Monday, June 16, 2008

Do Women Reveal their true age ? Or they Just Never Do !

Am I okay with gettin older? in Age ?! Is it okay that I am 28 ?! Do I feel like I missed out smth I should have done ? Do I feel like not sayin my age out ?! Will I ever get to that Point !!

Well, as for the most of women I personally know , they DO NOT reveal their true age ! ..they just hide it , and on the opposite they try to look younger and give a number that way far to their true age. It is like they do not only subscribe 2 to 3 yrz ! nah , some go far beyond that! they do give 10 yrz minus ! Do you believe that ! As if the requester , who ever asked the question , Doesnt have eyes !! And sometimes they just go on this lie till they really end up believin it and they might get into fights with some others if started accusin them that they are lyin about their age" You know women talks "..

And when You think of it , Actually , Women think it is Impoliteness of a guy to ask sucha question ! , and if he was ever given an answer it is always age minus , and he should reply back still : Oh goddd,,no way ,, You look way younger !!

This is what the woman is typically looking to hear..That she looks young , pretty and she is never growin OLD.

It reminds me with our actresses here , when they show on TV , and whenever they talk they do as if they are 20 smth ,max early thirties,,,,though we all know that they are min. early forties if not older !..I have seen that woman when I was 6 yrz and she was like how come after 20 yrs she still 30 !! I bet they are all bad in Maths !!

But, why does age scares women to that extent ? Are we just scared of the idea of some number bigger than 20 ! we only been taught to stop at 25 and we are not able to count any further !!...whats wrong of you 30 40 50 ..whatsoever !! You really lived that age ! don't you ?? You been here alive for this number ? so what makes you hide it ?? Do men suffer about it too ? Or its only women STUFF??

Why even with makeup You still look in your age , what makes you think that by covering all the shades on your face , and around your eyes then you have the right to be younger than your age..

you may look young in real and you may not, you may look younger after you wear on your make up , but still your age is still same ..have a quick look over your ID and it will tell you .

What annoys me that I come someday to some point that I hate revealin my age ! and I either skip the question or I pretend that I never heard it..or give another age..and after all , we will be sayin this is not a question to be asked !! this is not Etiqette ! You are not Civilized:))

What if you give your real age , and the requester just comments , oh ! you look older ?!!
>>>>>>this is Rude...I admit..

either he says a compliment or just say Nothing..

But why is it always smth important to know someone's age ? why women themselves while sittin around each other , in a gossip gatherin , they enjoy givin other women their real age ! and start mockin at it ! though themselves are not revealing their true age ! way contradicting ! so it is not always a man asking a so many times its a women game .

For me , I think till this moment and as long as I believe the same I will be always sayin how old I am ..I have nothin against it to hide it,nor to decrease it..this is what I lived , and That what I did and This is where I got to so far. and here what I achieved !
I believe that the problem is not about the Number as much as the status which indicates where you are ! and what you have achieved so far !

Meaning, I think "She" would be happy sayin : Oh , i got married again when I was 60 ! and I even Got a baby born ! here,,it would be smth she flatters with.

She will be happy saying , I got grandchildren and I am still 40....she will be happy then that she got to that stage and shes 40 ! she will be proud of those 40 yrs then .

This is the point, or At least how i see it , what really counts that what you have done in those years ? hence , I think you will be okay with your age..

It is always like you are living the right phase in exact perfect timing...meaning : its okay for me to be 20 and still go to skool , coz everbody is doin it ! but it is not okay if i am 30 and still do !! coz i just went off line ! out of phase ! and missed some stage where my friends and ppl of my age group are already in !! They are having their work now and gettin paid !

I know how this specifically feels, coz I had a yr dropped out at school , and it way annoyed me ,big time actually...and seein my freinds gettin their first jobs and settlin in while I still go to school ! was like the ugliest feeling ever !! I think then You might hate that extra year you lived at school and yu might hate your age coz when you say it to others ,they are expectin you to be a grad by now .!

It also aches if you are single for looong and you just aging up ! it hurts, and you might hate the number..I experienced that too, but that never stopped me from revealin my age !

Not livin the stage at the right time might make you feel you do not want to hold that number ! you may feel it doesnt belong to you ! you only hold "X" which you really felt that you lived.

