Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a House Wife vs. a Business Woman

Have you ever thought of it ?? whatever your gender is ! male or female !! ..the question actually goes for both....and applied in all cases...

lets start with males and give all options and see how Men can find this..
bein in a relationship with a business woman ?? i amnt really lookin 4 "meraty modeer 3am " just statin all possibilities takin into consideration that the woman could be in a higher post than her man...and i think that the eastern guyz mainly dont get along with bein in a lower profile job than their wives!...anyway thats nt the case im talkin about..
i am talkin about mainly " women"...your mom, sis, friend,wife..whatever role she plays in ur do you see her from a man's point of view ?? some agree on puttin her in the frame of bein a mom..and only there for cooking, house stuff..n whatsoever related to family..i.e.a housewife
others see her, a doctor, a teacher, .....not a dancer plz :) kiddin,elmohem she could be doina good decent job n still havin her home life...but then i think in my point of view she ll never be as givin as the housewife..sure thing...but it ll be like 50 50..50 for her job n 50 for her house..and in so many times there will be times when she s in trouble coz either she needs to be around her family n kids or doin jobs to get promoted..

As a man whom do you prefer to be with ? and do you get the consequences of your choice ??..for choosin the housewife type you sure know what it takes..and hv to deal with it,coz ur wife ll be bored stayin at home all day n night..doin home stuff n takin care of the kids..even if she has activities n go out,,yet she ll still be bored enuff..especially if you hv to come home late ..and some times 8ish is late enuff for her,coz you finish the earliest at 5..traffic takes you min 2 you bardo wont be home before 8 ! n she is up ya me3allem from the very morning..doing breakfast..cookin,,cleain,washin,,all what it takes..and hv nothin else to do but waitin foryou..n u come home tired n not in the mood to talk !..u might be understandin once ! twice ! but will you for the entire life !!..
however if shes havin a hv to eat what ever she puts for you :) she doesnt hv time for cookin good hot meals on a daily basis ! she sometimes not home before 7ish and maybe she stays for late too !! she might be travellin too !! you might not be seein her due the weekend ! she might miss some of the family events as much as you do !! the kids will be livin in 1st early ages at grandpa / grandma..though both cant be handlin babies anymore ! they just cant sit em !!..or you might risk it and hand you 1yr baby to a nursery ! which is totally 7aram !!..and im only talkin here about SHE doin only a decent job..she s nt a business woman yet !! what if she is kaman !! what if she wants to be one !! how can a man handle this ? hw about her family n kids ??
back to SHE in a decent job...some times the job doesnt pay off still she keeps on doin it , maybe coz she needs the money..she needs the job for her spirit..lookin to get promoted so she lives on the job here could be rewarding and could be not...yet she holds on to it.

I dont want to take you far with this..but as i started my talk with ,, that was for the man about she sees it ?? hv u thought of it ? n did u take it into consideratin too ; what shee neeeds !

As a woman i can tell, it differs from one to another...some really like it at home..others do for only goin to club / hang outs/ shopping//a buncha in a real need for it !! they can not just resign..they cant afford it...also, some or maybe few workin for the career thing.

n each is havin its pros n cons..maybe theoritically u can say you can balance...i can hv my job n yet my home life...and as we said there is always a 50 loss in this least for 1st 5-6 yrs of the baby age...maybe later on its okay..but its awful if u miss your baby growin up !

hmmm,,its a tough choice....really is.Clueless Huh !!
but which one would you go for ??

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