Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Things I LOVE about you --->>To The Love of my life..

Re-Posting once again ! I just wish I can have half ,or less I used to.
When all you need is feelin loved and love back.
I now figure out that three years had passed away ,with a lot of memories beneath..

I have been thinking lately to write this ,"the 10 things I hate about you " , and I thought it would be nice to start with the 10 things I love about you ! ..they used to teach us in the communication skills courses and courses alike, that you should start with the positive things before the negative ones, and here I am ,applying the rule..and I will start with your 10 best that I like...

The idea of the 10 things I hate about you , came from the movie once, and I think I been to someone's blog who wrote smth alike sometime ago. so credits of Idea go to both.

lastly, I think it is great that you too write down what you too like about me and what you most hate , and maybe we communicate it ,seeking better relation and communication.

Here we go :)

10 Things I love about you


1- I love you when " I wake up on your call in the morning, with your shiny voice , rise and shine ..."my nickname"...,"when you have that goodmorning spirit ! when the vibes are trasferred through air.and just make me smile and feel good about the day..when you get me with Goodmorning :)

2- I love you when we are in a fight and you make it up to me , I love it when you surprise me with a call ,or droppin by , intiating a movement to make it up to me..with your sweet words and tenderness... remember, when we had a fight last new year 's,and following morning I found you waiting for me around my house ! though you could have waited for ages ! you had no clue then if i will be goin out or not that day ! yet you waited for me that day for hours ! and it was really nice then ! I still recall that day ! I love it when you make it up that way.

3- I love you when you look for my hand .tryin to find your place to it..whenever wherever we are :) ,,walking down the street , sittin in whatsoever place...even if we are in the middle of a is so romantic ! i just love it when we hold hands :)

4-I love you when you wash away my tears , I love you when you just cant stand seein me cry and do all it takes to wash those tears away ..I love you :)

5- I love you when you go off your way just to make me feel happy , or just cause you know that I wanted smth someway , you just say yes to whatever I say go off yourway for me, you are ready to do smth you dont like for me...
I still recall that you went to movies with me though it was tamer hosny's ! I still owe you this !

6- I love you when you pass by, to pick me up, me goin down stairs , you see me and I see you :) and you have that smile on your face ! I just love it :) it makes me feeeel happy .
that you are here for me , and you are happy to see me..and I do miss you.

7- I love it more, when I see that smile with those words comin from you " you look wonderful tonight !:)

8- I love it when you sing to meeeeeeeee!! this is really amazing , I love it when you do sing really..whatever you do , it just finds away to my heart :) ..and yes Sotak 7elw:)

9- I love it when you fix me my coffee:) and ask me beakhabasa if I need cinnamon :)

10- I love it when you make me laugh :) you know you most likely make me laugh ;) and I love it when you do try to help me get out of bad mood..but please balash 2effehat 2alsha :)

11- I love presents ! who does not ! and I love your taste in that ! you are brilliant ! and I love it when it comes in non expected occasion ! dont get me wrong dont hv to buy me one NOW:)

12- I love it when you call and sms me before you go to bed..when the last thing you say is goodnight babe..

13- I love sms's, you know I do, I love it when you sms me mid day sayin you love me, or just call me to say so ..I love it when we are on a fight and see those tons of sms's and missed calls too.

14- I love are my home.

Oh I exceeded the 10 already ! and I still have alot to say !

15- I love compliments generally ! who doesnot ! So i love it when you do on my looks, my talks , my achievments at work...etc :) I love it when I see you proud of me , and see that look on your face,that you really like me and in love with me :)

16-I love it when you do your best to let me get over my blues..whether you know the reason or not ! I love it when you are there supportive..and listening , not really questioning but indeed supportive listen to my fears , doubts attentively and you do your best to make it ease on me.

17- I love it when we communicate, whether on a fight or not..I love when I see that we really can handle a talk ..we can understand each, we respect each .

I love it when we have an intellectual talk, one of those that my face goes red and my voice's pitch gets higher we arf3 el 3alam :) ..I love it when we can talk in anything really..anything , and have a good talk.

18-I love you when we are both on the same wavelenght ..I love it when I see telepathy between us.when I call you while you were just dialing in my number..when I think if you and I just see your name on my mobile

(it is happening now :)) you are callin now :) ..You see :) and you just communiacted good news!)

19- I love it when I see you doing stuff to impress me , however they are tiny things or big things.I love it when I see it on your face that you love me.

20- I love you when you drop me off, wait to see me ridin the stairs with that look and smile on your face and that Love you, I still miss you vibe in the air..

21- I love it when you are keen to go to movies or a concert just cause I want to ...and I love it more when we both want to.

22- I love it when we communicate and share everything...and capable of sharing whatever.

23-I love it when you suggest my favorite desserts ..brownies obsession ,sundae with extra chocolate and caramel ,or Power and then we go for Burger :)

It is really sweeeeet.

24-I love you and I love you more when I see that you love me as much as I do whatever you do and say ..

