Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I watched a movie for U--Hancock ---

Na3am !!! ...this is the expression you most likely will feel after the movie ends :) is influenced by El-lemby the guy who affected badly boyz vocabulary ,hence affectin mine :)) thank god I only use the Na3am ! nothin else :)

anywayz..back to the movie..well, its hard to say ,,i didnt like it I know...neither I did ! msh 3arfa ! I know I am done with super heros movies and that kind of I didnt expect to see will smith doin stuff more than superman do..I didnt like...the drama line was about to do it to me but finally it didnot convince me by anymeans...

Will Smith is a good actor I believe, esp after the moviez Hitch and Pursuit of happiness...yet that ONe,I am sorry I didnt like ...I only liked few things about it ! which I cant even recall now !! godd..i just saw the movie...errrrrrrr

even for charlize theron,I didnt like her...I luv her in short hair anyway :):)!!..

well, a movie that wasnt that harmful ..not a waste of time if you still into super heroes is not that bad ! is it ??

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bucket List...worth seeing..

I know I know , I am so talkative tonight..Promise You last thing and then I ll dig in bed..well ,it is about the Bucket List..that movie I missed in theatres but had a chance to see it recently...
It is a so good movie...I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson...both are brilliant...they way are..and that movie is not a so complicated movie that you might think when you see both names..on the contrary it is a light movie with deeper meaning and a msg that it will leave in you...You will be entertained with both will laugh ,cry and think.
The idea of bucket list which the movie's name came from is:based on some philosopher's saying that you need to write down all your wish-to-do list before you die.
so the bucket list is typically that wish list...
in the movie, they both set a list of wishes..which myself found many in common ..I wish I do sky diving someday..I wish I go to the jungles in Africa...Kineya maybe...woww..
I wish I hv a Tatto "Just cant..forbidden"....wish I laugh till I cry >>Thank God I sometimes Do.
and I sure would like to add : I wish I visit Bahamas...I wish I go for Pilgrimage too..I wish I have my own place with a Dog and swimming Pool...I wish I can go car racing ....I wish I can help ppl though they didnt ask me to....I wish I climb a mountain too " not saint -Caterine...coz this is not climbin".....I wish I can buy red Dodge Ram "truck"
and a mini cooper too...I wish I hv my own business too...I wish I hv a bookstore / flower shop / a bakery ....I wish I hv my own Beach...I wish I hv a yacht... i wish i hv a farm with horses..mmmmmmmm
I wish :)

SteakOut...a place worth a visit

Though it is so much Spectra alike...yet I found it a good place for food...
You will be amazed minute you step in ,coz you will think its a joke and its another Spectra " one of the well known restaurants over Cairo..for its menu and the affordable prices" same thing too for steak out..and dont be misleaded with the streak..coz the menu has it all ,steak ,chicken ,seafood..whatsoever..I told you its a so spectra...
In everything it is..the menu again n again , the decoration and interior ..what can I say "ALL"...but the toilets are not the same,,I can say that the toilet is cool..It has everything inc seats'covers " plastic covers used for the seat instead of usin tissues...yucky I know :) ...but it is cool that they hv it there..the toilet is well designed and equiped too ;)
I iked the place ...and whats more I loved THE FOOD...was so good..mmm yummmiii..
and yeah , I just recalled one more thing it has in common with Spectra..the waiting list :) but its not that long as that other you d better give it a visit before you hv to wait for an hr min before you can get in.
Way to go Steak Out :)

It Only Happens when You least expect it ! vs. the Secret

True...good things only happen when You least expect them to least this is how I see it ..."sometimes ".....coz for sure there are times when you really want smth and it does to happen..but generally I see this rule works and works fine for quite ppl I do know.

When I think of it closely , I really wonder coz for instance it is the opposite to the idea of The secret "..the well known book " which talks about how if you want smth badly and truly..and you believe in it will transfer this energy to the universe..and whole Universe will do it for you and hv it done..and it all depends on your hv to believe it in it enough...the book even gave you a practical example ; you are lookin for a parkin space for your car, so all you hv to do is.. you visualize it and imagine how it will be and You will just find it.right there as you imagined it to be..I tried it more than once, and I cant deny that it worked for few times..and I just called it Luck though ...." The idea of the book is kinda opposite to my theory which is happenin most of time...

