Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is my song...

This is what I am singing now , This is one song I always sing.

It is named : 'Asfour ,it has been sung also by Aida Elayoubi which is a great cover too.

you will find them both here.

Share the mood.

1- Ayda El-ayoubey


2- Omayma Elkhalil and Marcel Khalifa 's

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ode to my mother

I am not writing this as a contribution to mother's day which is on March, 21st ! ,no ! , I am doing it coz I feel I owe it, yes I owe mom this one, and I do wish if I can do more than a post !

Ironically,I wasn't on good terms with Mom neither dad when I was young ! especially in my teenage ! actually It was horrible for me. That I always wished that I can escape home or if I just grow old and move out !...that was my wish back then! and it lasted for quite long !

I can't deny how understanding they were trying though, how many privileges I also had ! but I was always concentrating on what I lack !

I still recall the arguments we had over the curfew! and how I had it starting at 9ish then to 10 , reaching the 10.30 "and it was like 2engaz that half then " ,and when it was upgraded to 11 , and how finally I have no curfew ! I have seen it all and I still recall !
I still recall the fights over the curfew and me being home late always! with 5 minutes to 15! and how I can be grounded for those few minutes I was late for ! I too recall that I sometimes had to play with the clock which is located behind the door step :)) I always make it less in 15-20 minutes which I am always late with :)

I recall those things and laugh now, but back then ,it was a nightmare! I still recall my fights over traveling alone with friends, I even still do the first time I went out to movies with friends.
I can't deny that I was getting in away or another what I was really looking for ,but it was always accompanied with a fight or pretty zannnnn :)

I always felt there is a huge Gap between us, I know each teen feels so,but I was kinda feeling it doubled ! and I was always looking for more ! especially I was doing well at school, I get high marks ,and I do not misuse their trust ! I was always a model in that ! so I always thought it is my right to do whatever as long as it is not wrong and I am trustful ! and I never got the worry-ness argument back then, especially I was doing all rides by cabs " so when I think of it now, I think they had a right to worry about me" yet they shouldn’t ban me.

anyways,that's not what I wanted to talk about in first place! I am going off topic now :) I may talk about that stage of my life later on, but I needed in fact to mention it a bit coz I need " not to apologize" coz I was never rude though , I was always a kind daughter too ! " I have all the space to talk about myself then and none will disagree :)

anywayz , when I recall that now and put it inline to what I feel and see now ! I really laugh!
coz I have changed not 180 though, but I grew up , and my feelings towards two specific persons ,Mom and Dad ,had been completely changed !
it went from the desperate me looking to leave home , to a creature living with her parents and misses her mom like hell when she is not home!

Mom is on travel now , and yes I miss her like hell ! I miss the warm mommy hug , miss her good morning kiss, and miss her checking on me every once in awhile, fixing my tea and coffee..
cooking my favorite meal " melokheyya " especially for me ! and she do a great pasta too with meat balls...she is a great cook !...I love whatever she comes with !
she still do all home stuff including mine ,she fixes my stuff ,and washes my laundry. am a spoiled kid! I have been always though !

but before I was taking it for granted ,and never stopped to feel it the way I do now but now things have really changed !
As much as I once wanted to leave home as much as I want to live with mom a whole life ! " you may have noticed that I amn't talking about Dad that much! I know, firstly this post is dedicated to mom..secondly , I love mom much more than dad ! I think he knows it ! I try sometimes to fix it ! but I can't help it! I love mom to an extent I can't figure it out!

I miss her texting me when I am out to ask me to buy her smth "though years back I used to complain about that " , now if she doesn’t do so , I either call her to make sure she doesn't need anything or I just surprise her with something she likes, chocolate for instance.

