Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Hang Out places ? any Idea?

One of the questions we shoot all the time ..any new hang out places !! upcomin events! moviez out in theatres ! good place to chill out ??

Well..that post will be specifically for that..
I will mainly post any new place I hit , my evaluation of it...
I will too if I hear of a new concert upcomin , ...etc
so keep on checkin this out..
and it would be useful if we share the knowledge ! :) If you have any idea..pls, let me know .

P.S : I added some new pages to my blogs contains a buncha of blogs i visited and i think they are awesome , also official pages for some places where you can find an event / cultural event / hang out place / is about fun

I will keep on updating that part too, so keep an eye on it..


batates_777 said...

Mounir live @ beit beitak show, comin wednesday , 18/6

Mounir @ cairo opera hous , july 11th.

batates_777 said...

Hi again...
As I said before I will try to update this as soon as I can..

here I go , I just noticed how el Geneina theatre will be full of action this July
check ot the page at this :

its woryh it, its like every thurs and friday they are holdin a nice event...check it out