Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Friend..I am sorry ...

Dear Friend

I am sorry if I disappointed you , I am sorry If I was not there for you when you needed me.
I am sorry , I know I had my reasons why I was not there , but I know no enough reasons justifying though ! I know I tried to ! But you didnt listen though !
I know I am busy and got much busier ! I know I should hv hd time for you.
I tried to make it up to you , yet it is like you are refusing it..You are just rejecting me whenever I try ! I am afaid I Lose hope and hence lose you !
I am keen to keep you close..am keen to hv you in my life , and I am sorry I was not there.
I know what you are passing through..I know how hard it feels , how bad it goes , how far I was !
I am sorry again..Hope my appology finds a place to you..Hope I can make it up to you.
I am sorry again.


Anonymous said...

If you think that your friend "X" didn't understand that it was out of your hand , so you're wrong..
Of course it's understood.
But the issue is @ that moment, "X" felt so lonely and needed the Ears that are used to listen , not any ears but YOURS..
"X" didn't refuse your trial to make it up, but refused to talk in the time You wanted , when "X" was already cooled down ALONE without the help of anyone BUT ONLY GOD.

of course You felt that things went good after between you both, but deep inside "X" will have a very small piece of heart broken, becoz "X" overcame this period alone not with you
As "X" always DO.

P.S you'll never loose "X" :)))))

batates_777 said...

Dear " X " :)

Thank you for passing by , and dropping those lines :)
I am happy that you passed it , am happy that you do good now , am sorry again I wasnt there.
Be Good "X " :))