Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Regrets !

Regrets ! Regrets !
I am full of regrets
It hurts it aches
Is it my ever curse ?
It makes me feel haze
I am stuck in a big maze !
It causes a hell of pain !
It drives me insane !
It comes and goes leavin me in vain !
If I go back in time I sure would not go for that again !
Life will never be the same !
Regrets ! more Regrets
Nothing left to endure
No one I can trust
Nor to blame ! am all rust
Regrets and Regrets
life is passing by ..
Can I still make it ? or
Even be able to fake it ?
I am falling
I am calling
and again no one is looking
Regrets and Regrets
Have nothing left.

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