Monday, November 17, 2008


Yes..They will be performing here in Cairo for their first time , in Cairo Opera House , starting from Nov 20 to 23 this year ...Visit their official page.

STOMP are really impressive, I really do not hv to talk about them , check out their videos on you tube yourself , to figure out how brilliant they are.

They do a BRILLIANT music without using any muscial instruments ! they are awesome !

I wish I were able to make it,to the concert , but tickets are really way expensive , they range from 400 LE to 1000 LE the cheapest is like 60 USD ! which I think is way expensive here !!

Even If I can afford it , this is rediculous that you pay that big amount of money to go see smth cultural / musical / whatever is...The government should be doing efforts to bring them over in order to let the popularity see them ! instead of a certain level and certain ppl that always have the chance to see attend such events ! remember last Maria Pages' ! I wrote about that before ! same thing and same tickets prices !!!...

as for STOMP , it is some private organisation who is dealing with this event, so the gov is not really responsible on that ! but maybe regulations or whatever is needed here to make the tickets available for a all levels not ONLY a certain level !

why I will not be able to see STOMP in Cairo ! coz of the tickets prices indeed !

Moreover, they will be performing in Cairo Opera House is a Formal attire then and a Tie !

if you checked out their Videos , you will know for sure what I am talking about ! their shows and their clothes and material used dont suit the Opera house ! you should be in a jeans and T-shirt as one stated in the event page on Facebook not in a Tie !!

But I read there too, that the STOMP who decided to perform in the opera House, they choose it and the organisers had no option ! Also , the STOMP is the reason behind those expensive tickets !

I donno! all I know that, it is really sad that they do it that way ! and they will be here in a couple of days and I wont be able to make it ! I am sad.

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