Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Many Thanks to Noha Roshdy..First girl standing against sexual harassment

I just heard about that girl 2 days back ,when I got the link to some newspaper spreading the news via Facebook..At first I was like in denial and thought it could be some news the publisher is using to increase his selling , specially the link was to a some kind of new Newspaper...But As soon as I started reading the news I found out that it is for real , and the interview and It is all real !!

I can not deny it ! I was shocked at first..not coz of the harassment the girl faced ! at all ! as this is turning out to be so common here now..its like the thing everyone is talking about now since the last feast actions and what happened in one of the biggest streets here in town.

Back to Noha, I was kinda shocked coz maybe she is brave enough to stand against it , to stop the guy , to pull him out of his car and grab him to the police station !..briefly thats what happend, a truck driver tried to touch to the girl's body and he even caused her to fall down, and the girl didnt escape and run as anyone would do in her shoes, instead she ran after him , stopped him and pulled him off his car and went to the police station and wrote a statement against him !!

I was like so many saying" eih el-bahdala dee"! as we all raised upon..that girl canot be putting herself in such situations , as she will be losing by the end and " el bent eih gheir som3etha "! rumors and all will be around her ,and ppl will think by the end that its always the girls fault !! First thing they try to do, blame it always on the girl ! either coz of her clothes or maybe whatever about her! and they never blame it on the guy !!! girls should always keep silent and never talk about such jerks and what they do in the streets all day !! Coz its their mistake by the end !!...Even Noha, when she faced that jerk , ppl there at that situation were shocked and tried to convince her to change her mind as she will be causing herself more trouble by getting herself into this !! But the girl stood on her decision..and didnt lean to any...

After i passed through the shocking mode, as everyone, i was like feeling pitty for her , and for the trouble she will go through ,especially she yet will go to the courts..and all the media will be talking about her..but just minutes later , you start getting how brave that girl is ! she is only 26 and she is brave enough to take such an action ! I am really proud of her...I really am...I am even feeling like I want to give her a call and support her ! Thats why I thought of writing this now..To tell her: Noha...Thanks a million , we all are proud of you ..You did teh right thing and I wish we all women / girls can stand for our rights as you did, I really wish..Hope you were the turning point to so many..hope you were the inspiring flame to all women.

And today the girl stood in court , to witness her case reaching out to all worlds..and Yes, she won the case , the guy was accused and punished with 3 yrz in jail " I would give him stop anyone who ever think it is that easy to touch some girl's /woman's body "....and also he has to pay 5000 egy pounds..I would say the punishement is not enough...but it is a success that we finally find one standing for this case and having a good judgement on it , that could prevent many from approaching any girl / woman down there in streets.

Noha, we all women and girls Owe you alottt..we all do; for your guts ..I am really proud of you, I think this is how we all women feel for you..we appreciate what you did; not only for yourself but for every woman and girl outhere...Noha , we are grateful for you..And again and again Thank you.

God bless You.

P.S : if you interested to read that interview, go to that link.

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