..N i was like done and totally full with half of 1st sandwich, it always happens when you are on diet and turn to eat regular food ,junk especially , it is like its way heavy on your stomach and it is not that easily swallowed not easily digested...still your eyes , your brains , the smell which makes you feel you want to eat a dozen of sandwiches all of these just order you to go On..and On..and you just do that , you eat and eat ,,though you not really hungry , you nt really enjoying it anymore, coz you are already done , and stomach is cant even breathe !

so you take the rest of meal or sandwich with you to home..that you continue after you get some rest , and the thing is You never get that rest , coz you caused your self more pain with fillin in your body to that extent and with that sudden change in Food type you get in , so it was like your body not used to that burger anymore ! which you lived your life on , you spent your whole week dreamin of it !! Not now,,cant get any you just say , Okay..lets wait for tomorrow, and I will just get done with the rest of this meal / sandwich and I follow with my diet again ..and the thing is, You jut lost it when you said so ! and you never back on diet..not very soon at least..

and actually this is the start of gaining weight again.

So, Even the free meal plan needs planning...

I sometimes, write down all items of foods , snacks that crossed my mind while I am on diet , which is like this is my fav day dreaming :)..I write them all ,that when the free meal arrives I just eat 'em all ! and what is sad which should be completely the opp. that when the free meal arrives..I dont hv the appetite to eat all of those stuff ! or i am even busy with other things ! or just as usual my stomach is filled with 2 spoons of rice ! and you just feel sorry for yourself that you cant get done with your plate..while in fact this is smth should make you feel happy about yourself, that your stomach is gettin narrower..and you dont hv to give it the same amount of food you used to !! Thats why I always Saw diets are for bodies and Brains too..

You gotta teach yourself to be on diet , not to torture yourself, non...on the contrary this is a better life style,, and this is how eatin should be..and your eatin style comes from your brain first before it reaches your if we are lookin for better health and better lifestyle we gotta adapt ourselves to the better food and be on diet.

back again to my comin Free Meal..mmmmmm, what do you think !! Huh :D,,would it Burger ? as i am one fond of burgers !!...or ? or What ??

Providing that it lasts for only one meal , preferable to be the lunch " not dinner"....Not to take rest of your meal TO GO...just let it GO in order to GO ON.

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batates_777 said...

As No body got back to me for this ! So I got the usual thing I always Do " Burger ,,yeaaaaaaa :S

Maybe amnt excited about it this time , coz I was lookin for more than burger actually , I wandered the foodcourt hopin I d find my destination , I was goin for chineese in the 1st place which turned out to be Japaneese...n sooner I wasnt excited for the chinneese so called japaneese " i still cant tell the diff btw both ! can you ! ..anyway . so i headed to my beloved italian cuisine..esp we hv over here 2 new restaurants opened new..yet as soon as I was there infront of them..i just lost it ! and oucldnt tell this is what i am lookin for !
esp i was alone , and i needed company , So I preferred to leave this option for comin week... last option was for sure " BURGER "...and as usual, and as i mentioned in this post , I just got full before i am even done with my sandwich ! n i donno why am sad about it ! i should be happy !!! but maybe knowin that i am done with my free meal makes me feel sad :(..i need more,,more hours n more days , i feel like i can still eaat moreeeeeee..i can i can i can..i can't :((
so here i am afer the burger sandwich....feelin bad about it ..not coz i ate burger ! but coz i wasnt able to eat with same appetite and enjoyin it !! it was way heavy on me ! n cant tell I enjoyed it !..
Bottom line, no burger anymore..go for somether cuisine..and be happy that u cant complete your sandwich.
I will try to...
back to my day now