Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Had the best birthday Ever....Thanks to 3mry...P.S : I L O V E U

I am lacking words ,phrases or even letters which can describe how do i feel now...but All i know that I am deeply madly in love with you..

You are my everything

and yes you are too good to be true

and I wish I spend my lifetime loving you :)

I had my birthday today ...I had a so special day ..in Everything..a day I will always remember , and memories I will always cherish

I am speechless Really ! I can't even tell how I do feel now, all I know that I pray we get married soon .

Thank you for bringing up the issue tonight..that was really moving :)..I told you I love you !! I really do :)

words donot come easily ! and they r not even close to what I feel..but guess and hope that msg is delivered :) I feel that it is :)

Love you again n again n more over again

rabenna yekhaleeek leyya ya rab " god saves you for me ONLY :) "..

thank you babe..thank you for everything you do ...thank youu

love you 3mry :)

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