But I can assure you that there will always be smth that annoys you about the number, even when you go through diff stages of life, coz we are always askin for more, as I think that by now I should hv had a 3 yrs old Kid .and have my family and sure married coz this is the rule.,and am not any of it annoys me ! that am still out of phase ! I need to sync !...
However, I am sure there will be always smth you demand which is not there and will make you feel uncomfortable with the number.

Still, I can not hide the fact , that there are some ppl who annoy you about : Q : how old are you ? ....A : x
Q : Oh god ?? no way....

a- you look older >>>>>>>>this is way Rude
b- oh no, you look younger >>>this is rare..could be true..but in so many cases, it is a compliment
c- You must be kiddin me ! You "X" and still go to same place ? and do same stuff ? and Your peer " and start mentioning names of ppl you know who are younger ,,and give you hard time by tellin you to where they got ".

"C " happens here all the time , it is like culture....They always hear the number and start relating to others and how loser you are !!! they just give you hard times.
And even for "C ' , I experienced it alott....

Another thing...that came out of culture too, that they usually call any female with "ya madame" which is " madame, Mme " but this is not for respectful , they give the title here for any girl gets married , she sleeps with modmoiselle title ,second day she wakes up to find herself holdin this title,"madame",,and it is more or less like Mrs. I would not like to mess with these titles until I become in phase.

So i dont luv bein called " Madame" while am not ! am still a girl !..and I hv no clue why they do call me so !! so the only explanation that goes for me is coz YOUR AGE.

that as if by the age of 30 ,you got to be married ! who said so !

There are some who canot differentiate btw modmoiselle and madame here ,,as the ushers or whoever gives you help on the road,,they just use madame word...but what is the excuse for educated ppl ! why do they sometimes call it to girls !!! ! though there is nothing sayin she is married yet !

I do not know why am annoyed about this specifc issue ! but I hv always been with it ! I wish if they sometimes stop call you anything..they do not hv to give you any title !!

Moreover, which makes it worse..when you accidentally chat with some teenager , a guy or girl of age 10+ " I am here givin excuses to 10 - " ,, so for those guys , and for so many times they look way old and taller too...anyways when you talk to them , they just say the word "Auntie " ,For me I just hate it , i luv ppl to call me with first name , we at my work place call each till top manag. with first names..its smth common ..
The guy or Gal speaking is only 10 yrz younger ! so you think i gained the title aunite !! it just kills me and makes me feel sick !! i am not auntieee..I by no means could be one !!! My only feeling then is just slappin him/her on the face.<>
I remember , tHat I have been always cautious about givin those auntie / uncle titles , that I ask my mom that if i should be callin him Uncle or her Auntie !as if me was aware of the feeling it leaves on the person who been called Uncle / Aunitie !!..especially it comes from ones you hv no clue why they are usin it ! I remember that once , a girl who is like 14 and maybe older .it happened in a situation like this : we were standing before a coffebar @ some coffee place, and I do not know the girl... , and I gave her help and handed her the coffeecup..and she with that naive look said : merci ya tante !! >>> oh godd,,,tante !! and she is drinkin coffee ! can you imagine ! she is not a kid !! all I felt like was throwin the coffee in her face , but I sure did not.
That was like the answer " a " for me , that "You LOOK OLDD" coming from her side.

And if the opposite just happens, which i cant deny that it still happens alot , that i get stopped by ppl to ask me how exams went up ? how is skool ? and so ...and they just get shocked when I tell them I am done with school for more than 5 yrs now...I cant deny it feels good..Just the opp. to that last one.

Mainly, those were the reasons I see that could make one hates his age and not looking to reveal it, but the thing is by Not revealin it ? do you really think it has been hided ? not the number ? Dont you think its there on your face ? with all the lines that yrs left and still leave on you ??

Who cares afterall ! Am not so sure if men pass through this too or its only women's issues.

