Friday, January 2, 2009

Chocoholic...Shopaholic and I can be a workaholic!

Yes..I am a chocoholic , I love chocolate to death ..I find happiness in a twix bar :) , I see the hot brownies with extra sauce chocolate and scoop of vanilla ice-cream is just Osome!! yummmi, I neeed one now!

I see Caramel as one thing PERFECT on top of anything ! I dont mind Caramel in out anything!

I just love Caramel , so when it comes to the mix , Caramel , Chocolate and Icre-cream ! ouffff !

Thats why the Mcdonalds Sundae chocolate and caramel mixed is still one of my favorites.

I love Chocolate with Hazelnuts , I adore white chocolate too, the toblerone is one of my best .

The Choclate comes along anything you may think of , with Ice-cream as already mentioned, with nuts , with caramel, with Coffee though.

Try your cofffee with a chocolate bar , and see how tasty both will be !

I love chocolate fudge too, and luv that with a cup of tea,mazag geddan :)

I love maltesers ..I love twix , I love KitKat , I love snickers , some galaxy.. I dont luv Bounty !!

I love lindt , I love Favarger and some other swiss ones.

I love anything that can come chocolated :)

Let alone , those tarts , chocolate , caramel , white chocolate , Toffee......etc, there is some shop called Pumpkin , it is my place now :) is a place where you can find any dessert you may wish for !!..endless number of tarts it has, and all are awesome.Indeed !

I luv the twix cake , I adore it actually ..I love the toffee one too ...even the cheese cake when it comes with chocolate topping, I 'd rather have it with caramel :)

The brownies cake that comes with your coffee,know it that little piece ! , just plain brownies !, is my chase too :) , i dont mind having all the brownies in the world in addition to those ones served to my friends too :)

I am sure in love with Nutella , my endless love :) who doesnot love Nutella ??

and sure thing I do luv it ,z nutella crepe .whatever really :)

ana go3t , I need my dose of chocolate...

Chocolate chocolate chocolate ....with all love and passion...Chocolate really helps in bad moods ! I cant think of anything else when I am down ! it is your savior when you PMS ! whenever I am on diet I crave chocolate ...

I told you I am a chocoholic :)

To be Continued know the shopaholic me too.


The.I.inside said...

Dark Chocolate,
Kinder Bueno,
Milky Way,
In addition to what you already said.
Those are few of my Favorite things.

batates_777 said...

You wont believe it ! I am not into Dark Chocolate!
There is a new dark Lindt out now , it is Chili
think you will just love it !
though I am not into dark , i loved it ! try it ;)

The.I.inside said...

I am not sure it's the one you mean, but I tasted a dark chocolate with chili pepper, a friend brought for me from Italy . and although am not into chili I loved it. but I will look for the lindt

batates_777 said...

Yeah , give it a Go :)
and I think you do love it with Mint too ? coz it is too one of the things preferable in Dark