Monday, June 2, 2008

sleepless in .... ??? not in Seatle nor In Cairo ;)

hmmmm,,, i need to sleep..badly..i hd a pretty looooong day and a hell of driving.....but the good thing is i been to Yoga Class..which makes me feel good about first i thought it doesnt bring that inner calm or peace of mind coz mainly the hatha yoga depends on excercises...but later on i found out how good it makes me feel ! it doesnt change anything externally...on the contrary it works on the internal side..its about breathing..focusing your mind on breathing while doing some some abs . back muscles...etc
Its really good for circulation of blood ..i just extracted that fromm the movie in the land of women where the young gurl of like 10 yrs was doin yoga n was tellin her mom about how good it is for health...anywayz the yoga thing was quite nice...what wasnt nice later then when i hd to stop 4 that long listening to that mate talkin about her work ! wasnt only boring but also not goin anywhere! u know when u dont talk and all u do is the hmmm! oh! yaa!!! in a loop of oh hmmm yaaa! n whenevr u try to add smth u just feel like sayin oh yaaa hmmm...that how was it wasnt quite fun wastin like an hr talkin / listenin / hmm ohh yeaa there while i could hv wasted it in seein my fiancee ..or havin a god meal at once coz i was already starvin n a terrible headache in addition...
anyway..afterall that looong i am,, in bed..lookin 4 some sleep..i wish i can get it as soon as i can coz im havin work tomorrrow n i wish i can make it early least to avud the traffic jam.I guess i ll be goin now..i might try to focus on the soemtimes works...
n just breathe in ..Breathe out
i wish happiness,inner calm n peacee of mind for myself,family and my people.

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