Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheese madness..This is how it ended up with !

It started out as normal ! as any other working day !

Supposedly on diet!

And....It ended up with a double portion of cheese madness! With Extra caramel !

Too much Caramel will kill you !

Can't think of anything now ! I need to sleep !

I will just dig in bed trying to get away with it.

I am sorry. I really am

I always feel so after having a dessert I thought No !

I have a hell of sense of guilt now ! I did not enjoy a bit !

Though it is well made ! And I assume it is tasty !

But the portion of ice-cream,cheese,caramel and biscuits I had is way scary !

I need some pickles !


I will just sleep :(

I am a Loser .


marooned84 said...

hello loser! I wanna introduce myself: another loser!

being a winner is so overrated anyway!

batates_777 said...

LOL :)
I am not a loser anymore ! A new day has come , and I am starting it over ..and am willing to WIN this time ! "you see the morning spiirit" !
Hopefully , it will not end up with brownies masalan :))))