Tuesday, February 15, 2011


mmmmmm Missed
but sometimes ,that's not blessed !

Missed ! and Pissed
and who is in interest !

Missed ! and those old friends
Missed ! those hang outs ..they were the best
Missed ! with all loud laughs.. and good memories
Missed ! with love , care and tenderness
Missed ! badly , madly the least
Missed ! fresh air of mornings with good coffee and..guess
Missed ! those late night cruises with good music on and nothing in Head
Missed ! working out , swimming , joggin..long list
Missed ! lying in the sun and having a summer tan..that was the best
Missed ! those warm hugs and sweet touches and.... Yes
Missed alot really and I amn't sure they can be said
Missed a good talk with intellectual peeople ..and missed the arguments that most
energized my brains and moved me ahead..
Missed my independence as much as I missed my dependence
Missed so many occassions and alot yet to be missed
Missed that loving feeling with nothing returned
Missed the attraction and attention and that vibe in the air
Missed that look I used to get
Missed those compliments upon my looks
Missd my social life and my influence ahead.
Missed alot .. Alot to be said

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