I miss her hug and her jokes then :) ...when I am blue, she senses it though I try my best to hide it, yet she knows it and then she does her best to comfort me ,and get me out of my mood ! without over asking on the reason behind it !..and keeps smsing me with jokes or mother request to cheer up :).. she is Kind " the word is not even close to her kindness"..she is warm..she is a real mother "don't think I am a lonely child! no, we are ??..?? more than two :) "..yet she is giving us all same care ,love and tenderness "though people who know us always joke about her being over giving to me and Bro than other siblings,and I say no! she is not giving in equal , but she surely does give great amounts to each,that each one of us is in deep love with her".

I love you mom, I love you in a way I never thought I can do ! I love being the center of your life , I love the feeling that your whole life revolves around mine !
I love being spoiled by the endless love and care that you do !
I was always thinking of un-conditional love ! and the love you do goes beyond!
I was always complaining about taking things for granted ! and I am sorry I once did so!
I miss you mom , hope you come back soon,that I close my eyes to open on your voice saying good morning and your hand playing with my hair.

I miss you mom when it is night, and you come check on me in bed ,and make sure I am well covered and tied up in bed ,and then kiss me goodnight and turn off the TV and lights.
I miss watching TV with you ! and keep asking you about those actors, show presenters ..whatever ...the thing is I never stop asking we khalas! and keep distracting you from your Noor !! the one series I amn't following and will never do.

I know you are praying for me even when you are away ! you always do...and I love taking the major part of your prayers too,as you always say..I love the feeling that you know there is someone in love with you no matter what you do, and even if you are on bad terms with him he will still love you and pray for you...This is more than love, I miss you mum !

Mom is always giving me the feeling of everything will be alright ,only leave it in god's hands..she has faith , and I love the spiritual she.

I love you mama , I think I have been using the three words recently , I say it out, but you have no idea how much I do mean it !
I love you ,and I wish you come back home safe.

Ommy , I am sorry if I ever did anything wrong to you.I am sorry if I ever upset you ! I am sorry if I sometimes disagree with you ! I am sorry if I can't show you how much I love and need you ! I am sorry if I wasn’t as good as I should be to you !

But, I do love you my great mother , I miss you ,miss everything about you.
I appreciate your existence now more than I ever did before , and I appreciate everything you do to me ! I am grateful and thankful for having you in my life, and as long as I live I will too keep praying for you , my lovely mama.
May Allah saves you and protect you , and keeps you safe and healthy.

And just before I go, there are a couple of songs I want to share with you.
First one by : Marcel Khalifa, and it is about mother,he talks about her love to his mother and how he misses her..I still recall when I been to Marcel's concert when he was then here in Egypt and how that song touched me back then.

Second song is : Mama said by metallica ..used to be a favorite song to me too.

With all love to mummy...warm hugs and kisses are sealed and sent to you mamma :X


What are friends for ?

I believe in : a friend in need is a friend indeed !
What if I don't find my friends when I am badly in need for them to be around ??
I address the same question to myself , am I there for them when they need me ??

I been through hard times recently , and only few names I can mention who been there , and they were like doing the show face !
And the rest ! No show at all !

I give excuses all the time, I don't enjoy giving excuses to close ones, especially when it is like I am damn sure they have no excuse ! But I still do and try to play the understanding.
However, this time ....I am sorry.... I am not....I gave up that boring UNDERSTANDING game!

I ran out of all excuses , I can't find you any ! I am sorry ! I can't feel good about it , and can't even blame it on you, inspite the fact that I sometimes blame it on myself ! Yes, being that easy going with them, understanding, flexible and in so many times I just go off my way to meet up with them !

How many times did I call and got rejected in return ? "I know that I do too , but it is most likely as an answer to your previous rejection"
How many times I asked to go out and talk to catch up and so ? and how many times you said you are busy and already have plans !
How many times, you ditched me simply for other ones ?

I can't count the times I found them around me when I really needed them ! They are too few to be memorized !
On the other hand ,I still recall what I simly do !

I am no angel and they are no devil !
They are my friends and I truly love them, I love them even if I receive nothing in return as in unconditional love !
I hang out with them, we get along , I travel still with some of them, we have fun, we laugh , and sure we share lots of things,we have memories, history...But with no present.

