Sunday, June 15, 2008

Euro 2008 ---- Rocks

I am sorry that I am missing most of the Euro2008 matches :(( You know coz of what ?? Coz of those stupid ppl who buy the broadcasting rights to themselves ,,and either we buy or don't see..this is really ridiculous you know..

So many are following it from coffeshops , homes where they got to pay or have the code to decode the channel and see it for free..last resort is to watch it many sites are streaming the matches online,, but you have to suffer till it gets buffered ...and buffeting n buffering and more buffering ..and you miss the Goals and the fun of watching the match..

It really annoys me ! this is like some outlet for somany ! so why dont they just give it for free ! why do they hv to get benefit of everything !! I am afraid we get to the day when they sell us the air we breathe !!!..

Forza Azzuri..though they r nt doin any good so far still they are my number 1 :)

Holland is applying her Rules..Portugal is a competition...Euro 2008 Rocks


Fashion Addict said...

Hi! thanks for commenting on several of my posts. I really appreciate it! I like your blog too and thanks for adding my to your blogroll. Your also on mine now.

Thanks again!

batates_777 said...

Hey Fashion addict glad that you been throuh my page , acyully i liked your posts and what really amazed me the most the common things yu talk abot and hit me ! though we live in2 diff countries,,across rivers ,oceans and seas..still you can find ppl think of things SAME WAY ...and not accidentally in one thgought or two ! but actually it went far than that ! ..keep up the good ideas and good posts :)

batates_777 said...

Just for the records..
spain won Euro2008 , i think they deserve it..though they r the reason why Italia wasnt in for finals..but spain did it well.