Friday, February 6, 2009

Somebody please explain!!

I was just checking my facebook when I was hit by so many albums added by someone I DO KNOW "well”! Or at least I think that I do!!The Photo albums are all about girls and boys of 20 ' a year or two plus or minus’! All with hard drinks!“I know that their parents / families are not that COOL! And they will never be COOL about it “

This is my not first time to check out someone's profile to get shocked by pix I don't really like! No, but maybe those others' I got used to are for guys of late twenties , early thirties, so maybe I can say they are grown-ups ! Not an excuse though! I don't know!

Am not to discuss whether they drink or not! Am talking about publishing their photos that easily! To EVERYONE! Even if it is for a closed circle of friends of 300 maslan!?
Pictures of guys and gals all drunk! In poses I have no clue how they dare to! Both boys and girls! I really wonder!
Everybody is free to do whatsoever! Okay! But why to take pix of it! Especially you know well, this is not your background! Not your culture? And this is not like the majority sees as well! And if it ever been told to your parents it will be a real hell! So why to take the pix? And why to publish them?

And what really shocks me more, the comments on the pix! Of people that don’t at least share same life-style "malhoumsh Fe ay 7aga, and on their comments, they fake it!!they try to go with the flow !! Their sayings go between “wow, you look stunning! Oh, you look great together, eiiii, teeee, ceeee,"as if this is all normal and me only freaking alien living here!I know those people for god's sake!

Am not talking about some other freaking creatures I don’t know well!So if the ones taking pictures having smth wrong in their systems, what’s so wrong in those who are commenting?!
I thought I got used to the idea of girls posting their profile picture in swimming suits! Though I really never get it!! Why to reveal some picture that is not supposed to be seen by everybody!Why all friends, friends of friends “sometimes everybody, which includes all people you know and don’t know! Maybe your colleague, someone was just passing by your door, your boss, the man in the supermarket, your neighbor,your driver,your doctor...whoever really!

Why do you let them see what they are not supposed to!!?I am sure that if that picture was of hardcopy! Think they won’t let it be distributed and published that way?! and just let it get into everybody's house! and office!
You now one thing that really pisses me off! when you see a bunch of boys surrounding someone's PC at work,and when you come close you figure out that they are checking out some Girl's pix on facebook! it feels humiliation and I feel pity for the girl!
I don't consider myself a narrow minded person! Ever known as an open-minded !
where is privacy? Privacy is not only setting your privacy settings,to limit access to your profile! No! privacy,is too keeping stuff to yourself NOT published everywhere!
Somebody explains! please!!


marooned84 said...

so that's what made ur day creepy? don't think so!

well, I wish I can give u a piece of my mind over this, but I can't. I'd just say the same that u did. If u wear a bikini or drink or do drugs, fine (somehow) but to publish ur photos on facebook? that's more than showing off.. that's being stupid!

if u came up with a logical explanation, please tell me!

hope the creepiness would go away soon!

seher's shenanigans said...

our worlds have become too small and the people lot has become too open about the things they do and also about marketin em.
it is a shame.
i have been low on fb for my own reasons and yet i feel i am not low enuf!

batates_777 said...

Marooned ,
I really cant find an explanation but to show off ! but as you said it is stupid !!
I over discussed it with myslef and couldnot get any answer ! I just wish if i can do the discussion with one of those I talked about ! but i just cant !
I dont hv the guts i guess !
not that I am afraif to say so!no!
I am just afraid of bein offensive ! afraid that I get misunderstood ! I donno !
I am not negative generally ! maybe I am afraid that they think am not Open ! I really donno!

And no, thats for sure not the reason for the creepy day:) it was creepy long before that thing,maybe I found someoutlet to breathe my anger out !

You know how many times I deactivae and re-activate my account !
I do deactivate for being sick of idea ! and re-activate it when I mainly need to check to new events and some friends livin abroad ! otherwise It is sick