Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bucket List...worth seeing..

I know I know , I am so talkative tonight..Promise You last thing and then I ll dig in bed..well ,it is about the Bucket List..that movie I missed in theatres but had a chance to see it recently...
It is a so good movie...I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson...both are brilliant...they way are..and that movie is not a so complicated movie that you might think when you see both names..on the contrary it is a light movie with deeper meaning and a msg that it will leave in you...You will be entertained with both will laugh ,cry and think.
The idea of bucket list which the movie's name came from is:based on some philosopher's saying that you need to write down all your wish-to-do list before you die.
so the bucket list is typically that wish list...
in the movie, they both set a list of wishes..which myself found many in common ..I wish I do sky diving someday..I wish I go to the jungles in Africa...Kineya maybe...woww..
I wish I hv a Tatto "Just cant..forbidden"....wish I laugh till I cry >>Thank God I sometimes Do.
and I sure would like to add : I wish I visit Bahamas...I wish I go for Pilgrimage too..I wish I have my own place with a Dog and swimming Pool...I wish I can go car racing ....I wish I can help ppl though they didnt ask me to....I wish I climb a mountain too " not saint -Caterine...coz this is not climbin".....I wish I can buy red Dodge Ram "truck"
and a mini cooper too...I wish I hv my own business too...I wish I hv a bookstore / flower shop / a bakery ....I wish I hv my own Beach...I wish I hv a yacht... i wish i hv a farm with horses..mmmmmmmm
I wish :)

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