Sunday, June 15, 2008

Addicted to my Blog .

Sounds weird ha !..well, i never thought that my blog will be that important thing in my life and in my routine, that I wake up and turn on my computer and first thing I do and even before checkin out my mail is goin to my blog ! though it is not that active and nearly none is readin it but 2 whom I already know....yet it is so important to me..have no idea why ! maybe coz it turned out to be my outlet ,where I can talk and express myself ! maybe...but though i never had that bunch of readers to it ! neither I think there will ever be :) as I hv no clue how they publish it ! ...elmohem that I love my blog..i check it out like 6 times aday if not more..i run to it even before my facebook ! believe that ! the facebook which is the so popular thing and that book which you spend hours on it checkin out events / ppl's news / and most likely you will be sneakin on others pix :) ..with all my respect to the " facebook " which i might be talkin about in a seperate post...yet , my blog comes first :)..yeah it comes in the mornings as 1st thing to do and comes as the latest before I go to bed ! and I even spent so many hours on it tryin to develop the page...i find it kinda interesting thing..and whats really more interesting is that within the notes of blogs you can visit a so amazing blogs..I really hd fun today surfin the much info and fun too..

I never thought i would become ablogger,,i dont think I am one yet !
But I luv my Blog ...


JuliAM said...

you sound like me a couple of months ago. and don't get me wrong, i still love blogging, but it totally took over my life and now i've had to take a break to find some balance again.

batates_777 said... are right ! though i donno why i thought it would be only me addicted to bloggin ! maybe coz i am new here..and used to get attached to web and internet with whatsoever related..but as you mentioned a BREAk is needed indeed..its like I should get used to the idea I dont check on my bolg! not for days ! not through the weekend fo example..kind of gettin out of the daily routine..and if it ever stays there it shoul be like once or twice max a day. right ?!

Brownie said...

i am too, once i wake up, first thing i do is open my pc, then i go to wash then get back to check my blog, sometimes i get late to work if i decide to comment kaman on others' is really fun

batates_777 said...

yes Brownie..and soemtimes it is time consuming :)))
but the idea of blogging generally is fun, that you hv an outlet, YOURS, where you can say whatever really..communicate with others..share opinions..and it is fun indeed:)