I did the blame thing, over and over, that I am sick of doing it again ! With no joy..
I will not blame anyone, not anymore.. I will just take decisions and will not show up again !
I wish I can ! But I know I just can't !

I love them still, but I am sad....I will not blame I will not complain !
It aches that we get apart ! it aches when we are drifting away !
it reminds me of the No Doubt song ! Don't speak !

You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together
always I really feel
That I'm losing my best friend
I can't believeThis could be
the end It looks
as though you're letting go
And if it's real Well I don't want to know

You know the strangest thing Ever , that those ones you least expect to be there for you, those are the ones who are really there !!
I had that friend who been calling to check on me on a daily basis while we actually were not in touch in years !

I look at myself and think , I paid my dues ! Yea, I think I did ! And you just can't be giving all the time, I too need to take ! As much as I am afraid that I lose them !
I know we become different !
yes, Big differences we have ! yet we still get along !

Why it ended up that way ? Though we were really close and so ?
I have plenty of reasons in mind I am tired of saying them out , maybe I would do someday in addition to the differences we have ! , but today I will just keep my mouth shut and not even complain nor to blame!
But I know that I miss my friends and really wish if I have them There!

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether Mighty frightening
As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands I sit and cry !

P.S : I was trigerred by my best friend's call , who just did to ask me to join her going to some concert in coming few days ! though she wasn't there recently ! by no means !
and she knew about the thing that went through ! yet she was not there ! not even by phone !
Though I been around her recently ,not doing any talk in fact as she was doing all the talk and she was enjoying keeping me listening ! and she forgot to ask during her Loooooong talks of any thing related to me ! she wasn't even interested ! she enjoyed Talking and Talking ! she didn't even check on me in any of those 4 times we saw each in a row!! however, I didn't complain about listening ! I am a good listener by nature....but please, no more talks!
Don't speak !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is the fuss about Valentine's Day ?

I lived my whole life thinking of the Great thing I was missing ! And the Valentine I am waiting !

It feels sad being single , and it feels worse being single on a valentine's day !

On That Day ,everything around you makes you feel like you are missing a big thing ! A Day that leaves on any single sorrow and sadness ! Makes you feel like you need to hide that day ! Or if you just can skip it on your calendar and pretend that it was never there ! if it only goes from 13th to 15th at once without passing through that day !

Seeing all shops decorated with big hearts , red flowers ! roses all around you ! Everything wrapped in red ! couples are celebrating. Oh ! Love is all around you !
It is like the whole universe is conspiring to depress you ! to Make you feel more lonely and desperate!

That was scene number one when I was Single ! This is how I used to feel back then ! As if it was only me then left on earth ! me Single ! and everybody out there is celebrating their love !It used to feel bad ! regardless of the fake image truly know !
Loneliness kills !
I used to have dreams of how would be my valentine ! And what if I am not single !

Years went by , and here I am , I totally changed my mind about it ,about the so called Valentine’s Day
Though I am not married yet ! Am not that old ! I have only celebrated the Valentine's only once ! yes once !
Yet I think I don’t like the Valentine’s Day ! With all the fuss about it !
It is a so commercial Idea ! They were brilliant in marketing the idea and selling it !
And we easily buy it ! and please forget about the Saint valentine who already made it up ! coz I am sure if he knows how they got to sell the idea now , he would take it back !
The thing is we just do not go for chocolates and flowers ! No ! It has to be some thing BIG ! Though chocolates and flowers already do cost !
and Flowers and chocolates are really nice , and not only on Feb 14th !

What is the relation between Feb. 14th and love ?

I think again this is a commercial Idea !
If I don’t love you as enough I will not love you on 14th specifically !
And if I love you as you think I should do ! I think you don’t need the valentine's to prove so !
We don’t need a pre-defined day to express our love ! Do we !
As we can do it everyday ! We can do it in our anniversary for instance !
I admit it , the valentine's could be still a cool reminder to say " I love you " if we get busy in our lives and just forget to say the words ! But it should not be by any means a way of a hell of expenses ! No !

