Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is it Okay for a girl to ask a Boy out ??Is it Okay if she is the one to propose ??

It happens...whether me or you with/against it.....But when you really think of it and try to apply it on yourself ! how do you find it ??
For a do you find that? askin a boy Out ?? is it okay ?..we all got used to the idea of man playin hard to get YOU,actually i luv it to be that way; him playin the effort ...but whats applied on me not necessarily to be applied on others,so how other girls see it ?!
I hv seen so many girlz askin boys out ..and i hv seen some relations worked out..some been transferred to a friendship , some to dating ..i dont recall any went to further commitement..
You think it ever has any reason to do with the way it started out with ? meaning..that after they both get to know each,,do any still recall who asked whom first ?? does it matter still at that point !!.. what counts then!it should be the real he and the real she ! dont you think ! not who asked whom first !!...
I am here to talk about those who are not playin/foolin around..
I hv seen some that felt that they hv clicked with some , and that some for some reason "maybe shy ...afraid to be rejected...whatever..." so for some reason he is not willing to take the first step,and apparently the girl has the guts to ! so she goes and asks him out..I dont know really how she ll take this if she will ever be answered with NO !! Ouchhh...that hurts ! Big time I guess !!...but if its worth a risk ! dont you think ..they could live their life askin what if !! so better to take the risk !!
Same question is headed for boyz/men ,,how do you find that ....a girl/woman askin you sure you will feel good :) and the selfesteeem we keda:):):) sure you will consider the offer anyway..why not !! if shes a chic ,huh ?!:)...but is it leadin anywhere ? or its just for fun ? will you consider it later ? maybe 10 yrs on who asked whom first ? does it count to you ??
Also, same question goes for proposals....we got used to idea that the guy whos the one to propose..what if she proposes ?!!..we can mention a religious remarkable person who has been taken as an example in that...but not to neglect the way she proposed..she didnt go directly! was through someone common ,who played it right to make it work out..
However,applied on us now.... when it comes to direct proposals..that she asks him directly ?? would you marry me ?? how do you find that ? for both men and women...for a man is it shocking ?? ..and for a it okay for you to go for that ??
for me I know I would never do it..I am not against the Idea either ..and when i come to think of it , i see that sometimes ppl miss the chance coz both were lookin for the other to initiate!! which is stupid !! yes stupid ! that you miss smth that could hv meant to be..just coz you are afraid of some traditions or some answer startin with NO...yet,itsnot me,I cant do it myself..Can You ??!!


Fashion's Darling said...

I don't see a prob with a girl askin a guy out and maybe even proposing but I'm too old school and would want my guy to propose. I can ask a guy out but he gotta ask me to marry him lol..i gotta feel needed lol

batates_777 said...

Hey...I would agree with you on bein of old school, yea..but if we are to talk about the concept itself... how about if ever a girl been rejected ?? how she feels then ? and can she get over it easily ?? is it same as boy gets rejected ?? about the they understand it !! do they really get women askin men out !! or they will be rejected by community itself !! and for the guy ,,do you really think he will be really okay with it ?? you think later on he will be able to deal normally ?!!