Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zara is opening in Egypt and it will be local !!!

It really surprised me that two friends of mine are completely against the Idea of Zara opening in Egypt! The reason why?! Coz they think it will be then a Local Thing!! Hence, Brand is losing its value!! And everybody will be wearing Zara! So you will not be differentiating really between who is shopping here and who is doing it abroad! And you won’t be able to tell of clothes that are..? N who not?? ! It will be like "sha3bey”!!Local brand!

I was really shocked to hear that! Coz me among those who are really excited to finally have Zara opening here! It has been ages and ages when we suffered of local brands...unless you can fly and do you shopping somewhere else!

Till few years back when the bless of Brands started to fall on Egypt lands, was like a miracle coming to real! A dream coming true!it started with Mango and some other few, and started to grow and grow, You really can tell, that we have now outlets for a Bunch of brands and labels !! Akheeraaaan!!!!!! “Regardless to the PRICES Fact, That they are way higher than those of same label, same piece sold out anywhere else but Egypt!! God only knows why!

In so many times the original price is left there on the price tag in Euro /Dollars, and it also has the price as in Egyptian pounds which has nothing to do with original currency transferred to Egy Pounds"!! It is like, always original price plus!!

That couple of friends don’t really argue about the concept of having labels here, at all! , they only do about Zara, coz apparently Zara is their favorite too!

And they don’t want everybody to share it with them!!

Being unique! Different! , I know how it feels if you wear something you think is unique and beautiful, and you step in a place or wherever to see some other is wearing it!! How about IF many do!! It feels bad, cheap, and I hate that piece of clothes and maybe don’t put it on again!

"3o2da" maybe! But I too love to be unique and I do hate to be wearing smth and find out everybody is having it!! And if you are hanging out around a coffee shop maslan, you will find 3 or 4 of you! Aw!!!

That happens to guys mostly, it happens with their T-shirts, I can tell that I sometimes get mixed up with persons coz of their Same Identical Polo shirts!!

Back to Zara thing, so when I got to think of it that way! The way that I really wished I did not. I think I too do not want it to open here :((

Yet I want to!!! Grrrrr

It is really confusing! When a brand is going local!! And of course local brands as they always do, they will try to copy the models and all and do it in bad fabrics!!cheap prices !! So it will not be only about Zara everywhere, it will be also about Zara-alike “ta2leed ya3ny "...

I know! The original wins in this situation, yet the feeling of Zara Local here!

So, you might think of something now! That they don’t let the prices that affordable to everyone! Hence, they will maintain their uniqueness and so! I say No! For god's sake NO!

Coz already prices are higher than anywhere else as mentioned earlier! , and can’t be of any higher really! And after all, it is not that affordable to all!

And those who go shopping in Gulf, Europe or wherever will be same shopping here added to them a slight number of people who don’t really have the chance to go shopping abroad!

Only one thing I can think of right now!! The Longchamp bag! That every woman and girl has! Whenever I lay my eyes on some girl I just got puzzled with another same Longchamp!! Blue, Brown, white, small, medium, big. All colors in all sizes!!!


So ? I really donno !


enty 3arfa bardo :p said...

who's the other one ???!! :)

batates_777 said...

Mr / Ms enty 3arfa ! thank you to pick a name and stick to it ! that I can recognize you and talk to you upon ! coz apparently I dont know you !
la2 msh 3arfa :P
Excuse me ! and who was the first ?