Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is the fuss about Valentine's Day ?

I lived my whole life thinking of the Great thing I was missing ! And the Valentine I am waiting !

It feels sad being single , and it feels worse being single on a valentine's day !

On That Day ,everything around you makes you feel like you are missing a big thing ! A Day that leaves on any single sorrow and sadness ! Makes you feel like you need to hide that day ! Or if you just can skip it on your calendar and pretend that it was never there ! if it only goes from 13th to 15th at once without passing through that day !

Seeing all shops decorated with big hearts , red flowers ! roses all around you ! Everything wrapped in red ! couples are celebrating. Oh ! Love is all around you !
It is like the whole universe is conspiring to depress you ! to Make you feel more lonely and desperate!

That was scene number one when I was Single ! This is how I used to feel back then ! As if it was only me then left on earth ! me Single ! and everybody out there is celebrating their love !It used to feel bad ! regardless of the fake image truly know !
Loneliness kills !
I used to have dreams of how would be my valentine ! And what if I am not single !

Years went by , and here I am , I totally changed my mind about it ,about the so called Valentine’s Day
Though I am not married yet ! Am not that old ! I have only celebrated the Valentine's only once ! yes once !
Yet I think I don’t like the Valentine’s Day ! With all the fuss about it !
It is a so commercial Idea ! They were brilliant in marketing the idea and selling it !
And we easily buy it ! and please forget about the Saint valentine who already made it up ! coz I am sure if he knows how they got to sell the idea now , he would take it back !
The thing is we just do not go for chocolates and flowers ! No ! It has to be some thing BIG ! Though chocolates and flowers already do cost !
and Flowers and chocolates are really nice , and not only on Feb 14th !

What is the relation between Feb. 14th and love ?

I think again this is a commercial Idea !
If I don’t love you as enough I will not love you on 14th specifically !
And if I love you as you think I should do ! I think you don’t need the valentine's to prove so !
We don’t need a pre-defined day to express our love ! Do we !
As we can do it everyday ! We can do it in our anniversary for instance !
I admit it , the valentine's could be still a cool reminder to say " I love you " if we get busy in our lives and just forget to say the words ! But it should not be by any means a way of a hell of expenses ! No !

I was shocked by the 180 degrees change of my point of view ! Though I have been waiting for it to come real my whole life ! and only When I had it, I just then started to think of it right !

The way everybody talks about Valentine’s Day just makes me sick !
It is everywhere ! In media ! In girls talks ! In shops windows ! Everywhere !
One thing I always hated and I still do ! and maybe more !
I don’t like the teddy bears and the teenagers holding the BIG boxes that day !
I don’t like that everyone is dressed in red !
I don’t like the idea that all places are crowded and fully booked !
I don’t like the idea that you have to pay tipple what you would pay for same thing any other day !
I don’t like the idea that you have to do reservation a month ahead !
I don’t like the aroma of fake LOVE !
I don’t like the ambiance that day !

You know , I have been asked same question for days now ! " What you gonna do in the valentine's ? "
And seems that my answer was quite shocking for whoever asking !
As I am doing nothing !
It was like I am that Old to not celebrate it !!! I am old fashioned ! I am Odd !
I know I don’t want to celebrate it ! I am done with the so commercial idea !
I don’t know if I will miss it if I don’t ! I will see !
I don’t know if I will feel jealous if other couples of whom I know will celebrate it !
I don’t know if it will feel like the New Years Eve ! When I knew that I don’t want to celebrate it but when it passed I kind of wished we would have done something special that night !
I don’t know ! I know I am convinced ! but !

I know the valentine's crap is just crap ! I just don’t know why is the fuss ?

anywayz, if you are single ! don't think of it the way I used to ! You are not alone !
you are not missing a lot ! there is nothing special about that day !
Don't over estimate it ! it is just a normal day !

And if you just not ! Don't over do it please ! Love is not measured by that ! love is measured by actions and sayings along the year and life time ?! not only Feb 14th !
and you can tell whoever you love the three words " I love You " , you don't have to wait till valentine's ! Do it ! Now !

Let me hear from you ..valentine's day is approaching , which one are you ?


marooned84 said...

I think we belong to different worlds, cuz in my world I wasn't asked about the valentine's day and didn't notice the world becoming red and hearty.

again, valentine's day is so overrated!

batates_777 said...

hmm, I donno then which one you belong to ?
Dont you see it begad? the flowers ? the gift shops ? and even on TV ! it is like a season ?
dont you see it ? or you just chose not ?

and yes , it is so overrated!

marooned84 said...

I don't know, but I really didn't see it.. and I don't watch TV except for football and aljazeera, so I really didn't notice!
maybe it's because I didn't go out for some time, just go to work and come back home.

batates_777 said...

hmm! on your way to work and back home ! dont you pass by any gift shop ! they even have a trend nowadays ! that they wrap a car "usually a jeep " , they wrap it in red, that it attracts eyes !
and regardless to this year , how about past years ??
how was your experience to that day ? to the crowd ?

marooned84 said...

well, my way is all through highways, and u don't get 2 see giftshops there u know! maybe I chose not to see, or I'm too absent-minded to notice anything red more than usual! I've never celebrated it too, some sort of single-for-life u see. I noticed it 2 or 3 years ago, but it never made me feel like u described. I have my fantasies, but they have nothing to do with valentine's day.

I sometimes feel jealous of couples! but that's momentarily, and have nothing to do with valentine's day too.

batates_777 said...

ya bakhtak that your way is all through highways :)!
however El-me7war or the ring-road are even more za7ma-jammed- than down town :)!
and ya bakhtak tany coz you didnt notice that before ! seriously !
you just missed nothing !

and if , just if ever you crossed by anything of what I mentioned here ! please dont hesitate to tell me , how does it feel then :)

P.S : You need to go out sometime.

marooned84 said...

My way is on the autostorad from Maadi to salah salem till the U-turn of roxy, so I guess I'm kind of lucky. Never noticed that before!

batates_777 said...

Never Mind :)
its jammed still from the intersection of salah salem and autostorad till that U turn :D

marooned84 said...

It was only jammed during the bookfair, otherwise it was okay bearing in mind that I go to work at 10 am!

batates_777 said...

lucky you ;)

stan said...

what poignants thoughts. The shop owners r truly the ones celebrating Valentine's Day. ")

Daanish said...

I am a all season love type,you don't have to have a valentine to say it.
Love is to show care and respect
all the times,thats what true love is.
Flowers,cards,cakes,perfumes,teddy bears,Elmo with kisses are beautiful celebration of love if we meet with the day to day basic ingredient of love:care and respect.

batates_777 said...

LOL @ Stan :)) yes...this is so true :)

yes , yes , yes , yes ,........yes
I totally agree with you ! care and respect.
well said really , thank you