Saturday, March 26, 2011

Virtual World

I am livin in my virtual world . I see people , I talk to them , I hear voices , I respond to them . I laugh and cry .. I feel happy and sad . I see faces I know , and few ones I recognize ..and a few I don't recall. I chitchat for hours , I like and hate . I get angry and pissed in so many times. and in so many times it just makes my day. My virtual world has become a real world ! with bodies moving n talking.. became so live that you can sense the heat n vibe of bodies as much as you feel irritated by others. In my virtual world there are dialogues , scenarios , happy endings and sad ones.. illustration of what if situations ! all the time.. Dreams, un finished business, un fulfilled dreams, hopes , alot that my real world can not manage! in my virtual world I see myself as I feel lost in my real one. in my virtual life I met you ! liked you and uttered my first LOVE you my virtual life goes in parallel with my real one if not advanced. As I get busy with my real life as I get drained and desperate for my virtual one . I wonder why I am so attached to it right now ! I find the answer that I have nothin left for me but there ! You too , look closely , you will find yourself drained out your virtual world ! you spend hours there , you would do anything to be left alone with your virtual comes among your first priorities to do along the day . so it is not only me livin in there. I wish if I can reflect my virtual life into my real one , I wish if I can become who I am in my virtual life.with my hopes , dreams and do's. I am sometimes sorry that I don't have a life I wish to have ! that I lost things I used to do..but in my virtual world all is there and nothing is lost. you might think I am going insane..I too see it true , what matters that I have an outlet for my brains.

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