Monday, July 7, 2008

Tamer Hosny again..with his new movie,Captain Hima

I am kinda embaressed to say what i am gonna do...hmmmmm...e7emmm...well , i been to tamer hosny's new movie :$..."maksoufa "...and i am gonna shock you now when I tell you that I liked it ! and I actually hd fun !!!...weird ha ! I could hv denied it..i could hv never mentioned it to any ! especially I been to it alone " coz sure i found no body to come along " body is interested in such moviez I know..and yeah I am nt supposed too !...but I sometimes find such moviez are really amusing sorry but I liked is nt a movie like you are goin and expectin to see a great movie with plot and whatsoever...nah ,it is just like a video clip more or less...where you see a nice actress for me "Zeina : ..shes cute and she was cute in that one indeed..and Tamer ...ummm am not to talk about him..i hv linked to this post the other i did days back..anyways..I enjoyed it..I amnot afraid to say it..and I will not deny it...ana msh maksoufaa..heh bs..

relieved now :)....

and Please dont start it ,,am not here to crticize..i will not start it..i just enjoyed it !! and I felt I owe him that..I wouldnot say I didnt like his album in public and see his movie in secret! dont hv to go see needs a special mood and....never mind..forget it:)

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