Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ..2009

Happy New Year to you all .
I just canot believe that 2008 is finally officially GONE ! akheeeeran !
and I cant help it but hope for a better year , full of joy , peace and happiness.
Goodbye 2008 with the good and bad it had ..
2009 , i waited for you ..for a happy new year :)..please be good and happy ba2a !!:)

Couldnot find anything better than ABBA's voice to say Happy new year...
have you seen the tower's lighting today ? " el-kahareb yes :)) " was displayin a " Happy New year ",,it was sooo lovely..and I just then felt it in the air , that a new year has finally come :)

Happy New year you , and your family..I wish myself and you too that all our dreams come true ,that we become United ! as benetton colors,kiddin :)...I wish for Free Palestine,Arabs united and Gaza's freedom ...wish all the wars and killing in the world just stop ! wish if we can hv our pride and dignity back ! I wish.

Listen to the song , I just love it..
I extracted those parts :

"Sometimes I see How the brave new world arrives,And I see how it thrives,In the ashes of our lives,Oh yes, man is a fool!And he thinks he'll be okay!Dragging on, feet of clay!Never knowing he's astray!Keeps on going anyway..."

"May we all have a vision now and thenOf a world where every neighbour is a friend"
"May we all have our hopes, our will to tryIf we don't we might as well lay down and die"

Happy New year !


Ahmed Al-Sabbagh said...

happy new year:)

I wish You a Very Happy, Healthy and Successful New 2009 Year


batates_777 said...

Ahemd :)
Thank you for the wishes, I do pass them to you in return ::)Happy new year to you too.