25-I love you when we recall our history , our past , and think of our future :)
when you recall everything we shared , how it happened , with dates and timings ! you get me when you do that ! when you still recall what we both were wearing that day !
I love it when we talk of our future and how we want it to be , of our kids insha2allah..of everything..I really enjoy and love talking to you.

26- love long hair on you :) you know that already !

27- love you when you call me just after we hang up to tell me that you still miss me :) , or call me thousands of times a day for same reason :)

28-I love it when you check on my blog and comment or discuss with me what I wrote..

when you check my facebook and too make comments or send me on the wall :)

I love it too when you drop me a msg or gift there..It really feels good when you the one you love is caring about everything you do and interested in what you too do.and you do that to me :)

29-I love you when you look great and you know that you look awesome and you say it bekhobs 3m.... mozz ?? :))

30- I love it when You recognize my smell , and know the perfume I wear :) and sometimes can tell if i had a shower or not,coz you can tell there is a shampoo's smell not that I stink :))

31- I love it when we argue over whose IQ is higher :) I believe inny me3ddeyak bemara7el :P:)

32-I love you when you do the thinking and not ask me to fish :)

33-I love you when you share the dream, fears and doubts ..when you talk it.

34-I love you coz you are faithful to me and you dont lie to me

35-I love you coz you gave me all the love I needed and still crave .

36-I love you coz you are my soulmate, my best friend, my partner ,my whole family and the whole world.

37-I love you when we go for prayers wherever we are..

38-I love you when you say " allla ballala laaaaaa "....acting mahmoud abdelaziz :)

I love you...and I love my loving to you.. you are too good to be true.

39- I love you when we listen to our favorite song , or watch our favorite movie..
I love you when it is crystal clear we have so much in common.

40-I love you when you drink of my Coke , and you are always done with your food before I am,and try to eat mine...

41-I love you when you do say and mean " everything will be alright "

42-I love you when we go shopping together.

43-I love you when you cruise around my house, with your hand on horn,playin Ba7ebek ba7ebek:) I love you when you do it unexpectedly :)

44-I love you when you surprise me at work and find you there "around my work place", or surprise me by droppin by some place you know i will be at .

45-I love you when we cruise and you always make it " el-laffa eltaweela " , though its already late , n we hv been cruisin for hours now, but you just dont want to leave me :)
same when you ask , ha ,adkhol yemeen walla atl3 elkobry:) feels great that you always miss me and longing to me :)

46-I love you when you come around KFC and always ask " 7arra2 ? "..:) whether we are hungry or not ! in so manytimes we just hd our dinner / lunch , n you still ask it in a funny way...7arra2:)) and you sometimes just go for it ,when me / you is blue .it goes well with the bad mood I guess :) the chili toasted twister effect :) with chicken pop corn :)

47- I love you , when it is time to step out of your car " when you are droppin me off " and it is way late already , but neither me or you wants to leave or get home ! we just want to stay with each! I love it when we miss each while we are still together ! and cant leave to get home !
I love you when I see that " stay some more " on your face , when you want to stay for good:) I want too ! ..when you keep on cruising around my house not letting me to get out :) ..I love youu and I dont want to leave you , even to get home.
I miss you already , so longing to you.

I Love You

I love you and I still think that list can hold more, It sure does..words dont come easily you know!

you know ! it shocks me now ,as it feels there is nothin really left that I hate about you! at least for now:)
you see ! it feels good ..I love you thankful for the countless things you give me!
I am grateful I have you in my life 3mry , I am happy that I do.
Rabenna yekhaleek leyya, Love you babe...more n more n more


N.B: they are not in order, though i might consider re-arranging them later! , I just let 'em out the order they hit me.


Fashion Addict said...

Ah, this is such a nice post! Loved it.

I like my blog's new layout, but I understand what you are saying about losing contact with the blogger. It does look a lot more distant than the old one. But the old one will always be up at! lol! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

batates_777 said...

Hi Girl :)
it always feels nice seeing you here commenting :) I am glad that you liked the post too .
And me too like your new layout :)
Keep it up
be good:)

The.I.inside said...


batates_777 said...

Thank yu for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

this is the most sweetest posti have come accross in very long time. a very few people have it in them to actually love without hate being there. those who think they hate something surely dont know love enough or the person they claim to love so much.

when i love, i know that there is only love, even if it is his imperfection. even when he leaves his wet towel on the bed knowing that i will pick up and cuddle with it to feel his scent and then let it dry :)

thank you for so many reminders.
i think i miss him now :)

batates_777 said...

Hey Seher :) I am happy that I could leave such an impression on someone :) to remind you of someone you love !
to give love some space in our life!
Thank you for stoppin by and commenting!
with love:)

Blicious said...

what a great post. love LOVE!

batates_777 said...

Thank You Bilcious :)
wish you more LOVE :)

77Math said...

well i LOVE your post..

very romantic and pink !!

batates_777 said...

thank you 77math :)

Zee Puppette said...

can't help but to smile =)

batates_777 said...

thank you Zee pupette:)

Brownie said...

may u stay happily in love ever after :)

batates_777 said...

thanks Brownie , and allow me to pass same wish to you in return :)
thanks for passing by and commenting :)