Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To you 3mry :)

I know I blog started to go some way other than I started with ...But I need to say it out ..yea,and I promise you I will stop talkin bout me personal stuff here,, at least for a decent while :)
So, I will chase it now and say it to my Soulmate...Happy birthday to you :)
wish you love , happiness and peace of mind :)
may all your dreams come true ...n sure those dreams include me ;)
Love you 3mry..from the bottom of my heart :)
And is the song :)
happy birthday to you...chachaa chhaaa
happy birthday to you....cha cha chhhaaa
happy birthday to you , happy birthdya to you...chachaa chaaa
sana 7elwa ya gameel...sana 7elwa ya gameeel...sana 7elwa ya KOKO ;) sana 7elwa ya gameeel
chacha chaaa:) pffffffffffffffffff...
yalla wish a wish :D
Happy birthday to you ya beeby
love you

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