Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They just broke up ??!!..she is back single

I do not really know the couple , I do not even know them personally , I know the girl , sort of know her, she is a libra , she is well determined , she knows what she is seeking for , she thinks of marriage and relationships as mush as i do ..she is looking for love ...without settling for less.

she canot accept betrayals..and I canot either !...she is looking for Mr Right as much as myself ! ..she believed in Soulmates and serendipity and I did too ! in fact I still do !

She thought all her demands can be really fulfilled and I think the same.

She loves to give and hopes to take in return , and she hates being taken for granted...I am too !

she is well educated , I wouldnot say an average girl..above average , with special features , I would call her attractive , intelligent , has a good career , well established , stylish , independent , has brains ...and she is really sensetive.

It all started , when I first noticed her in my newsfeed on Facebook , when her status at first changed to be in a relationship..and all ppl started to congratulate her on that as if it was a hit in news..at that time I really wondered about that option , which is holding your marital / relationship status in facebook ! Do you think we should be revealing it ?or hiding it ? letting everybody knows about it ? especially if it is still a start of a relationship..its not marraige yet ! ..should I be telling my status on facebook ? should I reveal it or hide it really ?! should everybody be aware of it and comment on it moreover !! should my personal life be smth published in everyone's homepage in his NewsFeed !!

I wondered back then , and I really did not reach out anything..nor got if which case would be best..however I followed the congrats coming from everybody and all wishing good luck.

And Tonight , I just got the breakup news in my newsfeed again..

She broke up with whoever is , and she returned back to single !! and once again , all who sent their wishes are sending their support msgs this time !..and again and again

I am wondering ! shall it be smth revealed like this ! shall it be in everyones newsfeed!

should it be a thing everyone can comment on !

however I felt like msging the girl..I really sent her a msg , expressing my feelings towards that status and for sure giving her some support..not coz I wanted to do like all did ! at all..

coz the girl was like some inspiring flame for me, and I really wanted to be there for her ! though we dont know each in person ! yet I wanted to be there for her.

and I will not deny it..I am afraid..yes afraid of breakups ,not coz I think of it , at all !...

but i never been through it , and I really wish I never ever ever, and zillionz of ever again , wish I would never go through it..Ever ya rab...yet when I come to think of it I see i can not survive it myself ! how bad, terrifying..it is like a scary thing for me...not coz I hate to go back to single , i sure do hate to go back there, who wants to live alone although he already found his soulmate !

but the idea of breaking up ! of letting go of one you always loved .....of letting go of some part of you !! letting go of a very special part of you !! could anyone handle this !

I know i might be exgagerating the thing coz i was never there , and i wish i never go there.

yet i know that ppl survive , some at least do , and i know some couldnot ! and still live in the OLD !they canot let the past go !! they do not ! they refused to go on ! they are standing still ! awaiting for what ?! I hv no clue !

I have once seen the breakup movie , by Jennifer Aniston, that was a good movie for me and a sad one thouogh.. coz they didnt get back together as they always do in arabic movies..they lived theirlives instead and walked and moved on...

I hope that ppl who breakup that really can go on and move forward ...

But I can not stop thinking why ppl break up ! though I know a millions of reasons ! i am still in denial ! i know that they could both hv found out that they are not matching for each ! both are looking for a different one ! i know that he could hv been cheating on her back ..Men always do !

i know that he could hv turned out to be someone other than the one she really luved !

he maybe was acting all this long and he is not himself !

maybe he is giving her disrespect ! maybe he is afraid of her independence ! her career ?!! her ideas !

maybe Man is always looking for the woman he can have uppper hand on ,,and if he feels equity he gets afraid..and steps back

Maybe He did nt like her looks

Maybe she did not like his clothes

Maybe they both were deceiving each ! not intentionally ! but they were both tryin to show best of each !

Maybe he was too cool ! maybe he was too jealous !

maybe she was too !

lots of Maybe's here !! which you can survive with ! which yu see as I can not settle for less ! which you can live with !! which you would break up for !!

what qualities you think we can live with , what we can work on ? what is the evidence that this relationship will work out ?

I saw lots of couples are just letting it grow coz they are just too afraid to breakup!

which is better to go on sucha relationship or to breakup ?

I can not deny it , it all started with that girl changing her status on Facebook , and ended up with millions of quetsions in head puzzling me !

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