I was shocked by the 180 degrees change of my point of view ! Though I have been waiting for it to come real my whole life ! and only When I had it, I just then started to think of it right !

The way everybody talks about Valentine’s Day just makes me sick !
It is everywhere ! In media ! In girls talks ! In shops windows ! Everywhere !
One thing I always hated and I still do ! and maybe more !
I don’t like the teddy bears and the teenagers holding the BIG boxes that day !
I don’t like that everyone is dressed in red !
I don’t like the idea that all places are crowded and fully booked !
I don’t like the idea that you have to pay tipple what you would pay for same thing any other day !
I don’t like the idea that you have to do reservation a month ahead !
I don’t like the aroma of fake LOVE !
I don’t like the ambiance that day !

You know , I have been asked same question for days now ! " What you gonna do in the valentine's ? "
And seems that my answer was quite shocking for whoever asking !
As I am doing nothing !
It was like I am that Old to not celebrate it !!! I am old fashioned ! I am Odd !
I know I don’t want to celebrate it ! I am done with the so commercial idea !
I don’t know if I will miss it if I don’t ! I will see !
I don’t know if I will feel jealous if other couples of whom I know will celebrate it !
I don’t know if it will feel like the New Years Eve ! When I knew that I don’t want to celebrate it but when it passed I kind of wished we would have done something special that night !
I don’t know ! I know I am convinced ! but !

I know the valentine's crap is just crap ! I just don’t know why is the fuss ?

anywayz, if you are single ! don't think of it the way I used to ! You are not alone !
you are not missing a lot ! there is nothing special about that day !
Don't over estimate it ! it is just a normal day !

And if you just not ! Don't over do it please ! Love is not measured by that ! love is measured by actions and sayings along the year and life time ?! not only Feb 14th !
and you can tell whoever you love the three words " I love You " , you don't have to wait till valentine's ! Do it ! Now !

Let me hear from you ..valentine's day is approaching , which one are you ?

I am OFF today .

I decided to take the day off ! I need it badly !
I am thinking of so many plans ...I want to swim , work out , sit in the sun , read a book " That I been reading for months now and I need to get done with it " , meet up with some friend ..and before all Have my coffee.
I can come up with more !
Me go now..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I owe you an apology !

I can't go to sleep !
I need to say the words " I am sorry " ,words don't come easily, like sorry !
I owe you an apology ,for something stupid I did today !
I did ! And did not enjoy !
I am sorry again.
I know ! I should have not !
I am sorry .
I am thankful for your understanding , it really meant a lot .
It did have an impact on me , and for that I am thankful.
Thank you for something I am sorry about.
Am Sorry

P.S : This one has nothing to do with following post .

Cheese madness..This is how it ended up with !

It started out as normal ! as any other working day !

Supposedly on diet!

And....It ended up with a double portion of cheese madness! With Extra caramel !

Too much Caramel will kill you !

Can't think of anything now ! I need to sleep !

I will just dig in bed trying to get away with it.

I am sorry. I really am

I always feel so after having a dessert I thought No !

I have a hell of sense of guilt now ! I did not enjoy a bit !

Though it is well made ! And I assume it is tasty !

But the portion of ice-cream,cheese,caramel and biscuits I had is way scary !

I need some pickles !


I will just sleep :(

I am a Loser .

Rare song for Mounir & Mounib

As I am a big fan of both ,

Mounir and Mounib ..

I am dedicating this one to all fans.


Monday, February 9, 2009

I am an Exclamation Point !

You Are An Exclamation Point

You Are An Exclamation Point
You are a bundle of... well, something.

You're often a bundle of joy, passion, or drama.

You're loud, brash, and outgoing. If you think it, you say it.

Definitely not the quiet type, you really don't keep a lot to yourself.

You're lively and inspiring.

People love to be around your energy.(But they do secretly worry that you'll spill their secrets without even realizing it.)

