Monday, June 16, 2008

Yoga for life ..Yoga for Inner Calm and Peace Of Mind

Searchin for Inner calm and Peace of mind ? Then you need to schedule for the next comin Yoga class..and you will never miss it again. This is one thing I am keen to do and keep up to even if I have a busy schedule or I am even late at work...

Yoga is the relief you will be lookin for , Yoga will be the outlet for your negative energy , Yoga will help you stay in shape as it has so many stretching postures..Yoga will help your blood circulation..Yoga will help you to ficus your mind and get back yourself to face the very noisy crowded traffic..and the hectic life routine we are slaves to.

Yoga will help you to relax and and will help you in so many ways to get rid of your anger, yes by breathin as many would have already thought of it and other times by special postures...there is some posture as you lay down on the ground ,straight your body on the ground, and then with keepin your hands on the floor you rise up your body and stretch out in opposite direction to the gravity. rise up as far as you can , and just few seconds to minutes you will feel it aches and can not stand it any more, this is when you start to count and maintaining' your long as you may see some lights ! this is what my teacher told me...maybe coz you might feel dizzy ! I dont really know..coz I never reached out that point...anyways, teh thing is this posture is like a relief to anger and all bad things in your mind and all the negative energy you may try it once with help on some may try it to relief your anger before you get mad..and you may try it as soon as you got there to also get rid of is quite true..

Well, Yoga has so many type and kinds..The one I practice is HAtha Yoga..which goes like breathing most of the time while doing many would think it is just a work out class ! yet it is not..and that's whats good about it....In work out classes I believe as I used to attend them and I still...we are mainly concerned with the muscles work out / rising' your heart beat...however your calss type..But with Yoga you focus your mind on breathing while doin those breathin comes first and then the work out...

One type of Yoga I heard about is called " Ashataga" but it is not so popular here...I read about it on the Internet and i guess it is more advanced..

One of the posture I dream I can do is Head stand ! the thing is i am always afraid ! i Donno why ! i like have this fear inside that i may kill myself with it :)!! break my neck ! my Back!! Outch !!! thats why i always panic when he says...head stand !..But shoulders stand are okay..

The good thing also about Yoga, that once you feel like doin it , you just need nothing to do it !! yea.. can do it at a sea side would be great.
and if you are like U can not live without it anymore...You just can't go to bed before doing some poses...

One thing which is really important..that you should not think that Yoga itself will get you that inner peace ! is an asset , a big one..but not the only thing....coz sometimes as soon as i am done with the class and I run to catch some fellows or go home I lose that energy throughout my way...either in traffic or letting someone gettin on your it also needs an effort to maintain that positive energy you gain due the class...also recommended to be not on Alcohols , Drugs , You do not Smoke..and preferable to be a vegetarian..I am not my self a Veg . So no worries.

I am attaching here some link which could be useful for you to check out about Yoga..Hope you find it Useful.

I Wish Happiness and Peace of mind , to myself and my people...This is how we always finish The Yoga class.
Be Happy

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