Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am OFF today .

I decided to take the day off ! I need it badly !
I am thinking of so many plans ...I want to swim , work out , sit in the sun , read a book " That I been reading for months now and I need to get done with it " , meet up with some friend ..and before all Have my coffee.
I can come up with more !
Me go now..


marooned84 said...


speaking of books, what's the book they u were talkin about?

batates_777 said...

So you were off too ?
book is Paulo Coelho's " The pilgrimage " .
Though it is interesting! , yet it's been long since I started that one ! I even read like another couple of books while I am still tryin to end that one !
it is not getting through !

marooned84 said...

yeah, I had a stiff shoulder so I took the day off. well, not really off, sort of working from home for the day.

tell me about books! it's been months since I sat and read something decently. since I started working I just snatch a quarter or half hour before sleep and read, and not everyday too. the worst thing is that I'm a classic fan, and u know how fat classics usually are!

I didn't have the chance to read The Pilgrimage, but I know how his books can be slow sometimes. what are the 2 other books that u finished?

batates_777 said...

I am sorry for your shoulder ! you should take a rest ! really !

back to those two books ! one of them was Brida , to Paulo too.
Brida was the most recent book for him , and I can tell it was nt as slow as other ones !
some ppl think that his writings are the same ! around same idea ! I sometimes think the same ! but his ideas always hit me ! kind of writing that you always can feel that you are his hero ! soemtimes its is slow like Zahir for instance , sometimes its quite interesting that you get done with it due a week ! like Veronice decides to die !
it varies , but generally his my favorite.

the other one , is some arabic "that I dont recall the name now "..I am sorry I dont !
i think it was one of Omar taher's! the following to shaklaha bazet ? maybe ? I dont really recall ! and not Galal Amin's too ! coz I didnt have teh chance yet to read that one !
I cant recall fe3lan..I will work on that ..i have to !

you right about having some time to do some decent reading ! totally right ! it is more than hard to manage to read ! how relaxing it is then!