You excel in: Public speaking
You get along best with: the Dash
This is me ! an Exclamation mark !
Guess I am ! I totally agree with being loud, outgoing, I think it I say it ! am live ! and sure I inspire people :D ,am a bundle of Drama yes JOy yes !
I wonder who is a Dash then ?
Thanks to Seher for introducing me the blog thing , I guess I will go visit it regularly , as I am fond of those few Questions of Quiz thing , that by answering them you get to know stuff about yourself !
sometimes it is misleading , othertimes you find it just true.
lets see, go there and let me know !

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back to Basics!

Back to Basics is what I moan
All I want is to be left alone
I suffer I endure
I fall ! I soar !
I cry ! I try to reach my core !
I need to have it back as pure !
I will try ! more and more !

And just then

I will be content I am sure
This is how I find my joy
Howelse One can enjoy !

Back to basics ! is where I am from !
The only place I know ! where I really belong !

Friday, February 6, 2009


I give in ! I can not breathe !
I need to find my inner peace !
No One can make it eased !
And I don't want you to see my tears!
I am hurt! No! I am cured!
I Live in pain! I am going insane!
Why One can not just forget !
and put aside all regrets !

Somebody please explain!!

I was just checking my facebook when I was hit by so many albums added by someone I DO KNOW "well”! Or at least I think that I do!!The Photo albums are all about girls and boys of 20 ' a year or two plus or minus’! All with hard drinks!“I know that their parents / families are not that COOL! And they will never be COOL about it “

This is my not first time to check out someone's profile to get shocked by pix I don't really like! No, but maybe those others' I got used to are for guys of late twenties , early thirties, so maybe I can say they are grown-ups ! Not an excuse though! I don't know!

Am not to discuss whether they drink or not! Am talking about publishing their photos that easily! To EVERYONE! Even if it is for a closed circle of friends of 300 maslan!?
Pictures of guys and gals all drunk! In poses I have no clue how they dare to! Both boys and girls! I really wonder!
Everybody is free to do whatsoever! Okay! But why to take pix of it! Especially you know well, this is not your background! Not your culture? And this is not like the majority sees as well! And if it ever been told to your parents it will be a real hell! So why to take the pix? And why to publish them?

And what really shocks me more, the comments on the pix! Of people that don’t at least share same life-style "malhoumsh Fe ay 7aga, and on their comments, they fake it!!they try to go with the flow !! Their sayings go between “wow, you look stunning! Oh, you look great together, eiiii, teeee, ceeee,"as if this is all normal and me only freaking alien living here!I know those people for god's sake!

Am not talking about some other freaking creatures I don’t know well!So if the ones taking pictures having smth wrong in their systems, what’s so wrong in those who are commenting?!
I thought I got used to the idea of girls posting their profile picture in swimming suits! Though I really never get it!! Why to reveal some picture that is not supposed to be seen by everybody!Why all friends, friends of friends “sometimes everybody, which includes all people you know and don’t know! Maybe your colleague, someone was just passing by your door, your boss, the man in the supermarket, your neighbor,your driver,your doctor...whoever really!

Why do you let them see what they are not supposed to!!?I am sure that if that picture was of hardcopy! Think they won’t let it be distributed and published that way?! and just let it get into everybody's house! and office!
You now one thing that really pisses me off! when you see a bunch of boys surrounding someone's PC at work,and when you come close you figure out that they are checking out some Girl's pix on facebook! it feels humiliation and I feel pity for the girl!
I don't consider myself a narrow minded person! Ever known as an open-minded !
where is privacy? Privacy is not only setting your privacy settings,to limit access to your profile! No! privacy,is too keeping stuff to yourself NOT published everywhere!
Somebody explains! please!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Those Little things what really matter!

All those little things you stopped to do!
All those little things you Now over do!
This way of talking! And shutting me up!
This way of really filtering what or not to tell!

Fine! If this is the way! Really Okay with me!
It isn't about some question been asked!
You attack! You defend! Why the heck!
Though the talk was just on going!
And I was by all means self- controlling!
Making an issue of it?! Me?
I will stop talking.

