Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I know it has been a while since I dropped a line , though it could be normal and okay for some .But for me as I used to write on a daily basis was quite not me.

It is not that I didnot hv something to talk about ! non , its just I wasnt feelin well ..
though I used to write before esp. when I am down , it is like a relief for me, yet this time I didnt feel like writin nor doin anything..
I sometimes go for alternatives but this time I so did not.

I hv so much of ideas floodin in my brains now..wish if i just can let em all out at once..
I will try to soon.
I am listenin now to a song for Jewel it is called Stronger woman in me...its of her new album ..
I feel like sharing its lyrics with you ..I just like and if you into Jewel you gotta check out that album its way nice , I luved too perfectly Clear...Her voice is Osome actually..I always loved that Cranberries girl , Alanis , Jewel ,...
Anywayz , here You go,,stronger woman in me...and if you are lookin for whole album lyrics here is the link ...worth a check.

stronger woman in me
I guess you could say I'm one of those girls that's always been with one of those guys
you know the type
like right now he sleeps while I write
But it's better than crying
warn out from trying
from loving a man who always makes it clear
I am not welcome here Just till he's horny or hungry or needs something clean
you know what I mean But not tonight
Cause come the morning light, oh
I'm gonna love myself More than anyone else
Believe in me Even if someone can't see
The stronger woman in me
I'm gonna be my own best friend
Stick with me till the end
Won't lose myself again
never, no Cause theres a stronger woman a stronger woman in me
light bulbs buzz I get up and head to my drawer wish there was more
I could say
another fairy tale fades to grey
I've lived on hope Just like a child
walking that mile faking that smile
all the while wishing my heart had wings
well tonight I am gonna be
The kind of woman I want my daughter to be
I'm gonna love myself More than anyone else
Believe in me Even if someone can't see
There's a stronger woman in me
Won't lose myself again
never, no.


Anonymous said...

batates batates , i used to like your way & your spirit in writing , but this time i dnt like your tone of depression

i dont hv to know what's the reason for this , but you should always be "the stronger women in you " whatever your mood is :)))))

cheer up ...nothing deserve.

batates_777 said...

Whoever You are :) Thank you !:)
Thnks for takin time to read this , and thnkx again for givin time to comment :)...
and yea i am tryin to be a strong woman...women power you know :)
...that was really moving..thank you again .