Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do You Hear your inner voices?? Do You let them OUT !!

Inner Voices.!!...Are you familiar with that ?? have you ever experienced a talk /conversation with 'em ? Do you usually " if ever " let them talk...or it is you only who supposed to do the TALK.......Do you let them OUT if ever ??..

Would You talk to them if you are around your working place ?? sitting in Ur desk and hence you start talking nobody but actually you are talking to yourself so ppl call it..they might think you went insane to do so you give it a S*** ? Do you really care ?..

Most of brilliant ideas came to me while I was in one of those conversations by the way..I know you might think and who the heck gave you right to judge that they were brilliant ! well i think they were so..n this is what counts for me in so many cases and i could see the impact on me so i could tell they were brilliant.

I am not talking actually bout that thinking when you sit by self and give your brains all spaces to think over smth without disturbance from anybody..that silent talk..not really..I mean the out loud talk..that you do to yourself, and sometimes it lasts for minutes I would not say for hours ! takes minutes till you figure out you are afraid that you lost your mind :) or get awakened by someone calling you crazy! wake up ! don't hv to be day dreaming to do so..non

We can go far by this, that you imagine that inner voice is some dragon lyin inside you..and he is just looking 4 stuff other than what everybody goes are honest and he just hates your honesty when it comes to ppl making tricks or playing with re naive enough to let them do, and he//they just hate that about you...a movie just hit me now..its one of my favorites if not the most fav.,its fight club..and yeah its about that too...tyler durden ...1st Rule about fight club is ? You do not talk about fight club !..Oh,, I luv this you recall that one??

kind of same idea i am talking about...i know you could be not familiar with it ! nor in love with the idea ! and you might call it sanity ! i donno..but i feel it and see it true.

that you sometimes feel like doing smth but just everything around you implied on you just to do the opposite, or your community and family put you in some frame that you can't change! so you have you inner voices substitute for is complicated i know..and i cant deny it would be risky /dangerous sometimes if you let it go beyond control..or in away that let ME think you went is cool to hv your inner voices awake just like consciousness but never let them take the upper could destroy you, and i hv seen examples in real life suffering from it just coz they let them having control of everything.
Beware of your inner voices then, be Friends with them, meaning you don't hv to suppress yourself to be just like an iceberg which is showing only a good snowy top while deep in , under the surface a hell of trouble far distance..

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