Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rim Banna ..A voice coming from Palestine

I am glad that I got introduced to that great voice ..Am grateful to that friend who gave me the chance to listen to that great lyrics composed and arranged in so beautiful tunes.

Rim Banna , I only got to know about her weeks back , when I knew about her performing for first time here in Cairo.I marked my calendar and wanted to make sure I reserve my seet there!

Though I was really not sure if I ever heard anything for her before ! but when I got to search about her , I really got can visit her page too on the facebbok to see.

Days went by , and I missed the concert , and couldnt make it , but I was lucky enough to have some of her MP3z on my PC " given by that friend too " , And I am listening to her now , she is really inspiring ..the lyrics are telling alot, in fact that friend who attended the concert told me that each song has a story beneath ..and a story I should listen to , to know how the song is really telling the truth , I am arranging to know those stories soon , and I will try to share them with you too.

Some will find the songs are biased by wars , Palestine, however I saw them telling more than that....You need to listen to the lyrics with closed eyes and open heart..

there is that quote of hers: " I would give half my life to whoever makes a child smiles to replace his cries..." it echoes all the time with me...I wish if world's leaders listen to her too and try to replace those tears running there in Palestine and everywhere else burnin' in wars fire.

I wanted to share some info about Rim Banna , I got them from her page.


Current Location:

Rim Banna’s songs are inspired by the Palestinian people’s conscience and sentiments, from their culture, their history and their folklore. She brings it forth from the desert rhythm in the south, from the long lived song of the sea that spread all over the Palestinian sea shore, from the inspiration of the charming nature and its colors from the meadows and plains, from the returning echo that roams between mountains and valleys, from the sounds of The Ancient Canaanite Hymns, which accompanied streams of sweet waters in its swing among rocks and over small white stones, from the chirping of the sparrows and the garden nightingales, who never emigrate, such as the blessed olive tree, the resisting cactus on the borders of the orchards, and the holy grape tree that spread all over the hills of the Palestinian land. Rim Banna also presents the modern Palestinian Arabic song, which has been received with enthusiasm from the Arab world and the International community. Her songs are categorized as a post modern and highly appreciated Arabic song that promises a bright future for the Arabic song in The Arab World and at the international level. This relates to the song, its tunes and music, and performance.Rim creating an exciting concert, with a message of hope, dignity and freedom for the Palestinian people.

Rim has 10 albums:

1. “Jafra” 19852. “Your tears, Mother” 19863. “The Dream” 19934. “New Moon” (an album for children) 19955. “Mukaghat” (an album for children) 19966. “Al Quds Everlasting” 20027. “Krybberom” Rim Banna & SKRUK (Norwegian choir) a Christmas album. 20038. “The mirrors of my soul” 2005, produced by the Norwegian producer Erik Hillestad, and distributed internationally, it is a brilliant production, on the halfway between jazz and soft-pop with Arab music. The album dedicated to all the Palestinian and the Arab political detainees in the Israeli prisons9. “This was not my story” 2006, Rim Banna & Henrik Koitz (a Danish composer), the album dedicated to the Palestinian and Lebanese people.10. “Seasons of Violet”-Love songs from Palestine 2007, by the Norwegian producer Erik Hillestad.

Rim Banna representing Palestine in the International Festivals in Europe and Arab countries:Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Jordan, Russia, Morocco, Norway, Switzerland, Egypt, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Germany, Tunis, India, Finland, Greece and Brussels.


I wish I did not miss that concert , I wish she comes back for another and I dont miss it that time...

with all love to Palestine and its People .


Marwa Rakha said...

Thank you

batates_777 said...

Marwa , you got me twice ! firstly, coz you passed by my blog ! secondly , you published that post ! I am way flattered !
Thank you girl :) you made my day , though its kinda late now , and was diggin in bed :) but that was a Real good thing.
Thank You

Hasan said...

Thank you for writing about Rim Banna. Her music really is great :)

batates_777 said...

Hello Hassan...
I didnt write on purpose you know :) i was totally moved by the music n lyrics , glad that you like her music too :)

marooned84 said...

Simply amazing singer! but I was soooo disappointed when she didn't sing "ya jammal" in the Azhar Park concert... all the same she has one of the most beautiful voices I know of, and the lyrics and music are different and unique.

batates_777 said...

Marooned , I am glad you been to that concert "with some envy eye here ;) "
nah really am, coz I missed it , and Ya jammal is one of her best I think , I just wish there will be some concert for her again ! any soon ! We might contact Elmawred elthaqafy , which sponsored her first concert , and ask them to bring her over again ! especially I heard shes doing some concerts nowadays for Gaza ! and there had been one held recently in Syria..
who knows

marooned84 said...

Oh yeah I totallly second that :)

really nice to have stumbled on ur blog, really (without envy though)

batates_777 said...

hehehe:) I am glad that you did:)