I try always to rely everything on facts and for the " secret" Idea,I always believe we have to think of it other way around, that we pray and ask GOD to have it come true..and it comes true from GOD ..and the universe is just a reason for havin it come true..but it would never if GOD didnt let it we ask Allah..and we pray to hv it true...and we gotta be havin Yaqueen which is true faith in Allah that he will be only doin the good for us... Only we get it if it comes along with what we were lookin for in 1st place,,,and we never get it if it just never happens ! or even been delayed....we gotta be believers in both..either it happens and comes true or not..we gotta be believin that its Gods will ..not anything else..

but what I like about the secret that it gives you that hope, and that power of how a believer can be ,also bein optimistic too...coz the Universe doesnot get the NOT..if you say i will not do will see "will do it excludin the NOT.

away from the secret and back to that proverb /saying whatsoever....I still see it valid ,,I cant recall how many times I was lookin for things to happen or to buy/ to get "way badly " and I never got them...and later on...which soemtimes goes for Years and decades it just Happens !

I still believe it is all Good and kheir for me...whatever...whenever...wherever..

How about you ?

how do you find that ?

P.S : The Book as everything has been transfered to a movie , it is not yet in theatres..but here is a link for the movie.

After Dark Show...

Hey Cairo residents, and whoever listens to radio through the Satellite or even Online is a new show " new for me at least " I recently is called , After dark , it is on Nile Fm , 104.2 , and here is a link for it online here and you can listen live...the show is awsome, you cant be missin it...its on air through Sunday to Tuesday at 10 pm to midnight CLT which is 19:00 GMT for 2 hrs...

There is a grp on Facebook for Erin who represents the show...I got you the grp name : " After Dark with Erin " is a paste of the show's desc. : "All your favorite slow jams, love requests, love requests and much more. Plus, every Monday night starting at 10pm Erin is joined in studio live by Marwa Rakha author and relationship guru! We will be answering your relationship questions and offering advice on relationships and marriage. E-mail us at "....

Seriously ,tune to it once and I bet you will stay tuned...
Enjoy .

Tamer Hosny again..with his new movie,Captain Hima

I am kinda embaressed to say what i am gonna do...hmmmmm...e7emmm...well , i been to tamer hosny's new movie :$..."maksoufa "...and i am gonna shock you now when I tell you that I liked it ! and I actually hd fun !!!...weird ha ! I could hv denied it..i could hv never mentioned it to any ! especially I been to it alone " coz sure i found no body to come along " body is interested in such moviez I know..and yeah I am nt supposed too !...but I sometimes find such moviez are really amusing sorry but I liked is nt a movie like you are goin and expectin to see a great movie with plot and whatsoever...nah ,it is just like a video clip more or less...where you see a nice actress for me "Zeina : ..shes cute and she was cute in that one indeed..and Tamer ...ummm am not to talk about him..i hv linked to this post the other i did days back..anyways..I enjoyed it..I amnot afraid to say it..and I will not deny it...ana msh maksoufaa..heh bs..

relieved now :)....

and Please dont start it ,,am not here to crticize..i will not start it..i just enjoyed it !! and I felt I owe him that..I wouldnot say I didnt like his album in public and see his movie in secret! dont hv to go see needs a special mood and....never mind..forget it:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is it Okay for a girl to ask a Boy out ??Is it Okay if she is the one to propose ??

It happens...whether me or you with/against it.....But when you really think of it and try to apply it on yourself ! how do you find it ??
For a do you find that? askin a boy Out ?? is it okay ?..we all got used to the idea of man playin hard to get YOU,actually i luv it to be that way; him playin the effort ...but whats applied on me not necessarily to be applied on others,so how other girls see it ?!
I hv seen so many girlz askin boys out ..and i hv seen some relations worked out..some been transferred to a friendship , some to dating ..i dont recall any went to further commitement..
You think it ever has any reason to do with the way it started out with ? meaning..that after they both get to know each,,do any still recall who asked whom first ?? does it matter still at that point !!.. what counts then!it should be the real he and the real she ! dont you think ! not who asked whom first !!...
I am here to talk about those who are not playin/foolin around..
I hv seen some that felt that they hv clicked with some , and that some for some reason "maybe shy ...afraid to be rejected...whatever..." so for some reason he is not willing to take the first step,and apparently the girl has the guts to ! so she goes and asks him out..I dont know really how she ll take this if she will ever be answered with NO !! Ouchhh...that hurts ! Big time I guess !!...but if its worth a risk ! dont you think ..they could live their life askin what if !! so better to take the risk !!
Same question is headed for boyz/men ,,how do you find that ....a girl/woman askin you sure you will feel good :) and the selfesteeem we keda:):):) sure you will consider the offer anyway..why not !! if shes a chic ,huh ?!:)...but is it leadin anywhere ? or its just for fun ? will you consider it later ? maybe 10 yrs on who asked whom first ? does it count to you ??
Also, same question goes for proposals....we got used to idea that the guy whos the one to propose..what if she proposes ?!!..we can mention a religious remarkable person who has been taken as an example in that...but not to neglect the way she proposed..she didnt go directly! was through someone common ,who played it right to make it work out..
However,applied on us now.... when it comes to direct proposals..that she asks him directly ?? would you marry me ?? how do you find that ? for both men and women...for a man is it shocking ?? ..and for a it okay for you to go for that ??
for me I know I would never do it..I am not against the Idea either ..and when i come to think of it , i see that sometimes ppl miss the chance coz both were lookin for the other to initiate!! which is stupid !! yes stupid ! that you miss smth that could hv meant to be..just coz you are afraid of some traditions or some answer startin with NO...yet,itsnot me,I cant do it myself..Can You ??!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tamer Hosny ...Just another Fail.."his new album , 2arrab kaman"

