Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tamer Hosny ...Just another Fail.."his new album , 2arrab kaman"

I hesitated before writing this..
Maybe coz I am not the type of girl that would write about " Chamer Hosny " :))
Maybe Coz I found it non worth it ! by all means !
Maybe coz i get amazed each time i see an interview with him on Tv or see how ppl /teenage talk about him !!
maybe coz his songs are always on radio !
maybe coz he sang in my brother's wedding !
maybe coz i still like few songs for him ! and sometimes I catch myself singin to him :))
maybe coz I see his moviez ! I am sorry I do !maybe coz i was never against him even throughout the army thing he been through..I see that everyone hs been judgemental though none has the right to ! and everyone Everyone hs his weakness and his mistakes which I am sure he will be ashamed if they were published to public ! So, the guy had mistaken like so many do !! and if its like your Bro or one of your close relatives you would hv said its okay then to skip the military service ! anyway as I said none is UP to judge coz we all do mistakes.Anyways, away from personal life which I am against anyone gets himself involved in>>this is my general rule... and lookin specifically into his new album I just see it another Fail.I wish if he never released it..The lyrics are way " ay kalam "..yea as always , as otherz,whatever you may say..but this one was way bad..yeaa way in meaning and terms..i just disliked it big time ,music and compositions are like any..nothin new..so boring that you may skip the song before you even get a minute far.I am sorry for You Tamer if this is the King of generation..what a Loss ! for our generation :)) A big loss of whole generation actually if this is the music they like !!I am just afraid I get again someone tellin me...that album is Fantastic :) if you are followin the posts here you ll sure get what i am talkin about ;) wicked me :))..but that album is a hell loss.
P.S : Plz donot get me wrong...if you think this is one of the subjects I wanted to talk about while I was Off here..no WAYyy!!

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Anonymous said...

Just got home from a holiday in Sharm El-Sheik... I felt in paradise there swimming in the fantastic pools
with the background music from the album Arrab Kaman.
I love Egypt, Cairo, the friendly egyptian people. ;)