Zara is opening in Egypt and it will be local !!!

It really surprised me that two friends of mine are completely against the Idea of Zara opening in Egypt! The reason why?! Coz they think it will be then a Local Thing!! Hence, Brand is losing its value!! And everybody will be wearing Zara! So you will not be differentiating really between who is shopping here and who is doing it abroad! And you won’t be able to tell of clothes that are..? N who not?? ! It will be like "sha3bey”!!Local brand!

I was really shocked to hear that! Coz me among those who are really excited to finally have Zara opening here! It has been ages and ages when we suffered of local brands...unless you can fly and do you shopping somewhere else!

Till few years back when the bless of Brands started to fall on Egypt lands, was like a miracle coming to real! A dream coming true!it started with Mango and some other few, and started to grow and grow, You really can tell, that we have now outlets for a Bunch of brands and labels !! Akheeraaaan!!!!!! “Regardless to the PRICES Fact, That they are way higher than those of same label, same piece sold out anywhere else but Egypt!! God only knows why!

In so many times the original price is left there on the price tag in Euro /Dollars, and it also has the price as in Egyptian pounds which has nothing to do with original currency transferred to Egy Pounds"!! It is like, always original price plus!!

That couple of friends don’t really argue about the concept of having labels here, at all! , they only do about Zara, coz apparently Zara is their favorite too!

And they don’t want everybody to share it with them!!

Being unique! Different! , I know how it feels if you wear something you think is unique and beautiful, and you step in a place or wherever to see some other is wearing it!! How about IF many do!! It feels bad, cheap, and I hate that piece of clothes and maybe don’t put it on again!

"3o2da" maybe! But I too love to be unique and I do hate to be wearing smth and find out everybody is having it!! And if you are hanging out around a coffee shop maslan, you will find 3 or 4 of you! Aw!!!

That happens to guys mostly, it happens with their T-shirts, I can tell that I sometimes get mixed up with persons coz of their Same Identical Polo shirts!!

Back to Zara thing, so when I got to think of it that way! The way that I really wished I did not. I think I too do not want it to open here :((

Yet I want to!!! Grrrrr

It is really confusing! When a brand is going local!! And of course local brands as they always do, they will try to copy the models and all and do it in bad fabrics!!cheap prices !! So it will not be only about Zara everywhere, it will be also about Zara-alike “ta2leed ya3ny "...

I know! The original wins in this situation, yet the feeling of Zara Local here!

So, you might think of something now! That they don’t let the prices that affordable to everyone! Hence, they will maintain their uniqueness and so! I say No! For god's sake NO!

Coz already prices are higher than anywhere else as mentioned earlier! , and can’t be of any higher really! And after all, it is not that affordable to all!

And those who go shopping in Gulf, Europe or wherever will be same shopping here added to them a slight number of people who don’t really have the chance to go shopping abroad!

Only one thing I can think of right now!! The Longchamp bag! That every woman and girl has! Whenever I lay my eyes on some girl I just got puzzled with another same Longchamp!! Blue, Brown, white, small, medium, big. All colors in all sizes!!!


So ? I really donno !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am Tagged ! (2)

I am tagged !!!
I.inside tagged me in her post , You know this is my second in a couple of weeks !
I know ! you havnet seen the first yet ! I know I know...coz I am still working on it..
sorry but that one is kind of time consuming ! Oh ! :) and it Needs Maths .

, I 'd like to tag whoever reads this ! yes. You are TAGGED....and please post a link to your post in my comments that I can come and check it out..or you can leave your answers here at once ! Do it your way..