I hesitated before writing this..
Maybe coz I am not the type of girl that would write about " Chamer Hosny " :))
Maybe Coz I found it non worth it ! by all means !
Maybe coz i get amazed each time i see an interview with him on Tv or see how ppl /teenage talk about him !!
maybe coz his songs are always on radio !
maybe coz he sang in my brother's wedding !
maybe coz i still like few songs for him ! and sometimes I catch myself singin to him :))
maybe coz I see his moviez ! I am sorry I do !maybe coz i was never against him even throughout the army thing he been through..I see that everyone hs been judgemental though none has the right to ! and everyone Everyone hs his weakness and his mistakes which I am sure he will be ashamed if they were published to public ! So, the guy had mistaken like so many do !! and if its like your Bro or one of your close relatives you would hv said its okay then to skip the military service ! anyway as I said none is UP to judge coz we all do mistakes.Anyways, away from personal life which I am against anyone gets himself involved in>>this is my general rule... and lookin specifically into his new album I just see it another Fail.I wish if he never released it..The lyrics are way " ay kalam "..yea as always , as otherz,whatever you may say..but this one was way bad..yeaa way in meaning and terms..i just disliked it big time ,music and compositions are like any..nothin boring that you may skip the song before you even get a minute far.I am sorry for You Tamer if this is the King of generation..what a Loss ! for our generation :)) A big loss of whole generation actually if this is the music they like !!I am just afraid I get again someone tellin me...that album is Fantastic :) if you are followin the posts here you ll sure get what i am talkin about ;) wicked me :))..but that album is a hell loss.
P.S : Plz donot get me wrong...if you think this is one of the subjects I wanted to talk about while I was Off WAYyy!!


I know it has been a while since I dropped a line , though it could be normal and okay for some .But for me as I used to write on a daily basis was quite not me.

It is not that I didnot hv something to talk about ! non , its just I wasnt feelin well ..
though I used to write before esp. when I am down , it is like a relief for me, yet this time I didnt feel like writin nor doin anything..
I sometimes go for alternatives but this time I so did not.

I hv so much of ideas floodin in my brains now..wish if i just can let em all out at once..
I will try to soon.
I am listenin now to a song for Jewel it is called Stronger woman in me...its of her new album ..
I feel like sharing its lyrics with you ..I just like and if you into Jewel you gotta check out that album its way nice , I luved too perfectly Clear...Her voice is Osome actually..I always loved that Cranberries girl , Alanis , Jewel ,...
Anywayz , here You go,,stronger woman in me...and if you are lookin for whole album lyrics here is the link ...worth a check.

stronger woman in me
I guess you could say I'm one of those girls that's always been with one of those guys
you know the type
like right now he sleeps while I write
But it's better than crying
warn out from trying
from loving a man who always makes it clear
I am not welcome here Just till he's horny or hungry or needs something clean
you know what I mean But not tonight
Cause come the morning light, oh
I'm gonna love myself More than anyone else
Believe in me Even if someone can't see
The stronger woman in me
I'm gonna be my own best friend
Stick with me till the end
Won't lose myself again
never, no Cause theres a stronger woman a stronger woman in me
light bulbs buzz I get up and head to my drawer wish there was more
I could say
another fairy tale fades to grey
I've lived on hope Just like a child
walking that mile faking that smile
all the while wishing my heart had wings
well tonight I am gonna be
The kind of woman I want my daughter to be
I'm gonna love myself More than anyone else
Believe in me Even if someone can't see
There's a stronger woman in me
Won't lose myself again
never, no.