However , I am mad at those who mistakenly use the titles "Ms ,Mrs " mad at those nosey ppl who interfere in your life and just give you hard time about your age...Am mad at those teenagers who pretend to be POLITE and NAIVELY call me Auntie... Am mad at the media which made ppl think that you are 50 and still act the 20 's Roles ! I am mad coz I feel am sometimes out of phase !!! But , I am really okay with growin UP ! which I even I mentioned before in some older post ! Growin up is a bless in fact ..even if you speed up and you are as wise as 50 while you still 20 ! and still look 20 ;) ...

Yet I will always be revealing my age...and I will be proud of it..Always.


Anonymous said...

Hi batates_777 , may b becoz u r 28 that why u feel proud of revealing ur age , but i m sure when u became 35 , u will skip 2-3 yrs of it
from a very personal experience , being 30 & single is not somehing comfortable at all specially when u r living in arabic countries,

mmm....may b i would say i am 25

do u think "it s a lie ????"

i found ur blog by chance , thanks to keep writing ur thoughts ..i just love them
keep it on ;-)

batates_777 said...


At first: I am glad that you really liked it ..

For being 28 I dont think this is Young !! not by any means ! And I sure know what you are talkin about ! and I faced it myself for passed 27 yrz ! and I know how it aches and I know how ppl give you hard time on it all time !! believe me I know...and I know the gossip around families or community around you inovolvin You bein single and in that Age...I have always been there...It sucks..I know..BUT it is so coz ppl around us who are responsible on that ! they r still so narrow minded and they cant take the age thing that easily esp if you are single. and as long as it is PPl's fault not mine neither yours ! then we shouldnt bother ourselves about it ! it is their pb if they dont get it ! not mine ! this is my life and this is how i am gonna live it ! my way ! not theirs !!!
and if they hv a close look to their lives! they ll find how misreable they are so they d better focus on themselves in 1st place before gettin into others lives !! and look around how many divorces you see ! I wouldnot love to go there even if i ll continue to be single for lifetime !..So really...dont bother urselves about others,, or what others think ! they ll never stop interfering ! and they ll never stop finding smth not comfortable with you ! you know even if u were marrie.they ll say look she doesnt hv babies !!..if you hv one ,,they ll say poor she! hs only 1 ! if all r girls babies !! same thing...poor this community !! we should change it and stop respondin to their will !! Do it your way..
wishin you all Luck
Be happy.

The.I.inside said...

Read your post, Loved it.
and I really think men go through the same dilemma only they go through it in their 40's. Arab Community is a little bit more forgiving toward men

batates_777 said...

Hello I ,

I am glad that you did , and I kinda agree with you ! but guess they once start having the problem by age of 40 that they never stop it ! it goes to 80's and as long as they live ?!

So how does it feel now ,about you lookin younger?

The.I.inside said...

would it surprise you if I told you it still feels the same?

batates_777 said...

hmmm, kind of !
I thought by letting you see the other side of the moon , you will just love yours !

meaning, by goin through the hassle of age and looking OLD , n how does it feel lookin Old or Older! ...maybe it will let you appreciate the fact that you look younger !
especially its common ,that all women love to look young LATER ..
dont you think then it is a bless that you look younger?

batates_777 said...
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The.I.inside said...

O! no! don't get me wrong, I know it's a blessing. but I can't help getting irritated at times when people get surprised by the fact that I don't go to school anymore.
A lot of my friends are starting to lie about their age already. but there is sometimes when I need people to look at me, and see a grown up, So I would stop acting like am still 17. but then maybe am just blaming people for what I can easily change by myself.
If I didn't stop now, I'll re-write the whole post here again (just different words)

batates_777 said...

I totally get you , and Know what you are talkin about ..I have over talked it with my girlfirends , who are " petite " little in figure and body , though they look GOOD ! , I know it has nothing to do with it .
Anyway, throughout our always conversations about it..what LOOKIN bigger /older suffer , and what lookin younger Do, it ends up that 2nd part is feeling better and thankful that they do look young ! and they wish if they still look as if they go to school !
you know when you will really feel it ? when you get married and have babies , and then you will feel flattered that you hv kids who will grow and be as tall as you , and still ppl think that you go to school ! it will feel great then ? No ??
Just imagine the opposite and you will know what I am talkin about..

by end of the day , it is attitude not real age is spirit ,and it is You...

P,S : I really feel cool, when peaple think I still go to school :)) I feel flattered :)