Friday, February 6, 2009


I give in ! I can not breathe !
I need to find my inner peace !
No One can make it eased !
And I don't want you to see my tears!
I am hurt! No! I am cured!
I Live in pain! I am going insane!
Why One can not just forget !
and put aside all regrets !


Anonymous said...

"Regrets are a waste of time. They're the past crippling the present." (Movie quote from Under the Tuscan Sun) This statement was made by Lindsey Duncan as she tells Frances to stop feeling sorry for herself and move forward in her life."

and now i say to you!

batates_777 said...

I agree , but buts I know
I needed to hear that , and yes I try to move on and let go
Thank you for reminding me , I think I need to be reminded every once in a while :)