Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Those Little things what really matter!

All those little things you stopped to do!
All those little things you Now over do!
This way of talking! And shutting me up!
This way of really filtering what or not to tell!

Fine! If this is the way! Really Okay with me!
It isn't about some question been asked!
You attack! You defend! Why the heck!
Though the talk was just on going!
And I was by all means self- controlling!
Making an issue of it?! Me?
I will stop talking.


mayz said...

no one to blame...not urself...not d other person...jus situations...its always d situations

batates_777 said...

yes mayz its always situations , but its all about The Attitude due those situations !

seher's shenanigans said...

i hate attitude :(

batates_777 said...

Yes Seher ! i do too :(