Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is my song...

This is what I am singing now , This is one song I always sing.

It is named : 'Asfour ,it has been sung also by Aida Elayoubi which is a great cover too.

you will find them both here.

Share the mood.

1- Ayda El-ayoubey


2- Omayma Elkhalil and Marcel Khalifa 's


marooned84 said...

I love Omaima's version, she has a wonderful, wonderful voice!

Brownie said...

i love the song gedan, it is the second song i listen to for Ayda el ayoubi, the 1st one was hanin, do u know it? it is amazing

batates_777 said...

Omaima's like the original"sure is " and her voice is really unique and way she sings it is really moving, and I sure love it from her.
Ayda elayouby is givin the song another taste ! dont know wat is it exactly ! but it is like the song is more alive! cant really name is another taste!
and I love them both same muvh i guess ! i even cant tell which is better for me ! I have "ma3azza khassa :D" for Ayda and all her works anyway:)

batates_777 said...

I am glad seeing your around my blog :) and I really really liked your comment around that OTHER bolg ! really..i needed support there ! and I didnt give up but was kinda afraid it turns out to be gedal causing other blog owner and his supporters to get more stubborn about it..
but was really nice seein some other names givin them wakeup sign!

back to ayda elayouby:) i dont recall that one ! though i think i hv all her works ! i will try to refresh the memo and see, but i am sure that hanin is a good one though..
you know whenever they play 3la baly on radio or even Tv, it still brings me good feelings about this country !

Brownie said...

hello batates
for the other blog, u encouarge me el sara7a, when i saw ur comment, oh finally someone is makeing sense.
and u r right to withdraw, talking there is useless.

for Ayda elayouby, i love this song so much, i listen to it yesterday bas about 10 times keda.
i did not know 3ala baly is hers too, now she joined my fav. list

batates_777 said...

Hello Brownie:)

I think I should not comment on that other bolg again ! but the replies there are really mostafezza ! will you reply again there? ..i know it seems useless,but i sometimes just wonder what if ? and that we have to positive and initiative..
what do you think ??

Brownie said...

hell again :)
yeah u r definitely right, ana damy et7ra2 when i read his reply to my comment, and i was about to reply again that is when i wrote my silence post

batates_777 said...

Silence is what I shared with you then !!:)
lets see if we will be moved to say it out again or behold our silnece for good :)

Brownie said...

ah by the way hanin song is not for Ayda el ayoubi, it is for mayada something but it is very nice