Monday, July 7, 2008

It Only Happens when You least expect it ! vs. the Secret

True...good things only happen when You least expect them to least this is how I see it ..."sometimes ".....coz for sure there are times when you really want smth and it does to happen..but generally I see this rule works and works fine for quite ppl I do know.

When I think of it closely , I really wonder coz for instance it is the opposite to the idea of The secret "..the well known book " which talks about how if you want smth badly and truly..and you believe in it will transfer this energy to the universe..and whole Universe will do it for you and hv it done..and it all depends on your hv to believe it in it enough...the book even gave you a practical example ; you are lookin for a parkin space for your car, so all you hv to do is.. you visualize it and imagine how it will be and You will just find it.right there as you imagined it to be..I tried it more than once, and I cant deny that it worked for few times..and I just called it Luck though ...." The idea of the book is kinda opposite to my theory which is happenin most of time...

I try always to rely everything on facts and for the " secret" Idea,I always believe we have to think of it other way around, that we pray and ask GOD to have it come true..and it comes true from GOD ..and the universe is just a reason for havin it come true..but it would never if GOD didnt let it we ask Allah..and we pray to hv it true...and we gotta be havin Yaqueen which is true faith in Allah that he will be only doin the good for us... Only we get it if it comes along with what we were lookin for in 1st place,,,and we never get it if it just never happens ! or even been delayed....we gotta be believers in both..either it happens and comes true or not..we gotta be believin that its Gods will ..not anything else..

but what I like about the secret that it gives you that hope, and that power of how a believer can be ,also bein optimistic too...coz the Universe doesnot get the NOT..if you say i will not do will see "will do it excludin the NOT.

away from the secret and back to that proverb /saying whatsoever....I still see it valid ,,I cant recall how many times I was lookin for things to happen or to buy/ to get "way badly " and I never got them...and later on...which soemtimes goes for Years and decades it just Happens !

I still believe it is all Good and kheir for me...whatever...whenever...wherever..

How about you ?

how do you find that ?

P.S : The Book as everything has been transfered to a movie , it is not yet in theatres..but here is a link for the movie.

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