Here we go :

Favourite Colour: Black , Blue , Green , Red , white..cant really tell !
Favourite Perfume (Guys) : Givenchy - Pi Perfume and Pi Neo
Favourite Perfume (Girls) : Euphoria , Pure Purple Hugo Boss ..CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle too
Favourite PJ brand: Victoria's secret
Favourite Clothes Brand: Zara ,Promod , Veromoda and Nike
Favourite Person in the Entire World: My Soul-Mate ..
Favourite Country: Italy , Spain and yes Egypt !
Favourite Car: mini Cooper,Audi and a red Dodge :)
Favourite Sport: Squash ,tennis..and soccer
Favourite Sports Player: Kaka , and who doesnot love David Beckham !
Favourite Spot in the World: lots !it could be a swimming-pool ! cozy place with nice music and good coffee ! a library ! reading a book while sitting in the sun ! Sea-side ! cruise in the nile !
lots really ! ..even the gym , I see it one of my fav places ! and Ofcourse Aswan !
Favourite Animal: Dogs ( a golden retreiver ) and Horses.
Favourite Movie: Fight Club ,Serendipity,God Father,You've got mail and for arabic (el-sellem wel te3ban-Snake and Ladder )
Favourite Singer: Kurt Cobain - Jim Morrison - Tracy Chapman -Alanis morissette - Bon Jovi-Fayrouz-Mounir
Favourite Day of the Week: anyday but Tuesday ! ..and sure the weekend
Favourite time of the day: The morning..I love to see the sun ! ..and I too love it late night !
Favourite holiday season: Summer Holidays ! Sun ,Sand and Sea ...,I cant wait !
Favourite number: 7
Favourite food: Burger, Pizza and Pasta
Favourite chocolate: lots ! Lindt white with Almonds , Kit-Kat , Maltesers ,Snickers and Brownies if that can be included too!

Favourite Cartoon: Finding Nemo , Tom & Jerry , The Simpsons and Lion King
Favourite Blogger: hmmmmm!! hmmm !! hmm ! Dont have one :( ..
Favourite Icecream Flavour: Vanilla , chocolate add to them a caramel sauce ! Yummi
Favourite Mobile Brand: Sony Ericsson .
Favourite Name: ! dont really know ! maybe Sarah for girls .. Taymour for Guys
Favourite Hobby: swimming ,squash,reading , listening to music ,going to moviez and Shopping:)
Favourite Room in my House: my space , my room and I cant deny it the Bathroom :D,it is even called " bayt elra7a ;) "

Favourite Fruit: I just dont hv any fav right now , coz of the Diet Plans I am following !"I already started to dislike Orange and Apples "..But I love Mango ! yea , Mango and bananas

Favourite Flower: Sun Flower,daisy and Casablanca Lily ..
Favourite Qur'an Reciter: Mashary Rashed .
Favourite Ayah (verse): lots ! (من يتقى الله يجعل له مخرجا ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب),
(أَلَمْ يَأْنِ لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَنْ تَخْشَعَ قُلُوبُهُمْ لِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ وَمَا نَزَلَ مِنَ الْحَقِّ وَلا يَكُونُوا كَالَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ مِنْ قَبْلُ فَطَالَ عَلَيْهِمُ الأَمَدُ فَقَسَتْ قُلُوبُهُمْ وَكَثِيرٌ مِنْهُمْ فَاسِقُونَ)
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I am a Creep !!

That was the Original Creep by Radiohead ..which I can't find any better right now to go with my bad mood.
There is another version ( Acoustic ) I like most :

me singing :

But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.
I don't care if it hurts,

I want to have control.
I want a perfect body,
I want a perfect soul.
I want you to notice,
when I'm not around.
You're so fuckin' special
I wish I was special
But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo.What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

Creep ..By Stone Temple Pilots

I Thought of sharing this..As I like the song originally by Nirvana, I tried to find it out on Utube but no joy! Good thing is ; the you tube I posted here is about my ever favorite Kurt Cobain !

Enjoy it.


Forward yesterday

Makes me wanna stay

What they said was real

Makes me wanna steal

Livin' under house

Guess I'm livin', I'm a mouse

All's I gots is time

Got no meaning, just a rhyme

Take time with a wounded hand 'Cause it likes to heal

Take time with a wounded hand'Cause I like to steal

Take time with a wounded hand'Cause it likes to heal, I like to steal.