Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Should you know all about me???

I was hit by this question today..coming from the well known author : Paulo Coelho .on his page via facebook.
He usually posts some questions and spread them out to all his readers..and this one was for today's..and as I am a big fan of Paulo and as I always love reading his books or posts...that question stopped me ?! not only coz he is asking and we should respond to it ! nah...but as always his writings do to us,,inspire us..and hit you at some point....

Should you know all about me ??...

before responding to his question I had a look over his page again..and I stopped so many times at : some people have been horrified with my past !! ...and I let myself thinking of it way deeply....and my thoughts didn't go far from the responses he got on his page..some are okay with revealing it ,but with someone you trust,,others see it a personal stuff..and mysteries should remain mysteries and secrets to where they belong...etc.

But still Question remains..should you ?? should I know all too ??
Good question, ha ?? thanks to Mr Coelho ...
Think of it deep enough and maybe you respond to Coelho and might tell us what you said..

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